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  • Product: obsolete

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
29753 obsolete vcscore mentlicher VERI FIXE Relative Mount Point Browser broken 2003-02-04
51861 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA Bouncing emails to netcat@ list 2009-11-08
15606 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS DUPL Cannot right-click on *.java in CVS file system 2003-07-01
76908 obsolete xtest jskrivanek VERI FIXE Introduce 'Java DB Database Location' property 2006-05-30
139086 obsolete xtest jtulach RESO DUPL commit-validation doesn't work on OSX 2008-07-07
10723 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE Mounting CVS through "File | Mount Filesystem..." gets user into big troubles. 2003-07-01
32348 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher VERI FIXE PVCS: Can't verify a group. 2003-04-14
99538 obsolete visualwe jbaker CLOS FIXE DnD of database View is always forbidden. 2007-04-04
118516 obsolete visualwe wjprakash RESO DUPL IllegalArgumentException by attempt to change component property 2007-10-11
34085 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA query - does not contain substring - behaves strange 2009-11-08
28001 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher VERI DUPL Unify the CVS client modules UI 2004-01-07
101872 obsolete visualwe joellelam VERI FIXE Unable to navigate page to another page after app deployed 2007-04-24
37190 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher RESO FIXE Add a command property, that will disable the command on non-locked files 2003-12-11
56085 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS FIXE Versioning Manager prohibits CVS ext setups with valid CVS clients 2006-03-24
90451 obsolete visualwe deva RESO FIXE Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche 2007-04-28
12843 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA Can not connect to 2009-11-08
124865 obsolete Registra mslama VERI FIXE I18N : register_ja.html is broken 2008-01-15
38690 obsolete jarpacka issues VERI FIXE Executing JarRecipe throws exception 2004-01-19
10912 obsolete jarpacka issues CLOS FIXE [Win2K NB 3.2.18] Compile works in NB 3.2.16 but not in 3.2.18 2003-07-01
115685 obsolete visualwe sandipchitale RESO DUPL Created project is red badged: getBean(String) cannot be applied to () 2007-09-17
27089 obsolete corba issues RESO WONT Move FileObject attributes to ProjectObjects 2003-12-11
8922 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA Netbeans-release31-28.exe is corrupt and not a valid Windows executible 2009-11-08
35729 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO WONT Deadlock while in jar packager compile 2003-12-11
118993 obsolete visualwe wjprakash VERI FIXE Table component jsp not updated after changing binding 2007-10-18
127228 obsolete visualwe dongmeic RESO WONT client side rendering not working for file upload component 2008-02-12
25 bugs found.
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