Wed Apr 16 2014 22:05:22 UTC
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  • Product: php

11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
230266 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Autocomplete of *.twig file names in extends, include and render blocks 2013-05-25
230267 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Autocomplete for JS, CSS and img files in the project 2013-05-25
230268 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Autocomplete for routing paths 2013-05-25
230269 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Refactoring: extract a partial TWIG 2013-05-25
234794 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Wrong comment tags position in Twig file 2013-08-22
242400 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Error in code coloring and ' interpretation in TWIG files and possibly in other HTML content 2014-02-28
243184 php Twig obrejla NEW --- twig bad indentation format 2014-04-04
243277 php Twig obrejla NEW --- Closing brackets in strings are breaking variable tags in Twig 2014-04-04
243421 php Twig obrejla NEW --- The new 8.0 NetBeans IDE editor opens the twig file but seems not able to process {% verbatim %} tag pair. In that pair, I inserted another {{}} pair, which will be used by my Dart to output some dynamic contents. Fri 09:40
239527 php Twig obrejla NEW --- HTML validation treats twig variables in attributes as whitespace 2013-12-16
240795 php Twig obrejla REOP --- Twig doesn't escape well the \ 2014-01-23
11 bugs found.
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