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62 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
254078 ide UI issues NEW --- Allow module developers to register actions with macro keywords 2015-08-02
256613 ide UI issues NEW --- IDE hangs after startup 2015-11-16
206847 ide UI johnjullion NEW --- Monetize the NetBeans Update Portal for commercial products 2014-02-04
256132 ide UI anebuzelsky NEW --- Ugly logo in NetBeans 8.1 splashscreen 2015-10-26
62000 ide UI issues NEW --- Design a better way to access code clips 2013-09-04
211167 ide UI issues NEW --- UMBRELLA: Review all keyboard shortcuts (hotkey, keymap, keybindings) 2015-02-24
231930 ide UI issues NEW --- Lack of icons for common commands missing in context menu 2013-09-04
257705 ide UI issues NEW --- 自动换行时 输出栏 里选择中文显示不正常 2016-01-27
257729 ide UI issues NEW --- Netbeans crashes while using TrackPad 2016-01-28
223599 ide UI uireviews NEW --- UMBRELLA: Review main menu 2013-03-18
11276 ide UI issues NEW --- Unable to create schema with existing name for over writing 2013-09-04
30321 ide UI issues NEW --- Examples need to be handled better. 2008-09-22
32351 ide UI issues NEW --- COnsistent Table Editing 2011-01-28
38561 ide UI issues NEW --- Need to document some of what should be done with hyperlinks and keyboarding in the IDE 2013-09-04
97456 ide UI issues NEW --- New brand walkthrough UMBRELLA issue 2008-09-17
123450 ide UI issues NEW --- Make editor menus consistent cross different file types 2011-01-28
149122 ide UI issues NEW --- Rename Tools menu to Resources? 2011-01-28
157494 ide UI issues NEW --- en/-disable background task checkbox 2009-01-28
176614 ide UI issues NEW --- [68cat] Provide flexible options for organising tree nodes 2011-01-28
189882 ide UI issues NEW --- some wizards in the IDE are too specific, often not found 2011-01-28
191231 ide UI issues NEW --- "JAR icon + J" should be covered in documentation 2011-11-04
191481 ide UI issues NEW --- Integrate gmaps4jsf libraries with core NetBeans distribution 2011-11-04
196795 ide UI issues NEW --- 'Team menu' becoming too large for 1024x768. 2013-09-04
204161 ide UI issues NEW --- Built-in NetBeans window icon has too small resolution 2012-06-19
207871 ide UI issues NEW --- Function Key Shortcut table 2013-09-04
209259 ide UI issues NEW --- Maximize vertical space available for editor 2013-09-04
215023 ide UI issues NEW --- Debugging settings in config files should not require the use of a text editor: Need something like about:config 2013-09-04
218953 ide UI issues NEW --- Confusing double use of the term "Inspect" 2013-09-04
236513 ide UI issues NEW --- gtest/gmock unit test support 2013-10-14
253250 ide UI issues NEW --- Feature request: Option to disable right pane in window switcher (CTRL+TAB) 2015-06-29
254214 ide UI issues NEW --- Alt+(letter) does not work in netbeans anymore 2015-09-11
256143 ide UI issues NEW --- Search box to also search in file names 2015-10-23
256215 ide UI issues NEW --- Cannot close multiple tabs by using the middle mouse button quickly 2015-10-27
256246 ide UI issues NEW --- search allows to hide result folder but 'show all details' action prints them all later. 2015-10-29
256364 ide UI issues NEW --- Projects open in a corrupt way when changing type 2015-11-04
256432 ide UI issues NEW --- New features 2015-11-11
256482 ide UI issues NEW --- Tiny tool bar icons and wrong sized properties window (high dpi) 2015-11-10
256612 ide UI issues NEW --- CdiUtil.isCdi11OrLater NullPointerException 2015-11-16
256668 ide UI issues NEW --- Vertical Scroll hidden 2015-12-04
257104 ide UI issues NEW --- Output Windows of running processes get replaced 2015-12-10
257113 ide UI issues NEW --- Netbeans loosing cursor insertion point after closing cannot restart netbeans unless system is rebooted 2015-12-11
257252 ide UI issues NEW --- Goto Line or bookmark loses focus after switching application 2015-12-22
257344 ide UI issues NEW --- Netbeans 8.1 freezes 2015-12-30
257479 ide UI issues NEW --- Hitting the Escape button should close dialogs (Find in Projects and others) 2016-01-08
257597 ide UI issues NEW --- Variables tab collapses variables while stepping over code 2016-01-16
257614 ide UI issues NEW --- Cannot output "123b" in console window 2016-01-18
257618 ide UI issues NEW --- IDE 8.1 crashes on windows 7 2016-01-18
257633 ide UI issues NEW --- Blocage avec un projet sur un partage 2016-01-19
257682 ide UI issues NEW --- Please change linux launcher icon 2016-01-22
257848 ide UI issues NEW --- Javadoc Popup Doesn't Render Image Html (Maven project) 2016-02-04
257912 ide UI issues NEW --- Change Tab Placement Right so that the current file is enhanced so that it stands out more. Perhaps Bold the text in the tab. See screenshot attached ( Wed 00:33
257952 ide UI issues NEW --- When using palette, and I add say a table or element, I can't press any button with my mouse, it will not do anything and will freeze the window so I can't close it, have to restart. Thu 23:55
97639 ide UI martin_adamek NEW --- Enhance tab buttons on OS X 2009-11-11
210149 ide UI uireviews NEW --- Audiovisual notifications for major IDE events such as build finish 2013-09-05
173612 ide UI issues NEW --- Non-consistent ellipsis use with menu options 2011-11-04
182091 ide UI issues NEW --- A better NetBeans menu bar 2013-09-04
208820 ide UI issues NEW --- invoking Go to file dialog doesn't work when cursor is in the search field 2013-09-04
215346 ide UI issues NEW --- Integrate Java Certification Logos into Java Files and or NetBeans Projects 2013-09-04
243319 ide UI issues NEW --- Change IDE icon color each new release 2014-04-17
257831 ide UI issues NEW --- Run Project icon keeps disabled after hitting "cancel run project" button 2016-02-03
186906 ide UI issues REOP --- [69cat] Make all applying actions consistently available from any arbitrary entry point 2011-01-28
122190 ide UI issues REOP --- renaming does not allow file extension changes 2015-04-24
62 bugs found.
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