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  • Product: cnd

82 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
168357 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Improve remote development discoverability 2013-07-19
176825 cnd Remote issues NEW --- usability issue with Smart Secure copy mode 2010-05-26
194288 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Store all the remote connection data as part of the project meta data 2013-09-18
209232 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Option to change remote host's default directory - .netbeans 2012-03-06
253092 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Add smart diagnostics to fs_server 2015-06-21
160246 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Remote development architecture should be pluggable 2010-05-26
190299 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Tie synchronization to project instead of host 2010-10-21
210923 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Effective remote file system refresh 2012-04-10
225009 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Full remote project ignores "Access project files" option 2013-01-17
236196 cnd Remote alexvsimon NEW --- In FullRemote mode IDE creates old project ("Upgrade Project" dialog window appears) 2013-09-20
163079 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Review Path Mapper UI 2011-09-22
179246 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Run commands before Debug/Run 2010-03-20
179808 cnd Remote issues NEW --- some enhancements in ConnectorManager 2010-05-26
180244 cnd Remote issues NEW --- pathmap for localhost as well? 2011-02-24
184553 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Problem with remote development 2011-11-16
187095 cnd Remote issues NEW --- To allow path mapping on secure copy mode in remote host management. 2010-06-02
198207 cnd Remote issues NEW --- PKCS11 authentication for accessing development host 2011-04-29
202618 cnd Remote issues NEW --- enable subdirectory remote build of cmake based project subfolders 2011-09-25
202622 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Uploading files from windows to remote linux without set executable 2011-09-25
225215 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Remote Smart Secure Copy on Freebsd server 2013-01-24
247588 cnd Remote issues NEW --- In full remote IDE opens a file and its symbolic link in two different tabs 2014-11-20
247673 cnd Remote issues NEW --- "New Project" wizard works too slowly in FullRemote case 2014-11-20
250080 cnd Remote issues NEW --- org.netbeans.modules.remote.impl.fs.server.FSSTransport.stat_or_lstat: LowPerformance took 35891 ms. 2015-06-23
251101 cnd Remote issues NEW --- unresolved identifiers in Full Remote project if build system generates code 2015-03-11
251418 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Red underline (unresolved) does not disappear in Full Remote mode 2015-04-01
251464 cnd Remote issues NEW --- IllegalThreadStateException: Should never be called from AWT thread 2015-03-27
252117 cnd Remote issues NEW --- java.lang.SecurityException: SHA MessageDigest not available 2015-05-13
253675 cnd Remote issues NEW --- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter file was not normalized 2015-07-23
253860 cnd Remote issues NEW --- unable to connect to remote host with ipv6 address only 2015-07-27
254006 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Mnemonic conflict in New Remote Host Setup dialog Thu 13:59
149126 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Need for arch and ui changes in remote hosts database 2010-05-26
157006 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Cache Network Neighborhood list 2010-05-26
158552 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- It should be possible to set up remote host without seting remote compiler set 2010-03-26
158836 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- It should be possible to import a project from a remote host 2010-09-09
159171 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Permit definition of cnd's "remote" ssh commands 2009-03-13
168627 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Development environment cannot be set up properly 2010-05-26
179464 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Remote as a service 2010-11-30
190300 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Use FileObject instead of java.io.File in CND where possible 2010-09-10
197762 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Issue when unsaved file becomes read-only 2012-03-28
201049 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- cannot start GUI application of full remote project 2014-11-21
211168 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- RemoteFS.getMimeType performance (4K transfer for each file) 2015-06-23
222760 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Remote folders in Files should be marked with a remote host name 2014-02-06
235669 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- No need to copy files in Full Remote mode when shared folder is used 2015-06-18
249694 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- java.io.IOException: Cannot open shell channel on arigi@sstar002.hpc.swin.edu.au 2015-03-23
250894 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- 10 seconds in order to create new file on far host (ping ~200 ms) 2015-06-17
251639 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Can't open a full remote project if the project directory previously did not contain nbproject 2015-04-08
252657 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Broken remote debug session causes Authentication dialog appearing 2015-05-28
253884 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- working directory refers to a non existent path Fri 05:36
174532 cnd Remote issues NEW --- User does not understand the reason of failed remote host setup 2014-04-14
199836 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Improved usability for AuthenticationType dialog 2011-07-01
234169 cnd Remote issues NEW --- Buildhost selection 2013-08-09
242989 cnd Remote issues NEW --- IllegalArgumentException for invalid port number > 65535 2014-03-18
212282 cnd Remote mromashova NEW --- Unable to debug with local host name in Cyrillic 2013-07-25
239192 cnd Remote mromashova NEW --- Remote file chooser works wrong in FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES mode 2014-01-17
156797 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- No sorting in hosts table 2010-05-26
157260 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Gathering Network Neighborhood may use wrong network interface 2010-05-26
160403 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Unbuffer.is64BitExecutable does not work for remote host 2009-03-16
160968 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- RemoteServerList, CompilerSetManager and the way they used are error prone 2010-05-26
165158 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- After removing remote host, "Set Remote Dev. Host" menu shows no selection 2009-05-14
165824 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Redundant information in the Output tab title 2009-06-09
170321 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Make more clear, where is the project built 2010-05-26
171420 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Can not remove a remote host if it's used in one of the projects 2009-09-04
177191 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Set correct permissions when copying files to remote host 2010-04-21
179649 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- "Preparing to build on remote host..." dialog always pop-up when it shouldn't 2010-05-26
187287 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- CVS is flaky in remote mode. 2011-04-27
199924 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Remote file chooser can not work cygwin 2012-03-28
204833 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Need Data File for C/C++ Remote Run 2015-06-02
241058 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- New Makefile wizard does not work in full remote projects 2015-02-26
244349 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Full remote functional tests hang from time to time 2014-10-04
158651 cnd Remote vv159170 NEW --- "Development Hosts Manager" dialog: "Cancel" button misleads user 2010-04-22
210413 cnd Remote issues STAR --- Fast Remote search 2014-04-14
235114 cnd Remote mromashova STAR --- Suggestion about automatic copying for remote development 2014-07-21
249533 cnd Remote vkvashin STAR --- Remote code model never gets notification when a header is created 2015-02-08
167294 cnd Remote issues STAR --- bashrc analog for remote connection 2014-04-14
248317 cnd Remote vkvashin STAR --- IllegalArgumentException: andrei1@ [valid] is not under the root andrei1@ [valid] 2015-06-23
253240 cnd Remote vkvashin STAR --- Dead lock and UI freeze on full remote project 2015-06-29
253723 cnd Remote vkvashin STAR --- Keyboard Accessibility: user can't create Full Remote project Wed 08:48
251994 cnd Remote vv159170 STAR --- code model of mixed project is not recovered on host connect 2015-04-29
253540 cnd Remote vkvashin STAR --- Exception: No file system providers for InvalidFileObjectSupport$InvalidFileObject... 2015-07-17
248070 cnd Remote vkvashin REOP --- Remote file chooser does not work with multiple selection 2014-10-22
173293 cnd Remote issues REOP --- Smart Secure Copy is too slow 2014-02-12
218076 cnd Remote vkvashin REOP --- Auto-copy remote build issues (Makefile:n: warning: NUL character seen; rest of line ignored) 2015-05-14
82 bugs found.
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