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  • Product: php

29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
189888 php PHPDoc issues NEW --- Many PHPDoc features are not available 2010-09-17
189983 php PHPDoc issues NEW --- PHPdoc highlighting for PHPUnit tags 2011-05-31
164149 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Selected default description when creating a php doc block Thu 04:01
182406 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- phpdoc autogeneration Thu 04:02
185604 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Ability to configure phpdoc autocompletion Thu 14:47
186801 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Code completition from inherited variable/methods related to current object Thu 14:48
197530 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Better support for @see in PHPDoc Thu 03:58
200891 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- No code completion after {@link }, @uses PHPDoc tags Thu 17:00
206163 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Please make documentation parser little bit smarter. Thu 03:58
207929 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Help action or hint for generating correct comments would be really appreciated Thu 15:01
214635 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Return value description in method hint is formatted incorrectly Thu 16:53
226038 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Allow custom annotations/tags in comments to be replaced with custom code leaving the rest of the text Thu 17:49
226917 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- @see linking for phpDocs not rendering doc target when clicked Thu 17:55
231183 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- @see docblock tags do not properly link to the destination Thu 18:13
243760 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Generation of fluent setters should create "@return $this" instead of "@return \ClassName" 2014-04-11
243926 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Method PHPDocs inside of interfaces are not inherited by implementing classes 2014-04-25
247117 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- "PHPDoc not found" is unnecessary 2014-09-15
247387 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- [Feature request] Sign the depracted methods like PhpStorm 2014-09-23
253377 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- Markdown support in php doc blocks 2015-07-09
197317 php PHPDoc ppisl NEW --- Linking to template from action (and back) 2013-03-01
198070 php PHPDoc ppisl NEW --- Use ini config file per project for PHPDoc generation (phpdoc -c config.ini) 2011-05-10
199044 php PHPDoc ppisl NEW --- Enable CC for private/protected members for /* @var $this ClassName */ 2011-12-02
199097 php PHPDoc ppisl NEW --- PHPDoc 2011-06-02
268180 php PHPDoc tmysik NEW --- @return and no return Sat 00:45
209346 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- @var annotation is not sometimes offered in CC Thu 04:00
213813 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- "PHPDoc not found" in documentation window when non-optional function arguments is used in @method Thu 16:56
216493 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- PHPDoc class completion - no namespace completion Thu 16:58
240253 php PHPDoc obrejla NEW --- @method and @property show in the class's documentation hover 2014-01-11
267470 php PHPDoc tmysik REOP --- PHPDoc inline type hint 2016-08-09
29 bugs found.
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