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  • Component: EJB
  • Product: javaee

102 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
107280 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Missing static function to create and add an assemplyDescriptor 2009-11-10
70116 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Call EJB from JSP via EJBs wizards and/or auto create scriptlet code 2007-09-17
76056 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Reuse same dbschema on later EJB creation 2007-06-18
78986 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Support multiple business local interfaces 2007-06-18
103097 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Refactor SendJMSGenerator 2007-06-18
105267 javaee EJB tako NEW --- Problem with Remote EJB... 2007-05-31
163916 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Re-enable JPA and EJB Verification integration with the Task List 2009-07-29
93442 javaee EJB kaktus NEW --- Improve the method customizer used for EJB 'Add xxx method' and WS 'Add operation' actions UI Review 2009-11-11
59335 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Supoort for secusrity in ejb-jar.xml visual editor 2011-11-26
223573 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Redesign EJBSupport to be more project related and clean-up J2eeProjectCapabilities for its methods 2012-12-10
236618 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Adapt MDB wizard to the modernized Connector/MDB architecture 2013-10-01
70755 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Delete ejb-ref element from visual editor 2009-11-10
73492 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Code completion for @EJB can offer list of entity classes and session beans 2008-05-19
76903 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- 'Enterprise Resouurces > Send E-mail' should offer existing mail sessions 2007-06-18
85485 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- JMS MDB: the destination name defaults to the EJB name 2007-06-18
85488 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- JMS MDB: the connector defaults to the built-in connector jmsra 2007-06-18
85489 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- JMD MDB missing activiation spec properties 2007-06-18
85522 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Request for new MDB wizard 2007-06-18
92989 javaee EJB tslota NEW --- Stateless session bean should require an interface.. 2007-02-13
102166 javaee EJB abadea NEW --- Provide convenience methods for getting model elements for given class name/element handle 2009-11-10
52162 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Offer migrate tool in EJB module import wizard 2005-01-05
53018 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Better default names of relationship fields 2005-01-05
53027 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Show graphical editor on bean or EJB node double click 2005-01-05
53941 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Server Resource/datasource wizard should offer default name with jdbc/ prefix 2005-01-25
55236 javaee EJB issues NEW --- cmr fields in Ejb-jar graphical look is confusing 2005-02-18
68072 javaee EJB issues NEW --- adding an ejb reference 2011-11-26
89014 javaee EJB issues NEW --- make j2ee-dd api stable 2009-11-10
133955 javaee EJB issues NEW --- extend 'Call ejb" to find "war-local" ejbs, too 2009-04-13
171743 javaee EJB kaktus NEW --- MDB wizard should/could allow us to create new MDB's for any Java EE implementations 2009-09-08
55954 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- DD editor: when switching to XML source, cursor should be placed to the tag related to selected bean in visual part 2011-11-26
85513 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Server resources are not kept in sync 2011-10-06
178947 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- 2nd clean&build in less than 3 seconds after 1st allways gets error 2011-10-06
193205 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Expose method into remote business interface 2014-09-12
205248 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Restrict code completion hints legal types 2011-11-21
212167 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Local Stateless EJB and JPA are note required to be Serializable 2012-05-09
223655 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Bean Validation wizard could have much more possibilities to preset 2012-12-11
223656 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Insert Code could have action for inserting Validation annotation 2012-12-11
225050 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Hint that the interface cannot define both interfaces @Local and @Remote 2013-01-18
225072 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- AbstractMethodController can't handle more than one remote/local interface 2013-08-08
226511 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Consolidatation of the project destinations for server DDs and the jndi ones 2014-02-03
235290 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Wizard for creation of the Bean Validation localization bundle 2013-08-30
236610 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Hint at Statefull SB to setup bean as not passivationCapable one 2013-10-01
236611 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Allow custom Activation Config Properties in the MDB wizard 2013-10-01
236613 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Hint that the @Transactional interceptors are prohibited over EJBs 2013-10-01
236614 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Hint that the @AroundConstruct annotation is not expected to be used commonly 2013-10-01
247436 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- 'Inline' variable takes for ever (+30secs) for simple local refactoring 2014-10-17
249181 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ejbcore.ejb.wizard.jpa.dao.EjbFacadeWizardIterator$ 2014-12-08
252171 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ejbverification.HintsUtils.getOrCacheContext 2015-05-04
252220 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ejbcore.ui.logicalview.entries.CallEjbPanel$ 2015-07-10
252609 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- StackOverflowError at org.netbeans.modules.web.beans.impl.model.AbstractAssignabilityChecker.checkParameter 2015-06-18
