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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
109898 obsolete visualwe jbaker VERI FIXE IDE hangs on opening page in a Creator Project 2007-07-18
118993 obsolete visualwe wjprakash VERI FIXE Table component jsp not updated after changing binding 2007-10-18
127228 obsolete visualwe dongmeic RESO WONT client side rendering not working for file upload component 2008-02-12
108435 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA erro calsspaths 2009-11-08
107017 obsolete visualwe pzavadsky RESO WONT Blank Visual Web Designer 2007-06-18
37285 obsolete vcscore mentlicher VERI FIXE Commit validation fails in CVS module 2004-02-17
22349 obsolete sim erider RESO FIXE HTTP transport and classpath element 2002-10-27
27087 obsolete rmi tzezula RESO WONT Redesign current RMI executors 2003-12-11
12948 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE NPE while opening "Global Versioning Settings" and mounting CVS in Windows 95/98. 2003-07-01
24639 obsolete jarpacka issues CLOS FIXE Compile on JAR recipe does nothing 2003-07-01
150068 obsolete Registra mslama VERI FIXE getResourceAsStream might return null 2008-10-14
125223 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher NEW --- CC: Provide Add All functionality 2008-01-14
65191 obsolete collabne abadea RESO INVA Make the default commit template (rcstemplate) an empty file 2009-11-08
27127 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher VERI FIXE Create framework for FS-independent commands 2003-12-11
112456 obsolete visualwe quynguyen VERI FIXE NPE after invoking add to page action 2007-08-10
21640 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA can't see new messages on nbusers via NNTP 2009-11-08
97316 obsolete visualwe jbisso RESO WONT Portlet deployed in Liferay 2007-04-24
47912 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS FIXE VSS: Add All fails with exception. 2006-03-24
108661 obsolete visualwe quynguyen VERI FIXE A11Y: No accessible description for some components in "Add Web Service" dialog 2007-07-11
32712 obsolete jarpacka rypacek RESO WONT Documentation 2003-12-11
27263 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Is not possible to make new registration 2009-11-08
135607 obsolete visualwe issues CLOS WONT NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.visualweb.designer.markup.RaveDocumentBuilderFactory.createDocumentBuilder 2011-11-28
81685 obsolete collab jkovalsky RESO WORK Reactivating Collaboration modules ends up in never ending loop of exceptions 2007-09-26
121785 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA Wrong links on web site 2009-11-08
25961 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS FIXE PVCS: Can't "Get" a file with lock. 2003-07-01
25 bugs found.
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