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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
77595 usersgui Code kganfield RESO FIXE "About J2EE Application Development" topic includes a broken link 2006-12-06
50441 usersgui Code johnjullion RESO FIXE "Can't Find Javadoc" 2005-03-02
236058 usersgui IDE kganfield RESO FIXE "Debug > Attach Debugger..." does not have a working "Help" button 2013-11-26
29074 usersgui Java johnjullion VERI FIXE "Error annotation limit" not explained in help 2003-02-28
22035 usersgui JavaEE lrobertson CLOS FIXE "Exclude Files" should also be removed if "Include Dependent Files" is removed. 2003-07-02
81259 usersgui Java olangr RESO FIXE "Find usages results" shortcut 2007-08-06
91447 usersgui SOA ifilippova VERI FIXE "Fit Diagram" can not show the entire diagram in window 2007-02-12
200361 usersgui IDE kganfield VERI FIXE "Getting started" in Netbeans help is empty 2011-10-18
23618 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE "jar file": bad caps 2002-05-17
113846 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE "Java Sources" is missing from "Editing" in "Tools/Options/Advenced" 2007-10-12
95149 usersgui SOA issues VERI DUPL "JBI module cannot be added more than once" dialog box pops up upon new bpel sample project creation 2007-03-13
8022 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE "Key Concepts" doc page has incorrect "Filesystems" pointer 2003-07-01
128238 usersgui Code issues VERI FIXE "New Project Wizard: Choose Project" help page doesn't contains Mobility part 2008-03-26
128243 usersgui Code tgiunipero VERI FIXE "Options Window: Miscellaneous: Versioning" doesn't contain Mercurial 2008-03-26
71690 usersgui Code pkeegan RESO FIXE "Override Methods" Context Menu Item Not Displaying 2006-05-05
21287 usersgui XML johnjullion CLOS FIXE "Prefer Public" checkbox not obvious or documented 2003-07-02
26324 usersgui Code gchappell RESO FIXE "Setting Font and Color for the Help Viewer" too general 2004-03-03
120027 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE "sout" abbreviation expansion doc error 2007-11-02
17530 usersgui Code bbowden CLOS FIXE "Updating parser DB" should mention need for manual steps 2003-07-01
21836 usersgui Installe issues CLOS WONT "UserDir" Windows registry setting 2003-07-01
53476 usersgui JavaEE ludo CLOS FIXE 'Help > J2EE Development Guide' ends with '404 Not Found' 2005-01-25
122738 usersgui Server P kganfield RESO FIXE 'Help' doesn't say how to set/modify the jpda_port_number 2008-07-15
121471 usersgui Server P kganfield RESO FIXE 'Help' missing for JVM property, 'SystemClassPath' 2008-08-18
133666 usersgui JavaFX ifilippova RESO FIXE 'New Project Wizard: Choose Project' does not mention JavaFX Script applications 2010-03-10
90173 usersgui CND thp RESO FIXE 'Preprocessor Definitions' window gives wrong help 2009-02-19
25 bugs found.
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