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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
39782 platform Explorer jrechtacek VERI FIXE NPE in TreeView after fix of 39564 during automated tests 2008-12-22
45630 platform Window S mkleint CLOS FIXE IDE gets gray 2008-12-22
115356 platform Plugin M issues VERI FIXE [MacOS] Unable to update existing IDE plugins 2007-10-10
33078 platform Executio jglick VERI FIXE NPE when executing program w/ misconfigured default executor 2008-12-22
248266 platform Progress sdedic VERI FIXE IllegalAccessError: tried to access method org.netbeans.api.progress.aggregate.AggregateProgressHandle.<init>(Ljava/lang/String;[Lorg/netbeans/api/progress/aggregate/ProgressContributor;Lorg/openide/u 2014-11-24
190252 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO DUPL IDE blocked after inactivity 2010-09-09
5815 platform -- Other jskrivanek CLOS FIXE L10N - ffj throws exception while initilizing the main window 2008-12-23
247159 platform -- Other sdedic NEW --- Platform API changes in server_split branch 2014-11-05
125735 platform Explorer t_h RESO INVA IllegalArgumentException: A node selection cannot contain nodes (Lading report...) not underneath the root (). 2008-12-22
208369 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO INCO [71cat] org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file. 2012-09-05
36441 platform Nodes jtulach VERI FIXE editors settings are lost 2008-12-22
218326 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO DUPL Deadlock while "loading main window" 2012-09-14
222949 platform Options& theofanis RESO FIXE Options window appears and disappears very quickly 2012-11-29
109326 platform Autoupda jrechtacek VERI FIXE IDE restarts after closing 2007-11-06
207232 platform Filesyst tzezula STAR --- Allow Parsing API and VCSes to share information about modified files 2012-02-13
211655 platform -- Other saubrecht RESO FIXE There is an incompatible JNA native library installed on this system. 2012-10-10
162289 platform Nodes t_h RESO FIXE [67cat] IDE got Freeze on Open Service Tab 2009-04-10
169217 platform Embedded saubrecht RESO FIXE User feedback needed 2012-06-06
35550 platform Window S tboudreau RESO FIXE High-fidelity UI under Windows XP Look and Feel 2008-12-22
136775 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO WORK got a lot of disabled modules after mercurial module update 2008-06-16
16462 platform Filesyst rmatous CLOS DUPL Undesirable remounting of the 'sampledir' filesystem 2008-12-22
86615 platform Autoupda jrechtacek VERI WORK Cannot add Pack update center to Autoupdate Wizard 2007-11-06
165982 platform Launcher t_h VERI FIXE IDE terminates when "reused" console is closed 2013-04-17
43938 platform Window S jrojcek RESO FIXE Can't open multiple editor windows in 3.6! 2008-12-23
203826 platform Explorer jtulach VERI FIXE Paste not refreshed according to context 2011-11-04
25 bugs found.
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