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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
232278 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Getting bogus "Invalid left hand side for assignment" message 2013-07-18
253742 javascri RequireJ rsvitanic VERI FIXE Infinite loop in indexer for RequireJS project 2015-07-31
166635 javascri Editor vstejskal VERI FIXE Templates/JSP_Servlet/javascript.shadow and Templates/JSP_Servlet/json.shadow are not valid DataShadows. 2010-02-17
236700 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2015-04-09
101212 javascri Editor dprusa VERI FIXE rename refactoring deletes code 2009-02-27
248102 javascri Tools jstola NEW --- Support For Running Nashorn Scripts From CLI 2014-11-06
166032 javascri Editor vstejskal VERI FIXE AE: Expecting JsParseResult on js method rename 2009-05-29
258541 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE Background Scanning of Projects never dies.. and consumes 25% of my cpu.. what the heck 2016-06-20
138649 javascri Editor tor RESO FIXE AssertionError: 'locations.jsp?gid='1: 2009-02-27
224710 javascri Document marfous VERI FIXE ClassPathProviderImpl.getJsStubs is slow yet called many times for single indexed file 2013-01-18
255872 javascri Node.js tmysik VERI FIXE Code completion doesn't work for Node.js 4.x version 2016-06-06
132285 javascri Editor martin_adamek RESO FIXE java.util.EmptyStackException at java.util.Stack.peek 2009-02-27
238414 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE OOM - JSErrors 2015-03-26
257151 javascri Navigati ppisl RESO WORK AngularJS templateURL: Go to template declaration hangs 2016-03-29
229034 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Writing scriptlet code inside javascript generates "Expected Operand but foind error @@@" 2013-05-14
86931 javascri Editor jjancura VERI FIXE Wrong implementation of JavaScript regular expressions. 2009-02-27
148716 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- JSP tags reformating inside javascript sections 2014-01-16
122513 javascri Editor tor RESO FIXE Javascript: only the current file is parsed 2009-02-27
248931 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE Missing commonly used code templates 2014-12-04
154179 javascri Editor tor VERI FIXE Changing object accessors causes errors in JavaScript 2009-03-16
179329 javascri Editor ppisl RESO INVA Javascript auto completion / code complete don't work for variables 2010-02-01
147305 javascri Debugger deva VERI FIXE Setting more than 1 breakpoint causes HTML content to be lost 2008-10-01
256064 javascri OJET tmysik VERI INVA Cannot create project because download fails 2015-10-21
269770 javascri Editor arusinha RESO INVA All the occurrences of a variable is not highlighted in some cases 2017-04-11
140565 javascri Debugger sandipchitale RESO DUPL Is not possible to instal NetBeans extension into Firefox 3 2008-07-23
25 bugs found.
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