The NetBeans' Birthday Celebration!

NetBeans Birthday October 26th is NetBeans' eighth birthday! We are celebrating for the whole month of October and YOU get the presents! Join us for stories about the history of NetBeans, quizzes, and prizes! The big prize at the end of the month will be the release NetBeans 5.5 and packs to the developer community!


We'll have quizzes this month based on NetBeans history and prizes for the first person to answer each quiz correctly. Hint: The answers to most quiz questions appear in the articles on this page.

  1. NetBeans History Quiz -- 5x USB drive and NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt (CLOSED)
  2. Feature quiz -- 1x Apple iPod and 5x NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt (CLOSED)
  3. Community Quiz -- 5x NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt (CLOSED)
  4. A quiz contributed by community members -- Prizes are NetBeans IDE Field Guide (2nd Edition) and NetBeans 5.5 T-shirt (CLOSED)

NetBeans History & Features

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