Schwartz Joins NB Evangelism Team; Everyone Grows Ponytails

April 1, 2007

Jonathan Schwartz rocked the technical community when he announced his new role as NetBeans Evangelist, giving up his position as CEO of Sun Microsystems.

"NetBeans is the best d@*$ development environment, everybody knows that!" Schwartz included in his announcement. "I love the NetBeans community, and I feel like it's my home."

In solidarity, NetBeans Evangelists and community members grew ponytails overnight.

Roman Stylin “He'll be a great addition to the team," said Roman Strobl, sporting his new ponytail.
Roman's New 'Do
Vincent Stylin Evangelists weren't the only ones sporting new hairdos, community members also joined in to welcome Jonathan. Vincent Brabant had a new ponytail. "We welcome Jonathan to the NetBeans Open Source community!" said Vincent.
Vincent's, Too

Anon Evang
“I love Jonathan's enthusiasm, but he's not the most technical guy," said one Evangelist who wished to remain anonymous. "He'll have to work on his demos."
Anonymous 'Do
“I always knew he had a NetBean-shaped heart," said Judith Lilienfeld, Director of NetBeans Evangelism and Jonathan's new boss, as she flipped her new ponytail across her shoulder.
Judith, Woo!
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