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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
128556 webservi Client mkuchtiak NEW --- Move Down button sometimes doesn't work in Configure Handlers 2013-07-24
116492 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT [60cat] Call Web Service Operation generates illegal code 2009-12-21
131572 webservi REST petertliu VERI FIXE Selection in new rest from patterns is not being preserved 2008-11-10
152524 webservi REST mkuchtiak RESO WORK [65cat] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 2015-02-04
132774 webservi REST petertliu VERI FIXE Folder label not aligned 2008-11-11
122725 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT [handler] Cannot remove more handlers at once 2009-12-21
224878 webservi Code jstola RESO FIXE Usability in "Choose REST resource" dialog: Tree is not focused after opening the dialog, pressing the ENTER-key does not invoke the OK-Button 2015-05-13
88961 webservi WSIT mgrebac RESO FIXE can't disable RM on client side 2013-07-26
150551 webservi Designer mkuchtiak RESO FIXE [65cat] NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.xml.schema.model.impl.SchemaComponentImpl.fromSameModel 2009-02-19
102573 webservi Manager petertliu VERI FIXE Enter and Cancel don't work in Delete W/S dialog 2008-11-11
190756 webservi JAXB mkuchtiak REOP --- If JAXB generation fails, the mouse pointer is left in an invalid state. (left-right movement cursor) 2013-07-24
84419 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Refresh client action rebuilds all clients in the project 2006-09-28
124609 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO FIXE FAST: The WebService-add operation wizard creates unformatted code 2008-01-21
84977 webservi Editor mkuchtiak RESO WONT Atribute completion invokes at wrong possition 2009-12-21
53693 webservi Code pcw CLOS FIXE Access modifier of generated field in webservice 2006-03-24
153786 webservi Manager ads RESO INVA A11Y: Component with no mnemonic in "Find StrikeIron Services" dialog 2010-11-08
122695 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO FIXE Cannot select fault type from imported schema 2009-02-19
237094 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak REOP --- Unable to "download" file from local disk 2013-10-14
49074 webservi Code rcruz CLOS FIXE Web app *.war includes sources files for ties, .. 2006-03-24
156285 webservi JAXB mkuchtiak REOP --- Removal of a JAXB class does not delete *.xml files 2013-07-24
97296 webservi WSIT mgrebac RESO WONT STS Configuration dialog needs an improvement 2009-12-21
145995 webservi Code mkuchtiak NEW --- [65cat] Refactor Delete doesn't remove STS from Web Services folder 2013-07-24
98735 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WORK Extra empty line after adding an operation 2008-12-01
131574 webservi REST mkuchtiak RESO FIXE WADL textfield should be disabled by default 2015-04-20
74921 webservi WSIT mgrebac VERI FIXE WSIT 1.0 Default values for MaxBufferSize and Inactivity Timeout not present 2006-04-20
25 bugs found.
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