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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
65260 versionc CVS issues VERI FIXE pserver verification takes ages 2007-01-04
73952 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE Revert modification doesn't work. 2006-10-23
71488 versionc CVS libr issues RESO FIXE [50cat] CVS update/commit is severely broken 2007-02-19
102422 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE SVN Command Failed - does not recognize subversion client 2007-05-10
157154 versionc CVS issues VERI FIXE Some projects checkout always have files as Locally New 2009-03-16
207338 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO INCO Subversion is not retrieving ADD (new) files 2012-01-16
74359 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE Fails to handle certificate. 2006-10-23
231506 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO FIXE Add built-in support for Subversion 1.8 through SVNKit and JavaHL 2014-01-22
76445 versionc Subversi issues RESO DUPL Updating status causes CPU spin "Asking remote repository..." 2006-05-16
231724 versionc Code ovrabec NEW --- extract ToolTipWindows from git/hg/svn/cvs 2013-06-24
196290 versionc Code tstupka RESO FIXE @VCS.Registration to allow VCS plugins to take over the responsibility for hiding metadata 2011-06-02
76553 versionc Subversi issues RESO INVA Assertion error trying to open project 2006-05-23
158681 versionc Code issues RESO FIXE Extend VCS spi with getAtribute 2009-05-20
92136 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE Revert modification throws exception. 2007-01-11
131244 versionc Code issues RESO DUPL CVS annotations don't show up in Java editor 2008-04-25
131531 versionc Git ovrabec RESO FIXE Git VCS support 2010-11-29
174021 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE local files deleted when downloading synchronized files from remote server only with subversion checkout 2009-10-19
128155 versionc Code issues RESO DUPL A11y errors in Source View 2008-03-07
178817 versionc CVS ovrabec RESO INCO CVS checkout hangs the IDE 2010-03-31
136856 versionc Mercuria issues RESO WORK Hg Clone is Very Slow 2008-06-20
183698 versionc CVS ovrabec RESO FIXE having trunk and branch of the same project in two working folders, if I commit on branch the file shows wrongly committed in trunk 2010-04-14
61114 versionc CVS issues VERI FIXE VCS Generic and CVSLite shouldn't be enabled together. 2007-01-04
126590 versionc Mercuria issues VERI FIXE NPE and wrong file created when copying java file 2008-02-06
166090 versionc Mercuria tstupka VERI FIXE No feedback if Hg is not installed 2009-06-10
100516 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE exception occurs during loading of program 2008-10-20
25 bugs found.
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