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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
70419 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO FIXE Failure of tests on release50 branch 2005-12-18
100145 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO DUPL Deadlock selecting old diff 2007-04-05
183741 utilitie Diff ovrabec VERI FIXE ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1024 2010-04-15
92230 utilitie Properti mpetras RESO DUPL IDE gets stuck during deleting keys in properties 2007-02-14
104682 utilitie Diff diff-issues RESO DUPL Get NPEs all the time when trying to access context menus 2007-05-24
125979 utilitie Print yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE PrintPreviewAction blocks event queue for several seconds 2008-02-06
21190 utilitie Diff mentlicher VERI FIXE Create Graphical Merging Tool 2002-06-19
27164 utilitie Code mpetras RESO WONT Rerwite Utilities modules according to upcomming Projects support 2003-12-11
32130 utilitie Properti JPESKA NEW --- Improve and document L10N module architecture 2011-09-01
99102 utilitie Diff diff-issues VERI FIXE Deadlock after pushing Remove icon in Local History View 2007-05-04
86809 utilitie Diff msandor RESO FIXE Diff sidebars cannot be GCed 2006-10-23
38555 utilitie Search mpetras VERI FIXE running CVS Remove on node in Search Results removes parent folder 2004-02-23
195075 utilitie Search ynov RESO FIXE "Replace in Projects" not actually replacing anything 2011-02-08
132094 utilitie Jump To apireviews VERI FIXE Add org.netbeans.modules.php.editor to the list of friend of the jumpto module 2008-04-11
64438 utilitie Diff mroskanin RESO FIXE Assert in CompletionImpl.stateChanged 2005-09-15
212525 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- Add a way to specify file encoding 2016-05-23
215847 utilitie Test Run jrechtacek VERI FIXE Severe memory leak in gsf.testrunner 2012-09-01
79109 utilitie Print yaroslavskiy CLOS WORK selecting 168 gif files in favorites results in 2 giga logging 2006-08-28
105194 utilitie Code issues RESO DUPL <Find> is always grayed out. 2007-06-02
227187 utilitie Code jhavlin RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.openfile.OpenFileAction.actionPerformed 2013-05-27
116975 utilitie Properti mpetras RESO DUPL Unicode character '\u0020' in prop file replaced by a space at save 2007-09-28
251381 utilitie Jump To tzezula RESO FIXE go to file doesn't work anymore 2015-03-27
32448 utilitie Properti issues VERI FIXE Adding czech chars throws SIOOBException 2003-04-04
28981 utilitie Group mpetras VERI FIXE allow other modules to obtain contained links 2004-02-18
191652 utilitie Search ynov RESO FIXE NullPointerException at 2011-01-19
25 bugs found.
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