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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
80711 xml Schema T ayubskhan VERI DUPL StackOverflowError on applying Russian Doll to UBL Order schema 2006-08-28
85837 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE two identical nodes under Types/Reference Schema 2006-10-06
79724 xml Schema T ayubskhan CLOS WORK NPE on renaming component via Properties pane 2006-07-18
95490 xml Catalog sonali RESO FIXE Rewrite XML Refactoring to use NB 6.0 Refactoring APIs 2007-09-25
125325 xml WSDL Too skini VERI DUPL Got NPE while creating BPEL WSDL process file 2008-04-09
61623 xml API mfukala VERI FIXE [DevRev] Create/improve Javadoc 2007-09-25
79988 xml Schema M nnguyen CLOS INVA NPE after renaming unnamed element 2006-07-13
139460 xml Schema michaelnazarov RESO FIXE Test compilation failures 2008-07-09
83917 xml Schema T cwebster VERI DUPL UndeclaredThrowableException on saving OTA schema after applying Venetian Blind pattern 2006-09-08
89424 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Show drag over hot spots in graph editor 2007-03-30
31287 xml Code pkuzel VERI FIXE Use simpler-format buildnumber for xml/**/build.xml 2003-07-10
132301 xml Schema M samaresh VERI FIXE Schema model failed to resolve elements from included schema. 2008-06-04
47724 xml XSL mkuchtiak RESO FIXE Remove dependency on Xalan 2007-09-25
32049 xml Schema issues NEW --- XML Schema Support Features Group 2007-09-25
93261 xml WSDL Too skini VERI DUPL NPE: opening WSDL file with no targetNamespace in definitions 2007-02-12
81517 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE IllegalArgumentException on reverting maxExclusive to its default value 2006-08-16
121636 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE l10n jar missing a html file from xml/wsdlui module 2008-04-08
80280 xml Schema T girixkumar CLOS FIXE In Design view, NPE when multi-delete parent & child elements 2006-07-17
83013 xml Schema T nlfiedler VERI DUPL regression: StackOverflowError 2006-10-03
162208 xml Code samaresh RESO DUPL Trunk build is broken in around: xml-actions-XMLViewActions 2009-04-08
73112 xml Code issues VERI DUPL Impossible to use CC in persistence.xml file 2007-03-27
118106 xml Refactor sonali VERI FIXE Unable to deploy Composite Application after rename/undo referenced schema. 2007-10-15
84616 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE IllegalStateException on customizing of a simple type definition 2006-09-14
136409 xml Schema T samaresh VERI FIXE Exception when generating sample XML from schema without any elements 2008-06-04
83508 xml Schema T samaresh VERI FIXE NullPointerException when deleting extraneously created element 2006-08-29
25 bugs found.
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