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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
91152 xml Schema T issues NEW --- Smart copy/paste is needed. 2006-12-16
104753 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE WSDL editor broken and is now encountered NPE 2007-06-05
89408 xml WSDL Too anjeleevich VERI FIXE Create Message View Graphical View 2007-03-30
108060 xml Schema T pnarayan VERI INVA Move menu item is always disabled in Refactoring submenu 2007-06-26
270595 xml Code sdedic RESO FIXE Deadlock while creating fxml 2017-05-11
86624 xml XDM issues VERI FIXE XDM access problem when running Ant task inside NetBeans 2007-04-11
134861 xml Schema M samaresh VERI FIXE Schema unable to show structure of included type 2008-05-16
143487 xml Tools samaresh RESO DUPL SAX Parser generation is throwing an error 2008-08-12
88311 xml WSDL Too skini CLOS FIXE I18N: can't create WSDL Document in ml coke, throwing exception 2006-11-13
92161 xml XAM nnguyen VERI FIXE Schema model factory needs to support property change listener 2007-04-11
95501 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE add message throwing exception 2007-02-19
98868 xml Catalog nnguyen VERI FIXE Fail to add Project Reference, got "Missing project: <project name>" 2007-09-25
222999 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- Upgrade to Xerces 2.11.0? 2015-05-21
85373 xml Schema T nnguyen VERI DUPL NPE while right-clicking on namespace in SV 2006-09-28
160645 xml Code samaresh RESO FIXE Trunk build is failing due to mistakes in XML 2009-03-19
86320 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE WSDL wizard: One-Way message w/ parts UndeclaredThrowableException 2006-10-04
32052 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO WONT Semantics Editing Fetures Group 2007-09-25
129470 xml Code issues VERI INVA [A11Y] A11Y focus issues in Schema/Source/DV for xsd files 2008-03-13
104773 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE Partner View: The Partner Link and Message Tables should be smaller and resizable 2007-10-14
89409 xml WSDL Too nlfiedler VERI FIXE Add zoom in zoom out in wsdl editor for Gavotte. 2007-01-01
79931 xml Schema T bhate CLOS FIXE NPE when Right-click newly created XML schema source code. 2006-07-23
91450 xml WSDL Mod rcruz VERI FIXE WSDL validation should check for binding operation signature to be same as portType operation signature. 2007-02-21
147908 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE NPE while creating schema import in a wsdl 2008-10-20
102401 xml WSDL Too jknight001 VERI FIXE Unable to validate SAP WSDL 2007-05-29
81213 xml Schema T nnguyen VERI FIXE Safe Delete Doesn't work properly 2006-10-19
25 bugs found.
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