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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
106515 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE No way to open wsdl file in the IDE 2007-06-15
128340 xml XDM samaresh VERI FIXE xdm faile to parse encoded character entities correctly 2008-08-01
140384 xml Schema michaelnazarov RESO FIXE Random C/V test failures 2008-12-05
93695 xml Schema T issues VERI FIXE Resource missing 2007-02-02
98643 xml Schema samaresh VERI FIXE Created schema is unavailable from the project tree 2007-09-25
113551 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Exception upon D&D from palette to WSDL partner view does not 2007-08-28
99256 xml Schema T pnarayan VERI INVA Impossible to add external schema 2007-03-28
136409 xml Schema T samaresh VERI FIXE Exception when generating sample XML from schema without any elements 2008-06-04
89417 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Allow Drag and Drop of operation from palette to partnerLinkType Widget 2007-01-11
262202 xml Catalog sdedic VERI FIXE AssertionError at org.openide.awt.HtmlRendererImpl.reset 2016-05-25
72696 xml Code mfukala VERI FIXE Autocompletion closes a tag although </ was not typed 2006-03-25
93129 xml Schema T ayubskhan VERI FIXE IDE freezes after change sequence - choice and back 2007-02-15
156540 xml Code samaresh RESO WONT Expose public API 2014-11-05
89570 xml Schema T girixkumar VERI FIXE Generic Ant task to copy XML referential closure 2007-10-02
81731 xml Schema T cwebster RESO FIXE Code Review Umbrella task 2008-12-05
102346 xml Schema T pnarayan VERI INVA Impossible to create XML document constrained by schema. 2007-04-27
142532 xml WSDL Too yaroslavskiy VERI INVA WSDL bindingsupport should provide new functionality 2009-05-22
148214 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE [65cat] IDE gets freezed upon removing some tags manually from source editor in WSDL file 2008-10-20
125937 xml XAM samaresh RESO DUPL ModelSource lookup implementation causing a UI freezes and poor application performance 2009-02-19
93698 xml WSDL Too issues VERI DUPL Referenced Schema > import >Broken Reference 2007-02-21
172663 xml XDM alexpetrov VERI FIXE AssertionError at org.netbeans.modules.xml.xdm.diff.MergeDiff.applyChildrenDiffs 2009-11-30
101241 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE WSDL tabs are missing 2007-04-20
86401 xml WSDL Mod issues VERI FIXE Memory Leak in SOAPComponentValidator 2007-04-02
107505 xml XAM samaresh VERI FIXE Deadlock: XAM Model and BaseDocument 2008-01-29
89418 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Allow deletion of role from partnerLinkType 2007-01-16
25 bugs found.
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