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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
100210 java Editor dbalek NEW --- smart completion and normal completion 2007-04-13
28651 java Unsuppor issues CLOS FIXE Reusable classpath customizer 2007-09-26
177881 java JUnit vvg RESO DUPL "junit_4" library could not be found 2009-12-01
16216 java Unsuppor issues CLOS FIXE Internal compiler does not support the assert keyword. 2007-09-26
192056 java Editor dbalek RESO DUPL Broken opening brace indentation when editing Java code 2010-11-18
47589 java Unsuppor issues RESO DUPL [40cat] Increased standing heap after opening & closing many projects 2007-09-26
88561 java Source tzezula VERI FIXE Please provide a way to wait for finished indexing of classpath roots 2007-01-17
25563 java Unsuppor issues CLOS INVA unrequested object renaming 2007-09-26
238761 java Refactor ralphbenjamin VERI FIXE Failing JavaRefactoringActionsProviderTest 2013-12-02
107350 java Source pflaska RESO DUPL NPE during JPA code generation from database 2007-06-20
74055 java Unsuppor issues RESO DUPL Netbeans is exception thrashing 2007-09-26
88659 java Project tzezula RESO DUPL Problem to open a new proyect 2006-11-05
55069 java Project tzezula NEW --- [netbeans-feedback] user needs to configure debugger before debugging 2011-08-31
252759 java JUnit theofanis RESO FIXE tools create/update test doesn't work 2015-06-05
256152 java Compiler dbalek RESO INCO ComboBox removeAllItem/RemoveItemAt 2015-10-26
89820 java JUnit mpetras VERI FIXE Regression: JUnit Test Generator Functionality is missing 2007-03-21
102420 java Project tzezula RESO WORK 'Generate Javadoc' fails consistently 2007-04-25
118593 java Compiler dbalek VERI FIXE [60cat] NetBeans gets into recursive infinite loop when attempting to compile broken Java file 2007-10-19
47687 java Project tzezula CLOS DUPL Creating new e.g. Java Class causes NPE. 2006-03-24
138994 java I18N ralphbenjamin NEW --- Refactoring Improvements for i18n module 2011-11-28
27593 java Classpat issues RESO WONT document how to replace getPackageNameExt 2009-04-02
46164 java Unsuppor issues RESO DUPL Memory usage is out of control, 4.0 slow as molasses 2007-09-26
143056 java Refactor issues RESO DUPL nullpointerexception 2008-08-06
200970 java Compiler dbalek NEW --- AssertionError at 2016-11-29
56660 java JUnit vvg RESO DUPL Prompt to create a test directory 2011-04-26
25 bugs found.
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