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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60410 www Builds & mzlamal RESO FIXE Switch to Ant 1.6.5 for NB build 2005-09-08
169427 www Download jpirek VERI FIXE Cannot download JavaSE bundle as zip 2009-07-29
229949 www Admin jpirek CLOS FIXE doesn't work - Unexpected non-MediaWiki exception encountered 2013-05-27
174902 www Builds & mzlamal VERI FIXE push-to-web-main fails to merge 2010-10-13
186868 www Download dlipin VERI FIXE Installation/release notes links on download page points to NB 6.8 2010-05-31
177296 www Admin jpirek VERI FIXE Forum and mailing list not synchronized 2009-11-27
24154 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO FIXE problem with UTF8 XML files? 2002-05-31
83989 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO INVA nb5.5, can not run any java code on sun app server 2006-09-01
48458 www Builds & nbbuild-issues CLOS INVA Incremental builld doesn't work 2004-09-04
176370 www Admin izadmins RESO FIXE Cache policy for bugzilla is wrong 2009-11-13
156156 www Builds & mzlamal VERI FIXE cannot push to maven-dev repository 2010-10-13
165917 www Builds & dlipin RESO FIXE Invalid naming for RC1 installers. 2009-05-25
228441 www Builds & pgebauer NEW --- Improve description of new builds providing a changelog (automatic?) for everybuild 2013-04-10
112950 www Builds & nbbuild-issues CLOS INVA New build 200708160000 is broken 2007-08-16
121345 www Builds & nbbuild-issues VERI FIXE Many plugins aren't available on UC 2007-11-07
187610 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO DUPL Very bad performance of NB RCP compilation with bundled Ant in OpenSolaris 2010-06-16
189225 www Download dlipin RESO FIXE Cannot download Netbeans - 404 Page not found 2010-08-09
176194 www Admin leawang RESO DUPL ssl certificate does not match server's hostname ( 2009-11-16
213622 www Builds & pgebauer NEW --- .nbbugzilla-components cleanup & golden file mapping 2012-06-07
191001 www Builds & pgebauer CLOS WORK Avoid downloading 'latest' binaries in milestone/rc/fcs build scripts 2012-04-25
176238 www Admin izadmins RESO DUPL attachments can not be opened in a browser any more 2009-11-22
178703 www Admin leawang RESO WORK Login doesn't work on bugzilla pages 2009-12-22
195608 www Web Cont anebuzelsky CLOS WORK Cannot load news & tutorials 2011-02-21
52368 www Builds & jtulach RESO DUPL Public packages declaration check does not scan Class-Path: JARs 2004-12-15
176323 www Admin leawang VERI FIXE list item marker is not displayed wihtout 'list-style-type' attribute 2009-12-04
25 bugs found.
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