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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
54965 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WORK [f] web services client document literal causes error. 2008-11-20
122718 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT ws operation nodes should be consistent 2009-12-21
71171 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT FindBugs tool issues in source code 2013-06-17
130268 webservi Manager issues VERI FIXE Web Service Group is not deleted after killing IDE process 2009-02-19
101259 webservi Code issues RESO WONT IllegalStateException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.netbeans.modules.websvc.core.customization.ui.WSDataObject 2008-12-01
212866 webservi REST mkuchtiak RESO FIXE Configure REST Test Client compatibility message detail 2015-04-20
119363 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak RESO WONT Not resolved jax-ws 2.0 library problem when import from 5.5.1 2009-12-21
102592 webservi Code issues VERI FIXE adding new operation - why not possible to change name of parameters 2008-01-08
159458 webservi REST mkuchtiak RESO WORK "RESTful Web Services from Entity Classes" fails on complex DB 2015-04-20
152357 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak RESO FIXE [65cat]java.lang.NullPointerException at$ImportedSchemasPanelListCellRenderer.getListCellRendererComponent( 2009-02-19
191778 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak NEW --- WSDL creator suggestion 2013-07-24
147464 webservi Manager mkuchtiak RESO WONT [saas][twitter] remove lite praram from methods 2016-07-07
59210 webservi Code mgrebac VERI FIXE Useless dummy class in websvc 2005-11-10
60609 webservi JAX-RPC mkuchtiak RESO WONT Operation invocation is appended to the end of the method 2009-12-21
125632 webservi REST nnguyen VERI FIXE [customerdbclient] too many licenses in web.xml 2008-01-24
55052 webservi Code issues RESO FIXE Always show all container nodes 2008-09-17
71286 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT Two supports for XML-J2EE DataObjects 2009-12-21
187213 webservi Client mkuchtiak RESO WONT [69cat] Mouse pointer stuck with Busy cursor after updating Web service Reference 2016-07-07
63941 webservi Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT [registry] NPE when testing ws wth DataHandler 2013-06-17
151002 webservi Manager nlfiedler VERI FIXE A11Y: Component with no mnemonic in "Find StrikeIron Services" dialog 2009-02-19
98791 webservi WSIT mgrebac RESO FIXE no signed parts and encrypted parts for the second operation 2007-07-18
203729 webservi Code mkuchtiak NEW --- [71cat] samples use old technique 2013-07-24
54881 webservi Manager petertliu RESO WONT [registry] missing properties 2009-12-21
105240 webservi WSIT mgrebac RESO FIXE WSIT client config file is not saved 2007-07-12
122687 webservi Designer mkuchtiak RESO FIXE IllegalStateException when adding operation to ws from wsdl 2009-02-19
25 bugs found.
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