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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
99823 webservi REST nguyen VERI FIXE Can't build project after REST WS generation 2007-04-18
245045 webservi REST phejl RESO FIXE Getting Cannot access WADL.Please restart your REST application and refresh this page" for a Maven based REST web service in Netbeans 8.0 using Glassfish or Tomcat 2015-04-01
97865 webservi Code mkuchtiak VERI FIXE LinkageError while compiling simple webservice 2007-03-21
166404 webservi WSIT mgrebac VERI FIXE RM headers are not secured when security is switched on 2009-06-11
105942 webservi REST ayubskhan VERI FIXE Support registration of partner services in the REST component palette 2008-01-20
115526 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Friend declaration missing 2008-01-30
106172 webservi JAXB gmpatil VERI FIXE Missing jaxb compiler option in the xml_binding_build.xml file 2007-07-05
130077 webservi Manager ayubskhan VERI FIXE NullPointerException by attempt to add flickr.activity_userComments 2008-03-17
118933 webservi Code mkuchtiak NEW --- Automate generation of ws client policies 2007-10-16
138875 webservi Manager apireviews RESO FIXE A new cluster websvccommon proposal 2008-07-14
131883 webservi REST ayubskhan CLOS FIXE [firefox] Test client takes forever to show google map 2008-04-07
118973 webservi Code petertliu RESO INVA Spruce up the REST component palette for use in mashups 2007-12-15
52426 webservi Code pcw VERI FIXE [Cat4-1.3] Conect web module to WS: Part 3 2006-06-03
135473 webservi Client mkuchtiak VERI FIXE ws client generation corrupts jaxws-build.xml 2010-03-31
114043 webservi Designer mgrebac VERI FIXE QoS settings are not being remembered 2007-09-10
75625 webservi Client rnajman VERI FIXE Cannot create JAX-RPC client in J2SE project 2006-05-02
100987 webservi JAX-WS issues RESO WONT Creating web service client fails 2007-04-17
109909 webservi REST petertliu VERI FIXE Generated code does not work because of misssing default constructors 2007-07-17
150292 webservi WSIT mgrebac VERI FIXE Wrong namespaces when STS created for .NET 3.5 version 2010-03-31
100224 webservi Code mkuchtiak VERI FIXE taskdef class ...websvc.core.ant.WsClientUpToDate cannot be found 2007-06-11
82049 webservi Code mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Deadlock while creating new websvc 2006-08-09
97908 webservi Code rcruz VERI FIXE "New Web Service client from WSDL" and "New Web Service from WSDL" wizard fails to create artifacts 2008-01-30
166435 webservi WSIT mgrebac VERI FIXE WSIT Configuration for clients is broken in web projects 2009-06-11
105944 webservi REST nnguyen VERI FIXE Generate RESTful wrapper services for partner services 2008-01-20
49681 webservi Code pcw VERI DUPL java.lang.Exception at WebServiceModuleInstaller 2006-06-03
25 bugs found.
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