NetBeans: The Definitive Guide

NetBeans: The Definitive Guide This long awaited book by: Tim Boudreau, Jesse Glick, Simeon Greene, Vaughn Spurlin and Jack J. Woehr is now available.

In NetBeans: The Definitive Guide, you'll find out how to use this IDE to its fullest, making your Java programming more efficient and productive than ever before. You'll understand the basics of the IDE, and quickly be utilizing the various editor and explorer windows. You'll also master many of NetBeans advanced features, and be working with XML documents, CVS repositories, Javadoc trees, and web applications, all within the NetBeans framework. Whether you are an enterprise developer looking for an IDE that can handle your complex program tasks, an open source developer looking to integrate NetBeans into your own visual projects, or a manager trying to maximize your team's development potential, NetBeans: The Definitive Guide is the book for you.

Some pre-release drafts of the book are available online - NOTE these are draft versions and may include obsolete or incorrect data that was updated in the print version of the book!

To order NetBeans: The Definitive Guide, please visit the books' listing at O' Online Catalogue.

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