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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
166871 ide Features issues NEW --- No maven options at startup, neither ANT, Java Debugger, Profiler, GUI designer, etc... 2009-09-03
174115 ide Features issues NEW --- org-netbeans-modules-ide-ergonomics.jar duplicates resources 2011-11-25
182140 ide Features issues NEW --- New project wizard: do not disable icons of project types for which the appropriate module is disabled 2011-11-25
185199 ide Features issues NEW --- Provide multi feature based profile on IDE start up. 2010-04-28
220065 ide Features jtulach NEW --- After installation of full NetBeans (i.e. with Glassfish and Tomcat) only Glassfish appears under Services/Servers but not Tomcat 2012-10-22
240614 ide Features jtulach NEW --- java.util.MissingResourceException: No such bundle org.netbeans.modules.ide.ergonomics.fod.Bundle 2014-01-17
241567 ide Features jtulach NEW --- Feature request: Code completion editor similar to the Code Template editor 2014-02-08
241744 ide Features jtulach NEW --- CNFE: CND & PHP deactivated, but files still on SFS 2014-04-04
242388 ide Features jtulach NEW --- AssertionError: No info for MultiFileObject@5ff8d46a[Templates/Project/Standard/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-ui-wizards-NewJ2SEProjectWizardIterator-app] 2014-02-26
237823 ide Features tzezula NEW --- More predicates for single file does not work 2013-11-21
169972 ide Features issues NEW --- Cannot open netbeans project with required projects 2011-11-25
192305 ide Features jtulach NEW --- Enabling Base IDE after disabling and restarting IDE does not enable nb cluster modules 2011-12-05
160680 ide Features pflaska NEW --- [67cat] "New Project Wizard" is unresponsive when activating plugins 2009-06-21
163702 ide Features pflaska NEW --- [67cat] Projects Missing in new Project Wizard 2009-06-21
165148 ide Features pflaska NEW --- NullPointerException at org.openide.loaders.TemplateWizard.updateState 2009-06-21
15 bugs found.
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