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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
96486 soa Binding tvaraghunadh RESO FIXE JDBCBC (Linux) - Unable to create JDBC WSDL file via wizard on Linux 2007-04-26
176308 soa REST BC jqian CLOS FIXE a11y: REST BC failed a11y test 2009-12-14
122699 soa BPEL Deb ksorokin VERI FIXE Enhance support for debugging Compensation Handlers 2008-02-27
102208 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE org.openide.util.TopologicalSortException when opening IDE 2007-05-01
163259 soa XSLT lativ VERI FIXE Xslt Service Wizard works incorrectly in case using Project References 2009-05-07
80761 soa BPEL Pro praveensavur VERI FIXE xsd validation fails due to use of import schema in bpel schema and no internnet connection 2006-10-01
87873 soa BPEL lativ VERI FIXE Better a11y support in Design View 2007-02-12
79758 soa -- Other prashantbhagat CLOS WORK Reply activity not transfer fault variable successfully 2006-08-03
117815 soa BPEL slunegov VERI FIXE BPEL editor basic activities palette should have provision for compensateScope activity 2008-04-10
113345 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko VERI FIXE XSL can't resolve path to schemas 2007-08-29
85582 soa BPEL Deb mwu VERI WONT After redeploy bpel process can not be debugged 2006-09-26
93792 soa XSLT yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE NPE on editing value-of rule in source 2008-03-12
92164 soa BPEL supernikita VERI FIXE get NPE from "Property Chooser" when edit Correlation Set. 2007-01-26
88930 soa BPEL Pro issues RESO FIXE Umbrella issue : BPEL 2.0 final specification schema 2008-05-06
123704 soa BPEL Map supernikita VERI FIXE Reviewing an assign that you created in the past 2008-07-10
178306 soa BPEL Val yaroslavskiy CLOS FIXE Validation errors are shown for the valid scenarios of POJO Calls 2009-12-18
124035 soa BPEL alexeyyarmolenko VERI FIXE NPE on deleting Invoke activity 2008-01-22
78468 soa BPEL alexeyyarmolenko VERI FIXE Elements can't be dragged from if-else to other activities 2006-08-31
84652 soa BPEL Pro sreenigv VERI FIXE Validation works for wsdl and fails for BPEL project > build 2006-10-17
142908 soa XSLT lativ VERI FIXE XSLT Module can't be deployed/run 2008-08-09
111268 soa Composit dararamesh VERI FIXE [a11y] CASA design view not keyboard-accessible 2007-08-23
178587 soa BPEL Map lativ CLOS FIXE Regression: BPEL Mapper is generating a wrong code in the BPEL Editor when I assign partnerRole from PartnerLink to another PartnerLink 2009-12-17
84799 soa BPEL Map jalmero VERI FIXE Mapper fails to map XML elements 2008-01-24
92941 soa JBI Mana issues VERI FIXE BPEL Service Engine is not started after App Server startup 2007-04-26
127631 soa BPEL anjeleevich VERI FIXE [A11Y] Issues with Predicate Editor 2008-02-27
25 bugs found.
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