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As we approach JavaOne 2011, let's take a look at where the best tips, tricks, and articles about the NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform are coming from. More often than not, these are written by the worldwide NetBeans blogger community. is the aggregator of all NetBeans-related blogs, helping bloggers from all around the world link their blogs in a centralized location. Blog entries on are automatically displayed in the NetBeans IDE Welcome Screen. A recent NetBeans community poll showed that a high percentage of NetBeans users get the latest NetBeans news from the Welcome Screen; this makes PlanetNetBeans a good place to be if as a blogger you want to reach out to the NetBeans community.

Popular blogs aggregated on include several by NetBeans Dream Team members, who are the NetBeans official thought leaders in the wider open source community. For example, John Yeary, president of the Greenville JUG, blogs a lot about JSF and the support that NetBeans has for this leading web application framework. The samples he discusses in his blog are also often made available as NetBeans projects, so check out this blog if you're a Java EE developer.

Similarly, NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Bien provides a lot of up to date information about NetBeans in the Java EE world. "On every save NetBeans deploys your application behind the scenes in milliseconds," he writes in a recent blog, explaining how incremental builds work and how to set them up in the IDE. Tushar Joshi, another NetBeans Dream Team member, this time from India, often provides useful info about the general features of NetBeans IDE, such as how to change from package to hierarchical views in the NetBeans Projects window. Other frequent NetBeans bloggers from the NetBeans Dream Team include Anton Epple and Aljoscha Rittner from the German community.

The NetBeans Team itself also sports several active blogs. Most significant of these is the NetBeans PHP Team blog. The NetBeans PHP IDE has become very popular in a very short space of time, which can at least partly be explained by its enthusiastic development team. The team communicates directly with its users via the NetBeans PHP blog, where new features are announced and discussed with users. For example, recently Smarty framework support was announced by the NetBeans PHP Team in their blog, which received enthusiastic responses from the blog followers, as well as follow up questions about the status of Twig in the IDE.

Let's also not forget the blog by NetBeans architect Jaroslav Tulach, filled with idiosyncratic pointers useful for API designers everywhere. Other popular blogs from the NetBeans Team include those by Geertjan Wielenga and Jiri Rechtacek. Both these blogs have existed for several years and provide a wide range of wisdom and insight into the internals of the NetBeans project.

Aside from the NetBeans Dream Team and the NetBeans Team itself, there are many more blogs that are worthy of mention. For example, blogs by Nicklas Lof in Sweden, Tim Sparg in South Africa, and Neil C. Smith in the UK, all providing tips, tricks, and insights that you'll not find anywhere else.

Indeed, the blogging community around NetBeans is an important aspect of NetBeans support for developers everywhere. Let's take this moment to thank everyone for all the hard work they've done over the past years!

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