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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
230757 web CSS Prep tmysik NEW --- Add up-to-date check for Sass/LESS files 2015-05-18
105705 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WONT useless "Not Set" item in FontFamilyEditor dialog 2009-12-21
236623 web HTML Edi mkristofic REOP --- image tag 2014-10-06
218054 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- Create rule action does not enter new line 2014-10-06
246022 web HTML Edi mkristofic RESO FIXE Missing menuitem element in code completion 2015-08-24
171283 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- Upgrade Flying Saucer 2014-10-06
226255 web HTML Edi mkristofic NEW --- JavaScript braces do not match correctly if they contain an EL expression 2014-10-06
243920 web HTML Pro tmysik RESO FIXE Chrome netbeans connector plugin not detected 2014-07-08
217352 web HTML Pro tmysik RESO WONT Renaming Site root and Unit tests folders in Properties does not change project settings 2015-03-30
212328 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO FIXE IllegalStateException: Cannot find an HtmlParser implementation for HTML5 2012-05-21
164322 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO FIXE CSS editor causes netbeans to hang completely 2009-05-18
241382 web Refactor mkristofic NEW --- Links to renamed HTML file not updated on Mac 2014-10-06
207634 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO DUPL When clicking "View" on HTML file from "Projects" window get 2 tabs/windows in browser 2012-10-15
119639 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO FIXE Unable to edit stylesheet under GTK LAF 2008-04-28
230953 web HTML Edi mkristofic NEW --- HTML formatting options issues 2014-10-06
121217 web HTML Edi mfukala VERI DUPL [60cat] embedding javascript is not shown on first position of html attributes 2009-05-18
161457 web CSS Visu jstola NEW --- create rule action should not create new rule inside another rule 2014-10-06
250049 web Refactor mkristofic RESO WORK NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.refactoring.RefactoringUtil.constructNewName 2015-08-11
149508 web CSS Visu mfukala VERI INVA When I choose black color in Color Chooser, coloring of the triangle doesn't change 2008-11-24
134966 web HTML Edi mkristofic NEW --- Entering large values for HTML component may throw OutOfMemoryException 2014-10-06
221788 web HTML Pro tmysik RESO DUPL Double click on selected online template could act as Next 2014-07-03
231905 web AngularJ ppisl NEW --- Function with reserved name marked as error inside ng directive 2015-09-09
102977 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WONT Netbeans hangs on new url attribute in css 2009-12-21
251712 web Cordova rsvitanic NEW --- org.netbeans.modules.masterfs.filebasedfs.utils.FSException: Cannot rename file my-mw-app in Y:/jramon/projects2 to www. 2015-08-14
142890 web CSS Visu mfukala VERI FIXE "uri" is not css property value identifier 2008-08-17
25 bugs found.
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