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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
38342 xml Text-Edi issues RESO WONT GrammarQuery.queryValues fails to document difference between attr & text completion semantics 2009-12-21
84720 xml Schema T issues RESO WONT Inconvenient order of navigating with 'Find Next'/'Find Previous' 2008-12-01
22955 xml XSL issues NEW --- Passing parameters to XSLT transformers 2007-09-25
80868 xml Schema T bhate RESO WONT Unexpected behaviour query results while drag groups 2009-02-19
119391 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT UI bug: after GoTo Design node rendered as not expanded 2009-12-21
130665 xml Schema T sdedic RESO WONT Wrong usages are shown after warning 2016-07-07
19578 xml Code pkuzel CLOS FIXE System identifier cannot point to a DTD using a relative path 2003-07-02
15792 xml Tools pkuzel CLOS WORK Validate XML displays `General Schema Error:...` message 2007-09-25
148136 xml WSDL Too skini RESO WONT 508 Accessibility - Components with no mnemonic : 2016-07-07
138869 xml Schema T sonali VERI INVA XML documant wizard ignores namespace prefix for additional namespaces 2008-07-07
30053 xml CSS mfukala RESO FIXE CSS comments syntax colour highlighting problem 2007-09-26
68968 xml Tools issues VERI WORK Document Handler classes can be created outside the package 2008-12-02
16444 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO INVA Children are not updated on tree-edit module uninstall 2009-02-19
96037 xml Schema T issues RESO WORK After closing schema editor, navigator still displays schema 2008-12-01
30982 xml Code issues NEW --- Inline Catalog FAQ into documentation 2010-02-17
245561 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- XML Support 2014-07-15
111108 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT Expanding element while editing another one causes UI bug 2009-12-21
17096 xml CSS mfukala RESO FIXE Check CSS has different behaviour than Check XML, DTD 2007-09-26
116694 xml Code issues RESO WORK XML File Creation 2009-02-19
71181 xml Schema samaresh RESO INVA FindBugs tool issues in source code 2009-02-19
117030 xml Tools samaresh RESO WONT Root element not found error for Schema Constrained XML Document 2009-12-21
32938 xml Schema mkuchtiak VERI WONT XML Schema validation fails for XML Schema instance 2009-11-07
25614 xml Code lkramolis CLOS INVA 3.3.2 module in 3.4 IDE compatibility issue 2005-03-09
127653 xml Schema T sdedic RESO WONT Invalid title for new XML document wizard 2016-07-07
18124 xml TAX lkramolis CLOS FIXE Redundant space behind #PCDATA 2007-09-25
25 bugs found.
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