253465 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- IndexOutOfBoundsException: end < start (-1 < 1540) 2015-07-14
253500 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- org.netbeans.api.project.ProjectManager.findProject: LowPerformance took 28377 ms. 2015-11-12
255559 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ejbcore.action.AbstractMethodGenerator$ 2015-09-25
52491 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Alghoritm which generates referenced EJB doesn't check existing beans 2007-06-18
52982 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- EJB node of EJB module should have more items in contextual menu 2007-06-18
54575 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- use non-default package for new entity 2007-06-18
54989 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- If user click Back in beans wizard he ends up in another wizard 2007-06-18
54993 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- 'Add New JDBC Driver' in 'New Database connection' panel 2007-06-18
56873 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Names duplicity not checked in J2EE wizards 2007-06-18
62170 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- unnecessarily jms resources 2007-06-18
62949 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Server resources for Send mail action are not created 2009-04-15
63839 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Modifying methods may not be reflected throughout project 2007-06-18
67162 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Generate Code to Automate Session Bean access to Entity Bean 2007-06-18
68073 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- no choice for bean-managed transactions 2007-06-18
69364 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Generate JNDI names without Bean 2007-06-18
71449 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Add a go to Business Interface of a Bean 2007-06-18
73080 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Larger EJBQL editor window 2007-06-18
73810 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- PERF: Slow session bean node popup 2008-09-24
74636 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- No (obvious) way to rename an EJB 2007-06-18
74688 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- [EE-2] No way to add business method using contextual menu on file node 2007-08-28
76963 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Generate read only Entity Class for Views 2007-06-18
78017 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- align new ejb wizard with tutorial recommendations 2007-06-18
78631 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Allow user to create CMP beans in Java EE 5 projects 2007-06-18
82904 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- after deleting mdb, jboss.xml is not updated 2007-09-12
84447 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- allow EJB classes to come from other (normal Java) projects 2007-06-18
84786 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Port the Java EE 5 present in NetBeans 5.5 to NetBeans 6.0 2007-06-18
85506 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Enhancement: jump from EJB java file directly to corresponding section in sun-ejb-jar.xml 2007-06-18
85510 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- The range of properties for queue/topic Server resources is limited to the destination name only 2007-06-18
85514 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- JMS server resources only apply to jmsra 2007-06-18
85515 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- The create server resources wizard does not allow the user to create resources for resources other than JMS 2007-06-18
85516 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Server resources editor does not display all properties 2007-06-18
85517 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Server resources have a number of conceptual problems 2007-06-18
85523 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Use of @Resource can be simplified with a new wizard 2007-06-18
92173 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Inheritance annotation may be added during entity bean creation wizard. 2007-06-18
92174 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Resouces to be added in popup menu 2007-06-18
92175 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Allow users to change attribute's type during code generation 2007-06-18
95171 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Can't start Sun Application Server 8.1 From Netbeans 5.0 2007-06-18
101381 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Use activationConfig rather than mappedName in MDBs 2007-06-18
110543 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- NB(5.5 or above) should support generation of EJB2.x in JavaEE 5 projects 2007-07-23
128048 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- adding CMR to entity beans NOT created from existing db 2008-02-28
150979 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Display Name is not filled when creating a new EJB Module 2008-10-22
68420 javaee EJB mkuchtiak NEW --- [50cat] Disable the automatic changes to <application ...> tag in application.xml 2009-11-10
58019 javaee EJB pbuzek NEW --- ejb30 groundwork 2005-09-05
251102 javaee EJB phejl NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ejbcore.ejb.wizard.jpa.dao.EjbFacadeWizardIterator.generate 2015-07-10
75441 javaee EJB tslota NEW --- editor did not catch the use of @PersistenceUnit 2007-09-17
146890 javaee EJB issues NEW --- EJB task scanning is reportedly slow 2011-02-17
164835 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- Unable to create MDB 2012-04-16
171983 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- multiview UI for ejb-jar.xml was disabled without a reason 2013-08-22
203822 javaee EJB marfous NEW --- boxes not aligned in session beans from entity wizard 2012-04-17
126296 javaee EJB marfous STAR --- Allow Enterprise Beans to be removed using Right Click menu 2011-05-27
55884 javaee EJB pjiricka STAR --- [Study] [EP-23] Warning about the default package not visible enough 2005-07-19
214669 javaee EJB marfous REOP --- By remote interfaces generation there could be an option for new J2SE library creation and placing RIs into it 2012-06-25
102 bugs found.
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