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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
48004 utilitie Properti issues RESO INVA Table view missing 2004-08-26
38437 utilitie Search mpetras RESO FIXE ISE during IDE shutdown 2004-09-03
23907 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE Opened unsaved bundle asks twice for saving 2003-07-01
5009 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO FIXE Patch for: Searching in all opened source files 2013-03-01
32125 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Integration with Localization Databases 2011-09-01
130054 utilitie Search mpetras VERI FIXE Conflicting mnemonic for Modify Criteria 2008-03-14
14906 utilitie Search issues RESO DUPL Use annotations for full-text search hits 2004-10-18
7367 utilitie Open Fil mpetras RESO FIXE Must verify files/directory exists in all file choosers 2004-09-03
117814 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Problems with german umlauts, assuming this is a general non-US-ASCII problem 2008-11-21
17634 utilitie Search mpetras RESO FIXE Search Filesystems Dialog doesn't explicitly state what it is searching 2008-01-16
178842 utilitie Diff tstupka RESO DUPL No tooltip for "revert all" arrow in diff window 2011-03-14
93561 utilitie Open Fil jtulach RESO WONT show message when opening project without reading permissons 2009-11-02
19235 utilitie Diff mentlicher CLOS FIXE Parts of the "CVS Output (Diff)" window are not fully accessible. 2003-06-30
121689 utilitie Open Fil issues RESO DUPL Open a projects throws an exception 2007-11-14
206547 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO WORK Suggestion to default option when search in files 2012-12-19
20122 utilitie Search issues CLOS INVA Searching through files doesn't take file suffix into account 2003-07-01
141988 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- Hide unnecessary annotations in diff view 2014-06-05
13272 utilitie Code issues CLOS INVA "show all details" of search results does not work (special case) 2003-07-01
2428 utilitie Open Fil issues RESO FIXE Open File server could do more sophisticated access restrictions 2003-12-11
38882 utilitie Search issues VERI FIXE java.lang.NullPointerException when searching 2004-08-16
129883 utilitie Diff tstupka CLOS WORK Diff can't be read. 2011-06-09
163701 utilitie Search kaktus RESO FIXE [67cat] [gui] Docked SearchResults Panel Sizing Behaves inconsistently 2009-04-30
131333 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- when external diff is not found confusing message pops up 2014-06-05
7670 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE Incorrect width of collumns in properties tab editor 2003-07-01
150984 utilitie Diff diff-issues VERI FIXE Internal diff options should be enabled/disabled appropriately 2009-02-19
25 bugs found.
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