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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
210577 xml Schema T sdedic REOP --- Generate DOM Tree scanner creates wrong code 2015-04-22
80691 xml XDM nnguyen CLOS FIXE NPE when editing BPEL sources 2006-07-27
79578 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE NPE when invalid schema opens (2) 2006-07-10
84706 xml Schema T nlfiedler VERI FIXE 'Change Order...' leads to IndexOutOfBoundsException 2006-09-14
95148 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Delete in WSDL/Partner views not (always) working 2007-03-29
83570 xml Schema T ayubskhan VERI DUPL AssertionError on closing OTA schema after applying design pattern to it 2006-09-01
79723 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE Missing resource message appears when working with enumerations 2006-07-11
83653 xml Schema T samaresh VERI FIXE Series of Exceptions following ClassCastException in AXIModel 2006-10-19
19439 xml Tools lkramolis VERI FIXE XSL Transformation action 2007-09-25
147937 xml Refactor sonali VERI FIXE Add org.netbeans.modules.iep.editor as friend to org.netbeans.modules.xml.refactoring 2008-10-15
41447 xml Catalog issues NEW --- consider making catalog list project-specific 2007-09-25
77288 xml Schema M bhate VERI FIXE MissingResourceException when selecting xsd:all node in schema view 2006-07-03
82433 xml Schema T rcruz NEW --- creating a WSDL from a URL stores the wsdl and correponding xsd in subdirectories 2007-01-18
89315 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Add Graphical View in WSDL Editor 2007-02-05
61622 xml API mfukala CLOS FIXE [DevRev] API Changes: naming, remove short classes, make API classes final 2007-09-25
99037 xml Schema T sonali VERI FIXE Schema "Find Usage" gets NPE 2007-03-30
131442 xml Schema samaresh VERI FIXE XML Schema code completion autopopup slows down the editor 2008-07-16
69241 xml Code issues VERI FIXE Deadlock after options are closed 2005-12-20
89422 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Allow user to select exisiting portType or provide new portType name in graph view 2007-02-06
20036 xml Code pkuzel CLOS FIXE Improve efficiency and correctness of LookupManager 2007-09-25
159183 xml Code supernikita RESO DUPL Deadlock invoking Validate XML 2009-03-20
84048 xml Schema T ayubskhan VERI FIXE Navigating in column view when a design pattern is being applied causes exceptions 2006-09-07
89575 xml Schema T nnguyen VERI FIXE Support cross-project XML Refactoring 2007-02-06
47575 xml Code mzlamal CLOS FIXE xml/xsl dependency on libs/xalan 2006-03-24
141415 xml Code samaresh VERI FIXE C/V failures 2008-08-01
25 bugs found.
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