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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
185850 www Admin leawang RESO FIXE not receiving NB mail 2010-06-01
61210 www Builds & jglick RESO FIXE Make the "release" dir be used automatically for projectized modules 2005-09-05
143483 www Builds & mzlamal RESO INVA hg fetch fails when merging changes in binary libraries 2010-10-13
28010 www Builds & mzlamal VERI FIXE update_tracking contains module codenamebase instead of codename 2003-02-04
124949 www Builds & rnovak RESO FIXE php1 cluster in Java EE version of NetBeans causes error at startup 2008-01-21
189015 www Builds & rnovak RESO FIXE 6.9.1 final NBM maven repository update 2010-08-03
182532 www Builds & dlipin VERI FIXE Source downloads are not complete 2010-04-02
105378 www Builds & mzlamal RESO FIXE nbm target is broken 2007-07-25
24572 www Builds & jglick RESO FIXE Need beta cosmetic updates 2002-06-13
200346 www Bugzilla marcow RESO DUPL Submission of a new bug does not work 2011-07-26
176186 www Bugzilla pchytil VERI FIXE Saved Searches are not present in the footer 2009-11-26
178058 www Bugzilla leawang RESO FIXE Groups are enabled - Why ?!?!?! 2011-11-15
58862 www Builds & jtulach RESO DUPL javadoc generation ends with nondescriptive errors 2005-09-05
248063 www Builds & pgebauer RESO WORK Flood of duplicated api-changes 2015-02-20
143703 www Builds & nbbuild-issues VERI FIXE Hudson on is down 2008-12-11
197854 www Admin marcow RESO DUPL All login links broken when using chrome 2011-05-16
176102 www Bugzilla leawang VERI FIXE Change the From for issues from BugZilla 2010-01-26
225223 www Builds & jrechtacek VERI FIXE 7.3 RC1 jars do not contain debug symbols for local variables 2013-01-24
176414 www Admin leawang RESO FIXE URL must redirect HTTP requests to 2009-11-26
70907 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO INVA broken Mobility build 2006-10-23
189089 www Builds & nbbuild-issues RESO INVA Need a check for implementation dependencies when generating UC 2010-07-30
178060 www Admin leawang CLOS DUPL Filter "Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed" emails 2010-04-21
176238 www Admin izadmins RESO DUPL attachments can not be opened in a browser any more 2009-11-22
178703 www Admin leawang RESO WORK Login doesn't work on bugzilla pages 2009-12-22
248184 www Web Cont jpirek NEW --- Cannot Register on NetBeans Community 2016-03-05
25 bugs found.
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