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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
10674 java Javadoc issues CLOS FIXE ~/nbuser32/javadoc not reliably mounted during first user start 2002-10-15
111915 java Unsuppor dstrupl RESO WONT StoragePersistentDataException 2010-09-23
77039 java Javadoc jpokorsky RESO FIXE Auto generate javadoc on /** + Enter 2007-09-18
47211 java Unsuppor mmatula CLOS FIXE IDE does not respond 2007-09-26
237186 java Editor dbalek RESO DUPL StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 0 2013-12-04
30925 java Unsuppor tzezula CLOS FIXE Correct the new Java Project from Existing sources according to new UI spec 2007-09-26
177110 java Project mkubec VERI FIXE Empty packages created in the Projects view 2009-11-20
14382 java Unsuppor issues VERI FIXE Add declarative way of adding node factories 2007-09-26
118490 java Source moonko RESO INVA [60cat] Add cancel button to automatic compilation and indexing tasks 2013-12-02
84307 java Source dbalek VERI FIXE Hung in error recovery. 2007-11-07
48256 java Project jglick CLOS DUPL Exception dialogs in loop (java.lang.AssertionError: Invalid DnD operation) 2004-09-02
241706 java Compiler dbalek RESO FIXE AssertionError at com.sun.tools.javac.util.Assert.error 2014-02-19
32296 java Unsuppor issues CLOS FIXE Compilation failed due to NPE 2007-09-26
188311 java Source jlahoda RESO DUPL Heap overflow in background processing 2010-08-16
17786 java Project issues RESO FIXE Selecting errors in compiler window sends focus to wrong source file 2004-11-02
121196 java Hints jlahoda RESO DUPL Wrong order of exceptions in surround with try catch 2007-11-05
88146 java Source tzezula VERI FIXE Trees.getElement() returns null in Phase.RESOLVED 2007-01-17
49775 java Unsuppor mmatula CLOS FIXE netbeans 4.0 beta2 don't work with Turkish locale 2006-03-24
248100 java Source dbalek VERI FIXE Failing org.netbeans.modules.java.completion.JavaCompletionTaskBasicTest 2014-10-30
32770 java Unsuppor jrojcek RESO WONT Customizer - Compiled Classes/Sources Used + Add Roots 2007-09-26
195422 java Refactor jbecicka RESO DUPL STS 70 Maven Scenario 1.6.1 : refactoring is not complete 2011-02-14
21039 java Unsuppor dprusa CLOS FIXE Keyed lookup on associations is needed 2002-08-27
125547 java JUnit mpetras RESO INVA Cannot run JUnit tests 2008-01-18
89770 java Project tzezula CLOS DUPL Cannot set main class for the project 2006-11-23
51466 java Unsuppor issues RESO WONT Generate JMI interfaces / Stack overflow 2004-11-13
25 bugs found.
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