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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8463 www Obsolete issues RESO INVA 2005-03-09
258224 www Admin jpirek NEW --- "302 Moved" error when using site search 2016-03-03
228542 www Bugzilla jpirek RESO FIXE "Add Bug URL:" bullet overlaps "See Also:" label 2013-04-17
177207 www Bugzilla blaha CLOS DUPL "Advanced Searching Using Boolean Charts:" is a mess 2009-11-20
176196 www Bugzilla jpirek NEW --- "Advanced Searching Using Boolean Charts:" is a mess 2011-11-29
71130 www Builds & jglick RESO FIXE "ant init all-contrib/quickfilechooser" fails 2006-10-23
55268 www Builds & mzlamal RESO FIXE "ant real-clean" doesn't clean everything 2005-09-05
252343 www Bugzilla jpirek REOP --- "Attach IDE snapshot to bug" fails with "Http error: Moved Temporarily" 2015-09-18
212191 www Bugzilla jpirek NEW --- "changed to:" Field Overlaps Other Field On Search Web Page 2012-05-08
169134 www Builds & rmichalsky RESO FIXE "DEPRECATED - <available> used to override an existing property." 2009-07-29
147707 www Builds & mzlamal RESO FIXE "diff -r w -r e -r b -r s -r v -r c -r . -r r -r e....." in hgweb diff view 2010-10-13
184702 www Web Cont jpirek RESO FIXE "does not have to look anything like an IDE" link leads to Page Not Found 2011-11-24
159094 www Builds & jtulach VERI FIXE "E5.3 - Adding static methods" treated as an error 2009-03-02
176118 www Admin jpirek RESO FIXE "edit my profile" page format problems 2009-11-09
186357 www Web Cont jpirek RESO WORK "Enter a new issue" link at is broken 2011-11-28
142930 www Builds & rnovak RESO WORK "error: incoming.notify hook raised an exception" during push 2010-10-13
233681 www Web Cont jpirek VERI FIXE "General Info about NetBeans IDE 7.4 Beta" is redirecting to 7.3.1 Release Information 2013-07-31
219340 www Builds & pgebauer VERI WORK "Important Legal Information" section missing on download page 2012-10-29
79883 www Obsolete geertjan RESO FIXE "Introduction to Java EE 5" is linked to missing PNG file 2006-08-08
176275 www Bugzilla marcow RESO FIXE "Issue Type" shown as last column 2011-11-16
26572 www Builds & rbalada VERI FIXE "Javadoc for NetBeansIDE public API" includes Ant lib, not module, docs 2003-02-04
201593 www Web Cont jpirek RESO FIXE "Join" link is incorrect 2011-11-16
177694 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO DUPL "Libraries folder" functionality : issue with build-impl.xml / 2009-11-26
6810 www Obsolete issues RESO FIXE "Licensing discussion" doesn't allow for discussion. 2005-03-09
167727 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO FIXE "Merge of $pop_url" 2009-07-03
25 bugs found.
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