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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
102910 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT Navigate menu 2009-12-21
15790 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO INVA Addition some declaration to include section isn`t propagated to Grouped view. 2009-02-19
148133 xml WSDL Too jalmero VERI FIXE 508 Accessibility - No accessible name/description 2009-01-06
41712 xml Tools issues RESO WONT Return type of data convertor method is hard to change 2009-12-21
77293 xml Schema T bhate VERI FIXE Examples are required for types 2006-10-03
23684 xml XSL issues NEW --- XSL Transformation could use <xslt> Ant task 2007-09-25
85021 xml WSDL Too skini VERI WORK A11Y: Generate Binding and Service Port dialog -- Binding Type list isn't displayable with keys 2007-02-06
77492 xml TAX issues RESO DUPL Remove impl dep on xml/tax 2008-12-01
24077 xml Code issues RESO INCO No tooltips in Generate DTD, XSL Transformation, Add dialogs 2011-09-19
20119 xml Text-Edi issues NEW --- Add quotation marks automatically when typing tag attribute and press '=' 2007-09-25
16808 xml Code lkramolis CLOS FIXE New form template uses open() but does not fall back to edit() 2007-09-25
46050 xml Code issues CLOS FIXE Missing icon for XML indent engine 2006-03-24
116133 xml Code samaresh VERI DUPL XML editor entry in settings is duplicated 2008-01-21
20421 xml Text-Edi asgeir RESO FIXE XSL code completion 2007-09-25
85275 xml Schema T issues VERI DUPL schema editor allows import of same schema more than once 2007-02-27
132855 xml Text-Edi samaresh RESO DUPL formating selected text is not possible for XSL 2008-04-16
71177 xml XML Mult mkuchtiak RESO WONT FindBugs tool issues in source code 2009-12-21
17699 xml TAX/Lib issues NEW --- TreeDocument's setDocumentType and setDocumentElement should not allow replace old set node 2007-09-25
96456 xml WSDL Mod radval RESO FIXE Statically held resources in wsdl model 2007-03-03
21183 xml Code dpavlica VERI DUPL XML settings in Tools | Options need reorg 2006-06-05
100646 xml Schema T samaresh RESO WONT Rename in Query window can't be undone 2009-12-21
18115 xml TAX lkramolis CLOS FIXE new TreeELementDecl() throws NullPointerException 2007-09-25
230484 xml Code sdedic VERI FIXE [XML] labels of tag nodes get truncated/abbreviated 2013-06-13
205881 xml Text-Edi sdedic NEW --- problem with autocompletion of quotes 2012-04-17
144911 xml Code sdedic NEW --- transformmap tooltip is excessively long 2011-09-15
25 bugs found.
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