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Bug 130245

Summary: I18N - can't create hg repository from project if multibyte in path
Product: versioncontrol Reporter: Ken Frank <kfrank>
Component: MercurialAssignee: issues <>
Status: RESOLVED WONTFIX QA Contact: issues <>
Priority: P3 CC: jf4jbug
Version: 6.xKeywords: I18N
Target Milestone: 6.x   
Hardware: Macintosh   
OS: All   
Issue Type: DEFECT Exception Report:
Attachments: image

Description Ken Frank 2008-03-16 16:54:38 UTC
this has not been seen on other platforms

1 create java project with multibyte in project name or path to project dir
(since project name itself becomes a path)

2. create hg repos of this project from explorer menu

3. error messages in output window and terminal about creation of .hg file,
and its not created and project is not under hg

see attached gif of popup, output window and editor.
Comment 1 Ken Frank 2008-03-16 16:55:13 UTC
Created attachment 58450 [details]
Comment 2 Ken Frank 2008-03-16 17:39:13 UTC
after fix of this, please see, for mac, if other hg opertions in netbeans work
ok with the scenario of project with multibyte in its name/path and
also with multibyte contents in a given file.
Comment 3 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-18 10:39:22 UTC
Does the command "hg init" work for that directory from the command line? 
Comment 4 Ken Frank 2008-03-18 16:42:31 UTC
I don't know about that directory but when doing
hg init from command line using multibyte as a name,
it creates it.

however, in mac the terminal I see does not show the mbyte ok itself,
but shows the octal values of it.

thus can't know for sure

also what would be the hg init argument, since the dir already exists as per the gif.

in any case, you can try it on mac; just set the language to ja and create the project
with multibyte of project name.
Comment 5 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-18 17:01:35 UTC
The command should be 

/use/locl/bin/hg init <DirectoryName>

The <DirectoryName> can exist.

It looks from the gif like the command fails with
abort: Invalid Argument: <DirectoryName>

Can you confirm whether it works on the command line?
Comment 6 Ken Frank 2008-03-19 01:30:19 UTC
it works from command line.
Comment 7 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-26 10:54:04 UTC
Is this a Mac specific problem or does it also occur on Solaris?
Comment 8 Ken Frank 2008-03-26 16:05:21 UTC
as mentioned in issue description, seen only on mac.
Comment 9 novakm 2008-03-27 14:22:10 UTC
I've tried mercurial with czech locale and czech characters and it worked as expected on Vista.
Comment 10 Ken Frank 2008-03-27 16:23:36 UTC
from what we have seen in other areas/modules, there can be difference sometimes
in what is seen using asian characters and using extended ascii characters like
certain Czech ones.

Can you set locale to japanese on the mac via properties, and do same steps
using japanese characters ?

and also, have one project that is default utf-8, another that is the encoding
shown in netbeans->about - it might be sjis or macroman.
Comment 11 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-28 17:03:07 UTC
Created attachment 59298 [details]
Comment 12 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-28 17:03:15 UTC
Created attachment 59299 [details]
Comment 13 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-28 17:12:34 UTC
I seems to have attached the image twice.

I switched to ja language, logged out and back in. 

The character I got by copying what I take to be the Japanese for issue from safari when looking at this bug and pasted into the name of the project.
Comment 14 Ken Frank 2008-03-28 17:19:12 UTC
image looks good.

what is the values of first few lines of
Netbeans->about box - it has the locale/encoding being used by mac os.
Comment 15 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-28 17:33:02 UTC
Product Version: NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta (Build 200803050202)
Java: 1.5.0_13; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.5.0_13-119
System: Mac OS X version 10.5.2 running on i386; UTF8; ja_JP (nb)
Userdir: /Users/jds/.netbeans/6.1beta
Comment 16 Peter Pis 2008-03-31 10:42:11 UTC
Downgrading the priority - P3. Initialization of repository is not used so often from within the IDE and more over the
problem was encountered only on Mac 10.4.
Comment 17 Padraig Obriain 2008-03-31 10:59:07 UTC
This problem does not occur on mac 10.5 with mercurial 1.0 or mercurial 0.9.5.
It does occur with mac 10.4 with mercurial 0.9.5 (there is not currently mercurial 1.0 for mac 10.4)
Comment 18 Ken Frank 2008-03-31 15:48:51 UTC
adding RELNOTE keyword so it can be considered to be added.
And since if user does want to create repos via netbeans,
then relnote can tell them to do it via command line.
Comment 19 John Rice 2008-04-01 09:51:29 UTC
Release note that on Mac 10.4 you must initialize a repository from the command line on a multibyte locale if you want
to use multibyte chars in the project name.
Comment 20 Peter Pis 2008-10-16 12:48:28 UTC
Removing relnote keyword. It shouldn't have impact for many users.
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