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36 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
221726 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Extend Spring Framework Support 2015-07-22
245234 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring Environment Property usage in @Value annotation and in env.getProperty to recognize property name and property value for autocomplete and hints 2014-07-05
190158 javaee Spring emononen NEW --- Refactoring the spring cofniguration descriptor Model to XAM 2010-10-19
139526 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- viewClass property in spring config should be in refactoring scenario 2012-02-24
155310 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Make spring code completion as smart as Java cc 2012-12-27
175632 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring with Annotations support request from Spring forum 2014-06-25
245232 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Support of @ComponentScan @PropertySource and other Spring annotation values auto completion and linkage 2014-07-03
155321 javaee Spring alexeybutenko NEW --- Signal best practices for editing spring xml: type over index constructor 2010-03-16
151665 javaee Spring issues NEW --- I18N : Need additional steps in Spring tutorial for i18n use 2008-10-29
156758 javaee Spring issues NEW --- Replace FileChangeSupport by FileUtil.addFileChangeListener 2009-02-19
129027 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- No code completion for partially typed p-namespace property names 2012-11-06
155314 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- An idea for quickfixing spring xml files to avoid verbosity 2012-12-27
157980 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Refactor/move class in a Java Web Project doesn't change the class name in the Spring appcontext XML file. 2012-08-27
165184 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring bean defintion auto completion issues 2012-12-17
175559 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring MVC Project Out of Date 2012-08-23
176441 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Need ability to select Spring configuration files from jars on the classpath 2013-10-08
198943 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Wizard for creating New Spring Beans 2011-05-27
207069 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring Imrovement: JSR330 support. 2012-08-27
207070 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring improvement required: JPA 2.0 support does not need a persistence.xml in Spring 2012-02-28
216044 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- namespaces in the spring xml configuration file shows only 2.5 versions of xsd 2012-07-31
217490 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Show Javadoc as tooltip when hovering over class or property in SpringXML 2012-08-27
224255 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- SpringBeans-XML support: warning/error that the referenced bean/property/class cannot be found is missing 2013-01-03
225774 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- By Spring project creation can't be chosen namespaces to define in the XML configuration files 2013-05-02
236988 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Refactoring should update @RequestMapping and @PathVariable ids 2014-07-03
242710 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Uncompilable code in Spring simpleformcontroller wizard 2014-07-24
242711 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Add Spring Expression Language Support, Spring Data SPeL Support 2014-03-21
245516 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Misleading framework label in project wizard/customizer 2014-07-09
250253 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.spring.beans.index.SpringBinaryIndexer.processXsds 2015-02-05
254067 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Create controller Test Case produces source code errors 2015-08-02
256896 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- ClassCastException: org.netbeans.editor.ext.ExtSyntaxSupport cannot be cast to org.netbeans.modules.xml.text.syntax.XMLSyntaxSupport 2016-02-18
257322 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- XML format does not work for Spiring application context configuration file 2016-05-17
128437 javaee Spring nairsujit NEW --- Use FreeMarker to generate Spring Web MVC artifacts 2008-08-19
143075 javaee Spring issues NEW --- Startup regression: org.netbeans.modules.spring.beans.jumpto.GoToBeanAction 2010-12-01
253733 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Spring Support Test Specification 1.2-create Simple Form Controller 2015-07-24
226031 javaee Spring marfous STAR --- Cannot navigate from spring config in test resources to test class 2014-01-13
149564 javaee Spring issues REOP --- org.netbeans.modules.spring classes are loaded during NetBeans startup with LimeWire project 2010-12-01
36 bugs found.
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