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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
165024 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WORK navigator node loses highlight after selecting it 2010-05-08
142891 web CSS Visu mfukala CLOS DUPL "uri" is not css property value identifier 2008-08-05
213287 web CSS Visu jstola RESO FIXE IllegalStateException: Too many org.netbeans.modules.css.visual.ui.preview.CssTCController$2 (3) in shared RequestProcessor; create your own 2015-03-19
165680 web HTML Edi mkristofic RESO WORK HTML content behind body should be marked incorrect 2015-08-12
166291 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- Unexpected symbols around php code 2014-10-06
159931 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- some CSS parser tests of templatings are disabled because of failings 2014-10-06
146125 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- [65cat] [core] CSS syntax highlighting for comments is inconsistent 2014-10-06
130677 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO FIXE cc should fill whole item if there is just one 2010-05-08
202065 web CSS Edit mkristofic NEW --- css code completion links unclickable 2014-10-06
43586 web HTML Edi issues RESO DUPL New HTML is automatically executed 2009-05-18
254581 web Knockout ppisl NEW --- Completion inside template and foreach binding 2015-09-09
181870 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO INCO [69cat] Validate Dojo attributes in HTML 2011-11-02
223287 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- Edit CSS Rule Dialog - no at-rule is preselected for existing class/id from an at-rule 2014-10-06
220211 web HTML Nav jbecicka RESO FIXE Need to use new icon for dynamic elements 2012-10-20
255263 web HTML Edi mkristofic NEW --- Jade HTML 2017-06-16
216295 web Inspecti jstola VERI FIXE Tag with text content should not have expand button 2012-08-29
230289 web Knockout ppisl NEW --- Do not overwrite existing postfix 2015-09-09
67107 web HTML Edi mfukala VERI WORK Quick typing causes NullPointerException? 2009-05-18
235700 web CSS Edit mfukala RESO FIXE Drag and drop of files to the editor 2013-09-09
116641 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WONT preview update should not block IDE 2009-12-21
104065 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WONT Make font family dialog cancellable 2009-12-21
77686 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO FIXE Disabling code completion auto popup doesn't work 2009-05-18
238787 web AngularJ ppisl VERI FIXE False hint "expected semicolon" for ng-controller directive 2013-11-27
13771 web HTML Edi rkubacki CLOS FIXE HTML DataObject behaves wrongly if it is marked as a template. 2009-05-18
224882 web HTML Edi mkristofic NEW --- Warning about unmatched tags does not disappear, sometimes 2014-10-06
25 bugs found.
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