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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7596 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE When editor module is disabled, properties fails 2003-07-01
8299 utilitie Code issues CLOS FIXE USER TEST: "Which Package" dialog that appears when using File > Open to view a simple text file causes confusion 2005-03-09
134975 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Diff options open not at the proper tab 2008-06-10
18104 utilitie Search issues CLOS FIXE Show All Details does not work on extensionless files 2003-07-01
155031 utilitie Open Fil jhavlin RESO WORK Warning when loading large file (File seems to be too large, may cause OutOfMemoryError) only provides OK button 2011-09-06
18775 utilitie Code issues CLOS FIXE Duplicate open files when navigating compile errors 2003-07-01
121180 utilitie Diff diff-issues VERI FIXE Switching to next/prev differences shouldn't change panels width 2009-05-25
169384 utilitie Image JPESKA NEW --- Image editor 2011-09-01
257063 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO INCO Incorrect location of the source code by search result item. 2015-12-09
30015 utilitie Properti issues VERI FIXE Editor shows sometimes unicode chars in comment of property 2003-04-03
21343 utilitie Open Fil mpetras VERI FIXE Open File dialog can be opened more the once 2004-02-26
12650 utilitie Image issues CLOS WONT Image Editor/View doesn't have any popup menu 2003-07-01
48775 utilitie Diff mentlicher RESO WONT graphical diff has wrong label on macosx 2005-02-21
2424 utilitie Open Fil jhavlin STAR --- Open File launcher should support multiple -wait files in parallel 2011-09-01
24268 utilitie URL issues CLOS FIXE Open in New Window doesn't work properly with Mozilla 1.0 2003-07-01
115822 utilitie Properti mpetras RESO DUPL [60cat] Abuse of firePropertyChange : "default language" node 2007-09-18
6146 utilitie Code ttran CLOS FIXE During restarting process after autoupdate using Forte running with some parameters some Exceptions are thrown 2003-07-01
103070 utilitie Search mpetras CLOS INVA Find/Replace in projects dialog opens "Search Results" 2008-12-05
14906 utilitie Search issues RESO DUPL Use annotations for full-text search hits 2004-10-18
224158 utilitie Search jhavlin NEW --- enhancement : search results shows project name next to file name search item found in 2013-01-03
7367 utilitie Open Fil mpetras RESO FIXE Must verify files/directory exists in all file choosers 2004-09-03
117814 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Problems with german umlauts, assuming this is a general non-US-ASCII problem 2008-11-21
17634 utilitie Search mpetras RESO FIXE Search Filesystems Dialog doesn't explicitly state what it is searching 2008-01-16
178842 utilitie Diff tstupka RESO DUPL No tooltip for "revert all" arrow in diff window 2011-03-14
93561 utilitie Open Fil jtulach RESO WONT show message when opening project without reading permissons 2009-11-02
25 bugs found.
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