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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
206360 utilitie PDF jhavlin RESO DUPL Create Keyboard Shortcuts Card dynamically 2013-05-01
35717 utilitie Search mpetras RESO DUPL Search (Find in Files) does not find translated 2003-12-11
30217 utilitie Properti issues VERI DUPL Exception while adding property to properties file 2003-03-24
12087 utilitie Properti issues CLOS DUPL Property order changed after adding new locale 2003-07-01
46734 utilitie Code jstola CLOS FIXE No tooltip over Search Results window titlebar 2006-03-24
249405 utilitie Jump To tzezula RESO FIXE Always select the top one entry in the list by default. 2015-02-05
12715 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE Bad label of text area 2003-07-01
99791 utilitie Diff diff-issues VERI FIXE Weird difference navigation 2007-09-27
3459 utilitie Open Fil jhavlin STAR --- Configurable order of actions for openfile. 2011-09-01
7150 utilitie Search vvg RESO WORK Three suggestions on Find in files 2010-10-10
89358 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO WONT Show *.java files instead of *.form files after diffing a form file 2009-12-21
201273 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO WORK Find in files regex helper/tester 2013-09-04
7790 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE bundle editor should provide a way to Find strings 2003-07-01
33444 utilitie Properti issues VERI WORK User doesn't know why cann't type to file 2003-10-09
203342 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- "Diff To..." displays absolute path, with no way to see file name 2014-06-05
33923 utilitie Properti jstola VERI FIXE Cann't remove locale from Customizer dialog 2004-08-17
9236 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE Some UI enhancements for 'New property' window 2003-07-01
34462 utilitie Search issues RESO INVA Find results not updated when source file is edited 2003-06-19
58008 utilitie Search issues RESO FIXE After 'Modify Search' the window should have selected the lastly selected tab 2005-09-05
229298 utilitie Diff tstupka VERI FIXE Patch for: Apply-Button in Diff-Options isn't refreshed for changes of "inner whitespace"/"case change" 2013-07-23
10679 utilitie Code issues CLOS FIXE Bad sorting flag after repeated searching. 2003-07-01
29041 utilitie Open Fil issues RESO FIXE When Locale of IDE was set, it's impossible to open file from Windows Explorer 2003-12-11
97574 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Confusing diff output in search history 2007-03-27
184220 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO WORK Duplicates displayed when Find in Projects used with scope Open Projects 2011-10-07
111304 utilitie Jump To phrebejk RESO FIXE "Go to file" should be mapped to Ctrl-Shift-R if using the Eclipse keymap profile 2007-09-17
25 bugs found.
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