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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
214721 java Source jlahoda VERI FIXE [72cat] Matisse generates wrong code for JTable 2012-07-02
52166 java Unsuppor issues VERI FIXE repeating, debilitating, CreationFailedException 2007-09-26
130866 java Project issues RESO FIXE Netbeans doesn't startup 2008-03-28
197613 java Source jlahoda VERI FIXE NPE from MultiPassCompileWorker while scanning j2ee.kit 2011-04-18
203240 java JUnit jglick RESO FIXE Update to use JUnit 4.10 released 10/05/2011 2011-10-25
120440 java Refactor issues RESO FIXE Refectoring - moving class from one packacge to another 2007-10-30
91416 java Source pflaska CLOS DUPL Renaming parameter/field in method removes all lines with such field 2007-01-17
32384 java Unsuppor pkuzel CLOS DUPL no support for creating library in lib repository and using it in project 2007-09-26
84423 java Source dbalek RESO FIXE CC shortcuts do not eork on windows 2007-01-17
123272 java Project tzezula VERI FIXE GUI Lockup while renaming a project 2008-02-20
261532 java Compiler dbalek RESO FIXE ClassCastException 2016-05-31
127908 java Platform tzezula VERI WORK [A11Y] Missing Accessible Description in Add Java Platform dialog 2008-04-14
178736 java Source jlahoda VERI FIXE messages.log is being quickly filled with warning messages 2010-01-25
41140 java Unsuppor mmatula RESO FIXE Rollback of multivalued attribute does not work 2004-03-23
69112 java Classpat tzezula RESO FIXE Deadlock between ClassPath$RootsListener and MergedClassPathImplementation 2005-11-23
84568 java Unsuppor issues RESO FIXE Can't create any type of project 2007-09-26
123464 java Project tzezula STAR --- Improve UI for resolving broken references 2012-07-09
249310 java Classpat tzezula RESO FIXE ClassNotFoundException: java.lang.Object 2015-02-06
159003 java Compiler dbalek VERI FIXE NullPointerException at 2009-04-01
128105 java Project mkubec RESO DUPL NPE creating new Java Project with Existing Sources 2008-02-22
77039 java Javadoc jpokorsky RESO FIXE Auto generate javadoc on /** + Enter 2007-09-18
106828 java Refactor jbecicka VERI FIXE [Move Inner to Outer] Check validity of the new class name 2007-08-14
84746 java Source dbalek RESO INVA C+S+Space and C+A+Space does nothing 2007-01-17
51570 java Unsuppor issues RESO INVA How to Import CWM based Model into MDR 2004-11-16
137762 java Source issues RESO DUPL Code from template creates uncompilable java 2008-06-20
25 bugs found.
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