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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
185172 versionc CVS ovrabec RESO DUPL CVS throws NPE in Netbeans 6.9beta 2010-04-28
38147 versionc CVS issues VERI WONT Does not compile 2007-01-04
231226 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO INVA Subversion -> version info showing invalid repository url 2013-06-17
20831 versionc CVS issues CLOS FIXE Update sometimes break the Patched files (with label P). 2007-01-04
203752 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO FIXE Support for SVN version 1.7.0 2012-10-15
91815 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE redesign Search History 2012-01-02
173157 versionc Subversi issues NEW --- Run recursive refresh after IDE restart 2009-11-02
247037 versionc Subversi ovrabec VERI WORK Access to Subversion Repository fails in 8.01 2015-10-05
136448 versionc Mercuria issues VERI FIXE Refactoring doesn't work. 2008-07-10
104264 versionc CVS issues NEW --- how to configure cvs with NB 5.5 2007-05-18
224507 versionc Git ovrabec RESO DUPL With Git renaming a file with a capital letter it's marked as R/- but when you go to commit it marks as D/- and deletes it 2013-01-04
77234 versionc Code ovrabec NEW --- Integration with bugtracking systems 2014-06-05
178489 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO INVA svn+ssh error message 2009-12-14
215016 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO FIXE upgrade to svnkit 1.7.5 2012-10-10
155282 versionc Subversi issues VERI INVA SVN Update does not deploy code 2009-04-28
126696 versionc ClearCas issues VERI FIXE Diff doesn't include child nodes. 2008-02-12
129519 versionc ClearCas issues VERI FIXE The module is not I18N compliant 2008-07-28
225640 versionc Subversi ovrabec RESO INCO svn bug: svn: E155032 2013-02-02
73918 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE https:// crashes if repository is in 0 revision. 2006-10-23
198121 versionc Code tstupka RESO DUPL option to set a vcs systems priority 2011-05-10
74049 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE CmdLineException: Too many files open 2006-10-23
78951 versionc Subversi issues VERI FIXE Annoying dialog on startup 2007-05-15
156976 versionc CVS issues RESO FIXE CVS: CVS Tag name does not allow the + character, which is a valid tag name character 2009-01-24
222111 versionc ClearCas issues RESO FIXE Clearcase License Server Unavailable Freezes NetBeans 2012-11-21
72139 versionc CVS issues RESO WONT Any CVS command fails with "The pipe is being closed" 2007-01-04
25 bugs found.
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