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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
79046 versionc CVS issues RESO INVA Modification time unchanged after saving a modified file 2007-01-04
146041 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE [65cat] svn module has error on special repository path 2009-02-22
91280 versionc Localhis issues RESO FIXE new modul localhistory - review 2007-02-15
125367 versionc Code issues VERI DUPL Status of file not changed properly 2008-01-16
206078 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO DUPL Subversion throws SSL Exception 2011-12-07
220046 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO INVA small and modal commit-window - why ? 2012-10-15
109216 versionc Localhis issues RESO FIXE no file versions stored in the history 2007-07-10
198115 versionc Code ovrabec NEW --- embedded history tab in files topcomponent 2015-04-03
153700 versionc CVS issues RESO INVA Can not connect to cvs pserver on ubuntu8.04 2009-01-05
60060 versionc CVS issues VERI DUPL Can't add new file in package to repository 2007-01-04
72832 versionc CVS issues RESO DUPL Import into Repository adds gif and png files as textual files 2007-01-04
103942 versionc Subversi issues RESO WORK Subversion context menu only displays "Import into Subversion" after checkout 2007-06-01
75149 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE Invoking "Checkout" wizard fails with exception. 2006-10-23
104793 versionc Mercuria issues RESO FIXE Mercurial menu blank on Mac 2008-01-03
203483 versionc Localhis tstupka VERI FIXE LocalHistory should not write to disk during startup 2011-10-17
155055 versionc Mercuria issues RESO FIXE "Show History" painfully slow 2011-11-30
85316 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE NPE when opening subversion Diff with GTKLookAndFeel 2007-12-12
61544 versionc CVS apireviews RESO FIXE Include New CVS into standard distribution 2007-01-04
90114 versionc CVS issues NEW --- more CVS support in CND 2009-02-27
82020 versionc CVS issues RESO DUPL CVS module consistently fails to complete checkout and update. 2007-01-04
139500 versionc Mercuria issues RESO FIXE Hg-related problems normalizing files on Windows 2008-07-17
270847 versionc Git ovrabec NEW --- NetBeans hangs every time on push, pull, commit, ... 2017-08-23
62541 versionc CVS libr issues VERI FIXE update command overwrites localy modified files with repository copy 2007-01-04
127282 versionc Code issues RESO FIXE Ability to see a diff in the commit window 2010-06-01
244241 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO WORK A java.lang.NullPointerException exception has occurred while checking out code using subversion 2014-05-02
25 bugs found.
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