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  • Product: javaee

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
13301 javaee Code gfink CLOS FIXE After umounting webmodule with JSP in project IDE mounts many filesystems in loop 2001-07-20
111598 javaee EAR tmysik RESO WORK Deleting EE Client project doesn't remove references in JavaEE project 2007-08-14
147039 javaee Code mfukala RESO DUPL Deadlock when invoking code completion in JSP 2008-09-15
44954 javaee Web Proj mgrebac CLOS FIXE NullPointerException for Run Other -> Debug "" 2006-03-24
217213 javaee JSF Edit mfukala VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.editor.JsfSupportImpl.<init> 2013-01-17
60537 javaee EJB pfiala RESO DUPL Adding CMP finder/select method from DD browser 2006-06-03
58999 javaee DD Edito mkuchtiak VERI FIXE ejb-ref and ejb-local-ref panel 2006-08-23
72366 javaee EAR mfukala VERI FIXE The J2EE application can't be created in machine without connection to internet 2006-05-31
269504 javaee JSP issues NEW --- Netbeans 8.2 'cannot find symbol' error on variable from another <%@ include file 2017-02-04
101665 javaee JSP mfukala VERI FIXE add javascript code completion function to jsp editor. 2007-11-08
221380 javaee Oracle C dkonecny VERI FIXE NB 7.3 Beta 2 update center contains Oracle Cloud plugin 2012-11-07
148047 javaee Web Proj phejl VERI FIXE run file doesn't work on JSP file 2008-09-29
133817 javaee Code issues NEW --- find usages could search in JSP pages 2012-09-07
31155 javaee Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT Plan for supporting tag library development in the context of projects needed 2010-01-12
117659 javaee JSP mfukala RESO DUPL JSP Editor keep throwing exception 2007-10-03
199389 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE There's no ObjectFactory with an @XmlElementDecl for the element 2011-11-16
54464 javaee Code pfiala CLOS FIXE Remove implementation dependency on refactoring 2006-03-24
85587 javaee JSF ppisl RESO INVA Unable to use JSF AJAX component libs 2006-09-25
61072 javaee EJB Proj pfiala VERI FIXE Cannot edit CMP finder methods 2006-07-19
98881 javaee Web Proj nnguyen RESO FIXE Add targets to support REST apt invocation and test client invocation 2007-06-19
214441 javaee Persiste tzezula VERI FIXE Cannot deploy REST web service from database 2012-06-25
52418 javaee Code rajeshwarpatil VERI FIXE [Cat2-3] Manage application resources 2005-01-20
221726 javaee Spring marfous NEW --- Extend Spring Framework Support 2015-07-22
104935 javaee Web Proj rnajman RESO INVA Web Project does not build dependent projects 2007-06-21
15625 javaee Code dfrach CLOS INVA Exception when adding JSP breakpoint 2001-09-21
25 bugs found.
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