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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
41094 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Mail server collapsed 2009-11-08
65191 obsolete collabne abadea RESO INVA Make the default commit template (rcstemplate) an empty file 2009-11-08
112456 obsolete visualwe quynguyen VERI FIXE NPE after invoking add to page action 2007-08-10
97316 obsolete visualwe jbisso RESO WONT Portlet deployed in Liferay 2007-04-24
32178 obsolete vcsgener pswisnov VERI FIXE CLEARCASE NPE exception from version explorer. 2003-04-14
36659 obsolete vcscore issues NEW --- Show VCS status information of shared data 2007-01-05
47912 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS FIXE VSS: Add All fails with exception. 2006-03-24
108661 obsolete visualwe quynguyen VERI FIXE A11Y: No accessible description for some components in "Add Web Service" dialog 2007-07-11
12598 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA NNTP Data not being udpated on Sun news servers. 2009-11-08
16560 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Permission denied when tagging tomcatint/src/org/netbeans/modules/web/tomcat 2009-11-08
81685 obsolete collab jkovalsky RESO WORK Reactivating Collaboration modules ends up in never ending loop of exceptions 2007-09-26
117783 obsolete language issues VERI FIXE NullPointerException from SemanticHighlightsLayer 2007-10-05
186338 obsolete Registra ynov VERI FIXE Integrate new Oracle branding for registration dialog 2010-06-11
27864 obsolete jarpacka rypacek RESO FIXE plan for jarpackager 4.0 2003-12-11
102416 obsolete visualwe joellelam RESO DUPL Delete page via Pageflow editor throws FileAlreadyLockedException 2007-04-25
123611 obsolete visualwe pzavadsky VERI FIXE White visual web designer 2007-12-14
167787 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA 6.7 release links are not correct at netbeans.org index page 2009-11-08
41424 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher VERI FIXE [36cat] CVS: [Local] statuses in Projects TAB and in mounted subFS 2005-05-06
104332 obsolete visualwe quynguyen RESO DUPL JsfJavaDataObject memory leaks 2007-05-29
125718 obsolete visualwe mschovanek NEW --- Regression automated tests 2008-01-23
18935 obsolete vcscvs issues VERI INVA Changing prefs or moving files causes IDE to crash 2002-05-24
74908 obsolete vcscore mentlicher RESO FIXE IDE hungs on Create project under source controled directory 2006-06-07
27979 obsolete jarpacka rypacek RESO FIXE Implement APIs 2003-12-11
95468 obsolete visualwe wjprakash VERI FIXE MissingResourceException adding converter 2007-12-07
102548 obsolete visualwe markdey RESO WONT Visualweb XP Install shows 4GB space used 2007-04-26
25 bugs found.
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