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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
244286 platform Filesyst jhavlin RESO FIXE Moving a project does not preserve file and folder timestamps 2014-07-19
208471 platform Window S saubrecht RESO DUPL Editor unusable after dialog is closed via system close button (x) 2012-02-17
227183 platform Outline& jhavlin VERI FIXE Regression in Outline view between 7.3beta2 and 7.3 FCS 2014-01-21
134393 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO DUPL Frozen IDE during openeing project 2008-12-22
55115 platform Filesyst rmatous CLOS FIXE Many IAEs on startup and shutdown of IDE 2008-12-22
15108 platform Data Sys vstejskal CLOS FIXE ClassCastException when creating a new project (after disabling a couple of modules) 2008-12-22
248415 platform Module S jtulach RESO FIXE asm-all-5.0 should not be on application classpath 2014-11-14
108961 platform Output W mkleint RESO DUPL Output window ignores flushes on text that doesn't end with a newline 2008-12-22
31099 platform -- Other issues CLOS WONT Blue Screen on Exit using Windows Server 2003 2008-12-22
219576 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky RESO INCO Netbeans 7.3 hangs with JDK 1.7 on OSX 2012-10-05
121944 platform Navigato dsimonek VERI FIXE Loss of Navigator view for VW projects after drag in Navigator 2008-12-22
115151 platform Autoupda anebuzelsky VERI FIXE NetBeans Update Center url doesn't exist 2007-09-10
57941 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Physically move openide sources to new locations 2008-12-22
160409 platform Text mmetelka VERI FIXE [69cat] FileObject C:\ws-netbeans\cs454a2\newmain1.c is not valid. 2012-10-15
136536 platform Module S jglick VERI FIXE NPE in JarClassLoader 2008-12-23
39782 platform Explorer jrechtacek VERI FIXE NPE in TreeView after fix of 39564 during automated tests 2008-12-22
211785 platform Module S jtulach VERI FIXE License Agreement appears again and again 2012-10-10
45630 platform Window S mkleint CLOS FIXE IDE gets gray 2008-12-22
6811 platform -- Other cwebster1 CLOS WORK does not contain message for successful compilation 2008-12-23
28796 platform Actions pzavadsky RESO FIXE CloneableEditor to use ActionMap 2008-12-22
247408 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Server Side Split: run sigtests with bytecode patching 2014-10-18
33553 platform Nodes phrebejk CLOS INVA Troubles with delete action 2008-12-22
100568 platform Data Sys jtulach VERI FIXE Few unit tests blocks test4u machines 2008-12-22
113581 platform Dialogs& rmatous RESO DUPL Problems with file dialogues 2008-12-22
36441 platform Nodes jtulach VERI FIXE editors settings are lost 2008-12-22
25 bugs found.
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