Bug Hunting Contest - NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC

NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC supports development for Sony Ericsson CDC Platform 1 and Nokia S80 platform. The product contains wizards that will help you with creation of CDC projects, with composition of Symbian MultiBitmap icons and more other issues. You can use the NetBeans' GUI designer (known as Matisse) to quickly design your CDC application. The IDE helps you with the Symbian packaging. There is integrated support for creating applications that installs and run on the Symbian operating system. Debugging on the emulator is supported too. There is integrated support for testing of a CDC application using JUnit test framework.

Bug Hunting Contest

Help us with testing of the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC. It can happend that you'll find a bug in the product. Let us know about it!
Fill the bug to Issuezilla bug tracking system on netbeans.org and the best hunters will win an award.

The pack was designed by our best knowledge and requirements gathered from the market. We would welcome all of your comments, ideas and request for enhancements. You can let us know about your ideas either on the mailing list or you can fill a new enhancement to IssueZilla.

How to Register for the Contest

In order to participate in the contest it is necessary to subscribe to mailing list. There is no start day of the contest. The contest will end on April 30th.

Subscribe to the List

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Awards for the Best Hunters

Five best bug hunters get a new T-Shirt and a surprise from the Mobility team.
We will count only valid issues and enhancements filled in IssueZilla. You will get more detailed informations about how we'll count the bugs for the participants before the 30th of April on the mailing list.

How to report bugs

Detailed steps how to report bugs on NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC:

  1. Go to report issue page. Select mobility cdc subcomponent.
  2. Write a descriptive summary.
  3. Write details about a defect - steps how to reproduce it.
  4. Click the Submit button.
Please add exception stack traces or log files as attachments. Do not paste large blocks of text into the issue's description area.

New features in NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC

Detailed list of features is available at the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 For CDC page.


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