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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
46976 xml Text-Edi issues RESO WORK '>' invisible when would be marked in red but cursor on same line w/ Highlight Caret Row enabled 2007-09-25
116523 xml Validati samaresh RESO INCO Hibernate DocType 2008-12-04
111174 xml WSDL Too skini NEW --- Go To Partner view on partner role briefly shows 1/2 expanded state 2007-07-26
20513 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO WONT Build in entities does not have a child content 2007-09-25
17297 xml Code issues NEW --- TextEditorSupport should extend CloneableEditorSupport 2007-09-25
32332 xml Schema issues RESO WORK XSD <unique> validation 2008-12-01
50935 xml Code issues VERI FIXE Odd popup menu when editing ant script 2007-09-20
21320 xml Tools issues NEW --- Separate Java generators to standalone sub-module. 2007-09-25
18411 xml TAX issues VERI FIXE Can't undo if system ID changed to invalid entry in tree view. 2007-11-30
26510 xml Code issues RESO WORK I18N - text/xml MIME is not valid for 16bit encoded documents 2007-09-25
91281 xml Schema T issues RESO WONT XML usages window isn't closed after project closing 2009-12-21
18667 xml Text-Edi pkuzel CLOS FIXE Code Completion - 'Result of &*:' contains PE references. 2007-09-25
14206 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO WONT Tree editor driven by a document grammar 2007-09-25
15261 xml Code issues NEW --- Support for shared settings 2007-09-25
84741 xml Schema T issues NEW --- WSDL graphical editor indicates contents even when there are none 2007-08-29
119470 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT Tree nodes are editable in Element's Definition dialog 2009-12-21
15779 xml Text-Edi pkuzel CLOS FIXE Bad coloring in XML with CDATA section. 2007-09-25
28890 xml Tree-Edi richunger VERI FIXE Setting for tree pre-expansion 2007-09-25
77280 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE After adding an element Details pane is not opened by default 2006-07-11
23325 xml Code lkramolis CLOS FIXE Typos in templates 2005-03-09
119947 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT UI blinking when referencing schema 2009-02-19
16558 xml Code issues CLOS FIXE Most contains keys, which are not already used. 2003-07-02
44479 xml Code issues RESO INVA XML helpset not disabled when all XML modules are disabled 2007-09-25
16808 xml Code lkramolis CLOS FIXE New form template uses open() but does not fall back to edit() 2007-09-25
46050 xml Code issues CLOS FIXE Missing icon for XML indent engine 2006-03-24
25 bugs found.
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