Bug 215172 - Can not change EOL (line break, carret) color from Fonts&Colors tab
Can not change EOL (line break, carret) color from Fonts&Colors tab
Status: NEW
Product: editor
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Painting & Printing
PC Windows XP
: P2 with 21 votes (vote)
Assigned To: Miloslav Metelka
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Reported: 2012-07-04 12:53 UTC by Dmitry.Sokolov
Modified: 2016-05-06 19:19 UTC (History)
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Description Dmitry.Sokolov 2012-07-04 12:53:14 UTC
1) Open Tools -> Options -> Fonts & Colors

2) Select Category: Whitespace

3) Change Foreground: to custom color

in NB 7.1.x all whitespace chars (including EOL) change color

in NB 7.2 rc1 whitespace chars except EOL change color, and no way to change color of EOL symbol
Comment 1 Jiri Prox 2012-07-09 09:36:11 UTC
This is regression to 7.1 - may be good candidate for patch
Comment 2 Miloslav Metelka 2012-09-18 21:13:11 UTC
This is not in fact a regression this is caused by a requested change - issue #205829.
Do I understand that you have "Show non-printable characters" option turned on? I think that the best solution in this case would be to introduce an "EOL" item or "Non-printable Characters" item in the tools->options->fonts&colors->highlighting tab to deal with this. Adding psomol to cc to help us to decide.
Comment 3 pjdm 2012-09-19 08:42:56 UTC
Issue #205829 was my bug, and I'm sure I didn't request the current situation.

> Do I understand that you have "Show non-printable characters" option turned on?


For comparison, Eclipse allows separate visibility for each of space, ideographic space, tab, carriage return, line feed, in leading, enclosed, or trailing regions of a line of text, with a selected transparency level. This seems rather over the top.

It would be good to be able to separately configure syntax colours/effects for the two categories of (space, tab) and (carriage return, line feed). (I'd like to see light grey spaces/tabs but no EOL, for instance.) I'd expect to see the EOL item in the Syntax tab rather than the Highlighting tab, though.

(The View menu refers to "Non-printable characters", but the Syntax tab refers to "Whitespace". Are they referring to two different things, or the same thing with different names?)
Comment 4 Petr Somol 2012-09-19 11:47:45 UTC
The main problem as I see it now is that currently there is no way of changing the appearance of the end-of-line symbol (the reversed P) if View->Show Non-Printable Characters is on. The simplest meaningful solution in my view is to let the settings in Fonts&Colors->Syntax->Whitespace affect also this symbol if it is displayed. Other possibly more fine-grained options can be supplied as enhancements in future.
Comment 5 Miloslav Metelka 2012-09-19 11:50:54 UTC
The only problem with category in tools->options->fonts&colors->Syntax is that it allows to change a font as well which generally requires a more expensive treatment (view rebuilds if such highlighting layer changes in contrast to repaint only in case of highlight only category). But generally that's not a big issue. An advantage of Syntax category is a possibility of actually using a different font e.g. have the EOL char smaller (I think someone opted for it already).
Since there was a request for displaying EOL without whitespace coloring I think that in the end we still need more coloring categories.
I personally vote for having the following extra categories in Syntax combo:

Indent Whitespace
Trailing Whitespace

Changing the issue type to task hopefully we can find a solution for 7.3.

Btw regarding transparency we used to have it in NetBeans 3.5 but since the transparency was not settable in color customizer it was only available through "external execution". By default we had a transparent line for "Highlight Caret Row". I will work on restoring this in the current UI.
Comment 6 pjdm 2012-09-19 12:03:00 UTC
I agree with comment 4, that would make me happier. (Can't speak for anyone else, of course.)

Comment 5 is also good, but I'd prioritise it P3 at best.
Comment 7 positron 2013-11-30 09:21:30 UTC
Is it not fixed in 7.4 or am I missing the right option?
Comment 8 nleco 2014-01-14 22:57:19 UTC
I am on OSX Mavericks and on netbeans 7.4. I cannot change the EOL "paragraph" non-printable icon color.

I've set the proper lighter foreground color as 'DDDDDD'

Fonts & Colors
  - Syntax
    - All Languages
      * whitespace
    - Highlighting
      * Indentation Whitespace
      * Trailing Whitespace

everything changes to the color of choice except the EOL marker (paragraph icon)
Comment 9 FLik 2014-03-04 12:14:00 UTC
Could you resolve this issue please?
Comment 10 Olivier_M314 2014-07-29 02:22:21 UTC
(In reply to FLik from comment #9)
> Could you resolve this issue please?


EOLs are particulary hard to read w a black solid font
Comment 11 mbessolov 2014-11-08 21:40:20 UTC
+1, black EOL markers are very distracting. It renders "Show non-printable characters" almost unusable.
Comment 12 ellockie 2015-03-10 11:04:36 UTC
There is a workaround that worked for me. Have a look at StackOverflow:

Comment 13 gerassimenko 2015-09-15 07:14:28 UTC
(In reply to ellockie from comment #12)
> There is a workaround that worked for me. Have a look at StackOverflow:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20261784/how-to-display-only-spaces-
> without-the-%C2%B6-in-netbeans-show-non-printable-c/

Same issue in version 8.0.2 and 8.1. And this workaround not work me.
Comment 14 ChrisLE 2016-01-03 23:44:34 UTC
I think this goes hand in hand with my issues: https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=255059


Comment 15 markiewb 2016-01-04 19:19:04 UTC
@gerassimenko: Do not change the version! If the issue has been filed for 7.2 then it will be that way. Reset to 7.2. Vote instead!

But I reset the target milestone to TBD!
Comment 16 BlameFate 2016-04-28 10:06:20 UTC
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