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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
245431 utilitie Jump To tzezula VERI FIXE Alternating row colors missing 2014-07-26
19208 utilitie Search issues RESO FIXE regular expresion search dialog works differently than substring search 2004-10-18
10508 utilitie Search issues RESO FIXE Search result (full text) doesn't show the search occurence when pointing from result window. 2004-10-12
182947 utilitie Diff ovrabec RESO FIXE Incorrect highlighting in diff window 2010-04-02
207913 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO WORK Search in Editor and Search in Files are not consistent. 2013-05-17
81425 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO WORK OutOfMemoryError during diff 2007-09-26
141909 utilitie Test Run vvg RESO INCO Wrong main menu item name 2009-11-16
84116 utilitie Search issues RESO DUPL Search process does not terminate 2007-02-16
143713 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- custom JFileChooser shown for action Tools->Diff is unintuitive 2014-06-05
125737 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- Diff for the same source should be opened only once 2014-06-05
12322 utilitie Properti issues CLOS DUPL i18n - Multi-byte Comment, Key, and Value can't be displayed on Property Editor. 2003-07-01
249405 utilitie Jump To tzezula RESO FIXE Always select the top one entry in the list by default. 2015-02-05
31396 utilitie Code jglick RESO FIXE Hard to run more than one copy of Open File Server on the same machine 2004-03-04
23880 utilitie Code issues CLOS FIXE I18N - mnemonic key doesn't work with translated 2003-07-01
4826 utilitie Properti issues CLOS WONT Could setting up a new locale use a pointer mechanism instead of a copy of the existing bundle, so, for example, if one has US and UK bundles, strings do not have to be changed twice? 2003-07-01
66488 utilitie Properti issues RESO FIXE Too many empty lines generated into .properties files 2007-09-05
7311 utilitie Search issues RESO DUPL Find Results dialog should show matching text lines 2003-08-04
39989 utilitie Diff mentlicher RESO FIXE [36cat] Graphical Diff doesn't focus opened tab 2004-02-12
131699 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- Inappropriate "Computing differences" label 2014-06-05
7869 utilitie Properti issues CLOS FIXE Can't print .properties file. 2003-07-01
119337 utilitie Code issues VERI FIXE Minor Search Results window issues 2009-02-19
226916 utilitie Search jhavlin VERI FIXE Patch for: Inconsistent label format of search vs. search/replace - use choice-format of MessageFormat too 2013-07-23
105002 utilitie Search issues RESO FIXE Comfortable search of special character in java files 2009-02-19
33961 utilitie URL issues CLOS DUPL Information dialog appared after using Help|Bookmarks 2003-05-28
154107 utilitie Diff ovrabec REOP --- Mutiple External Diff Invocations 2014-10-01
25 bugs found.
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