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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
54043 java Unsuppor dprusa CLOS FIXE IDE hangs up when expanding a folder containing some hundreds of files. 2006-03-24
91101 java Unsuppor pflaska RESO FIXE Refactoring removes code 2007-09-26
137598 java Source jlahoda RESO DUPL Entity Classes from Database wizard generates corrupted entities 2008-06-18
45110 java Unsuppor jbecicka CLOS INVA test building fails 2007-09-26
207814 java Source jlahoda RESO FIXE Integrate FindBugs 2012-11-13
237544 java Editor dbalek VERI FIXE Failing JavaCompletionProvider18FeaturesTest 2013-12-05
43419 java I18N issues CLOS WORK NPE after invoking Internationalization Wizard 2004-08-13
27371 java Unsuppor issues CLOS FIXE Compiled Classes do not appear in RUNTIME classpath 2007-09-26
42070 java Classfil issues CLOS WORK IllegalArgumentException when parsing classfile.xml 2006-03-24
214722 java Compiler dbalek RESO INCO Too many times the 'Clean and build' fail. 2012-08-01
90250 java Hints jlahoda RESO FIXE Implement Introduce Variable, Extract Method and Convert Anonymous to Inner as java hints 2011-10-20
30246 java Beans issues VERI FIXE BeanInfo Editor disabled 2003-02-04
50595 java Unsuppor issues CLOS DUPL No test methods are generated 2007-09-26
27476 java Unsuppor sdedic CLOS FIXE Review and update Compiled Classes build target implementation 2007-09-26
128536 java Editor issues RESO DUPL NB55 compat: wrong Java Editor Code Hints 2008-02-27
48480 java Unsuppor issues RESO DUPL change in project files exeption 2007-09-26
50644 java Unsuppor jpokorsky CLOS FIXE Element nodes doesn't enable actions 2007-09-26
18906 java Unsuppor issues CLOS DUPL Parser error when java source is opened in editor. 2007-09-26
30596 java Unsuppor issues CLOS FIXE Implement ClassPath customizer tabs 2007-09-26
95519 java Unsuppor tzezula RESO FIXE A java.lang.NullPointerException exception has occurred 2007-09-26
249310 java Classpat tzezula RESO FIXE ClassNotFoundException: java.lang.Object 2015-02-06
47083 java Unsuppor mmatula CLOS FIXE java.lang.NullPointerException - move class 2007-09-26
216995 java Source jlahoda RESO INCO netbeans in a packages(folder) tree don't show *.jrxml *.jasper 2012-08-24
32171 java Unsuppor issues VERI FIXE Slow one-file recompilation 2007-09-26
98906 java JUnit junit-issues RESO INVA Cannot generate a TestCase using JUnit wizard 2007-04-11
25 bugs found.
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