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  • Product: obsolete

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
84497 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Search for mail archive not working at all 2009-11-08
104623 obsolete visualwe jbaker VERI WORK Unable to DnD DB table onto dropdown 2007-07-31
111138 obsolete visualwe deva VERI WORK Unable to add some component to new page 2007-08-29
76277 obsolete collab issues NEW --- Provide posibility to unshare whole project 2009-06-02
71354 obsolete collabne rbalada RESO INVA Unable to checkout contrib/regextester on timestamp 2009-11-08
27091 obsolete corba issues RESO WONT Project settings import 2003-12-11
11834 obsolete rmi issues CLOS INVA RMI compilation uses wrong classpath 2003-07-01
113519 obsolete visualwe jimdavidson RESO WORK Problem in Database Table binding with Table component. IDE log Error : java.lang.NullPointerException at com.sun.sql.rowset.CachedRowSetXImpl.initMetaData( 2007-08-23
127420 obsolete visualwe dongmeic VERI FIXE Default theme missing from Project Themes Node 2008-02-15
59319 obsolete vcsgener issues RESO FIXE ClearCase: Can't create new Project inside NFS work dir under solaris 2005-07-13
32649 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher VERI FIXE Object integrity doesn't work under ClearCase 2003-04-15
22471 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA CVS server: No space left on device 2009-11-08
121412 obsolete visualwe rjspellman RESO FIXE [Placeholder] Theme images do not appear on Safari 2007-11-08
7032 obsolete applet pjiricka CLOS FIXE Executing Applet invoke Dialog "Incorrect Configuration" 2003-06-30
111520 obsolete visualwe jbaker RESO DUPL 2 JSF components, bound to 2 tables of DB Sample/Travel: Designer view is damaged 2007-08-21
96370 obsolete visualwe quynguyen RESO FIXE Installer doesn't detect NetBeans 5.5.1 installation 2007-02-26
32718 obsolete jarpacka rypacek CLOS FIXE EditableManifestProvider 2003-12-11
123443 obsolete visualwe wjprakash RESO INCO REGRESSION: Netbeans 6.0 hangs when opening 'style' dialog in Visual Web 2009-03-17
166167 obsolete Registra mslama VERI FIXE Update registration data for C++ Pack to 6.7 2009-05-29
90447 obsolete visualwe jimdavidson RESO FIXE Export VWP SQL Query editor to NetBeans 2007-06-11
121598 obsolete visualwe markdey VERI FIXE Visualweb Backward Compatibility kit is missing 2007-11-09
131579 obsolete visualwe jbaker RESO WORK Unableto use Insert,Edit,Delete in Database DB2 2008-04-03
99668 obsolete EJB Free abadea VERI DUPL Some tests blocks daily testrun 2007-05-02
86755 obsolete language jjancura RESO FIXE lang def for text/html not found 2008-07-30
52157 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE [DevRev] Provide tests for data values stored into VCS Cache 2006-03-24
25 bugs found.
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