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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
84621 webservi Code abadea VERI FIXE Webservice node is not created when WS is created 2006-09-15
55439 webservi Code abadea CLOS FIXE Deadlock when creating a web service. 2006-03-24
55791 webservi Code abadea CLOS FIXE NPE while creating new websvc 2006-03-24
190488 webservi Client ads RESO WORK ejb project using wsdl file where "generated sources" seems incorrect 2010-11-17
208934 webservi REST ads VERI FIXE Cannot create REST services from database 2012-03-06
209555 webservi JAX-WS ads VERI FIXE WebService is not recognized in Maven project 2012-10-11
209592 webservi REST ads RESO DUPL RESTful Web Services from Database using Maven 2012-03-22
209595 webservi REST ads RESO DUPL RESTful Web Services from Entity Classes using Maven 2012-03-22
211962 webservi JAX-WS ads RESO FIXE NoClassDefFoundError: org/openide/util/Enumerations$1RDupls due to use of WebServices 2013-06-08
220588 webservi Code ads VERI FIXE Can't create web service client 2013-01-11
221092 webservi JAX-WS ads RESO DUPL [73cat] coding problem on generated files (web service clientl) 2013-11-30
221558 webservi REST ads VERI WORK REST Web Services node not visible after creation 2012-11-09
225568 webservi JAX-WS ads RESO WORK Problem with jaxws annotations 2013-02-01
131170 webservi REST ads RESO FIXE java.io.SyncFailedException: C:\Users\majoros\.netbeans\6.9\config\WebServices\application 2010-09-23
158999 webservi Designer ads RESO FIXE Design view missing for web services in maven projects 2012-03-22
189723 webservi REST ads RESO FIXE Simplify "REST from Entity" wizard in Java EE 5 2011-07-21
190237 webservi REST ads VERI FIXE RESTful WS from entity classes do not deploy on WebLogic 2011-09-21
191040 webservi Code ads RESO FIXE Memory leak in ProjectWebServiceView 2010-10-25
192140 webservi Code ads VERI FIXE creating a new (soap) web service client does not work in Maven projects 2011-02-23
192733 webservi REST ads RESO INVA application.wadl not generated for REST Web services 2011-03-03
192767 webservi Code ads RESO FIXE gfv3ee6wc is likely to go away as a 'known name' 2010-12-23
193677 webservi Code ads RESO WORK OutOfMemory during clean build 2010-12-22
194561 webservi JAX-WS ads RESO INVA I had developed a web application using restful web services in JBoss AS 6 final. it allows me to develop the code. But java codes are not getting compiles automatically. After compiling them manually, i build the war and try to deploy it in the JBoss Ser 2011-11-16
195542 webservi REST ads RESO FIXE Add related libraries in case of choosing server deployable library for RESFul WS 2011-02-18
199780 webservi JAX-WS ads RESO INVA Project won't compile when using com.sun.xml.internal.ws.server.UnsupportedMediaException + auto generated WebServiceReferences (Compile error:"package com.sun.xml.internal.ws.server does not exist") 2013-10-20
25 bugs found.
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