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21 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
187473 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- Display PHPUnit's results progressively 2010-09-17
178774 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- Provide more flexible handling for locating tests in large projects 2010-09-17
180704 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- Give better options when setting up tests 2010-12-08
180938 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- Annotations-enhancement for phpunits-annotations 2010-09-17
183720 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- support for --group/--exclude-group CLI option in the project configuration 2010-09-17
184598 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- Triggering a PHP-Error will fail testresults. 2010-09-17
189045 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- "Test Results"-Window: double click on a failed test should focus the file ("Expected exception [...]") 2011-02-10
190404 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- add glob pattern for test file names 2011-11-16
269967 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- PHPUnit 6 not supported 2017-03-02
197552 php PHPUnit ppisl NEW --- Unit Testing at a remote sytem (PHPUnit) 2015-03-30
198973 php PHPUnit ppisl NEW --- add ability to pass include_paths to PHPUnit command line 2011-05-28
189458 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- Unit tests need to associate by more than just name 2011-06-10
238306 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- cannot run focused test method unless file name ends with "Test.php" 2016-04-13
268992 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- Allow full use of phpunit.xml testsuites 2016-11-16
269009 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- Random exceptions during phpunit tests 2016-11-16
269461 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- Field for Test Folder not exists 2016-12-31
269506 php PHPUnit tmysik NEW --- PHPUnit --list_groups fails when used with composer and laravel, add ability to define list_groups argument 2017-01-07
198011 php PHPUnit ppisl NEW --- Add support for PHPUnit annotations in completion, such as @dataProvider. 2013-01-12
258313 php PHPUnit tmysik STAR --- Code coverage for interfaces and empty classes 2016-08-15
180250 php PHPUnit tmysik REOP --- Ctrl+F6 doesn't run test from test file 2012-02-09
226549 php PHPUnit tmysik REOP --- support for remote phpunit and code coverage 2014-09-20
21 bugs found.
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