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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
12431 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Strange advice about Classic Switch 2003-07-01
39543 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE Suggest to remove or rename the "Help | Help Sets" menu item 2004-02-23
24191 usersgui Code jglick CLOS FIXE examples are compiled without debug information 2003-07-01
14100 usersgui Code bmay CLOS FIXE [New From Template Wizard] - 6 items under node "RMISockets" without description in "Template description" area 2003-07-01
78697 usersgui Code cindyc RESO FIXE method signature mismatch between tutorials 2006-09-22
14403 usersgui Code jglick CLOS FIXE No(default) icon for sampledir in fs customizer 2003-07-01
1231 usersgui Code jglick CLOS WORK Some screenshots do not show all Component Palette tabs. 2003-07-02
127691 usersgui CND ar34406 VERI FIXE Extra spaces in name of node in Help Contents 2008-03-26
145488 usersgui IDE geertjan RESO FIXE Keyboard shortcuts card is incomplete 2010-02-18
4918 usersgui Code pslegr RESO INVA Help History contains filenames instead titles of pages. 2003-07-10
115768 usersgui UML issues RESO FIXE Need to provide instructions to generate code for EJB design pattern 2008-10-14
7650 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Wrong description of Step Out action 2003-07-01
8403 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Bad link - Creating a Container 2003-07-01
72585 usersgui Profiler issues CLOS FIXE documentation bugs in profiler JavaHelp (profile_analyze.html) 2007-03-14
105172 usersgui API Supp tzezula RESO FIXE Extra source tree not shown/interpreted in NB module project w/o docs addition 2007-06-01
35044 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE The word "space" is not translated properly in the help text of insets property editor 2003-07-28
59453 usersgui Code issues VERI FIXE Title tag does not match topic title 2007-03-03
123682 usersgui CND ar34406 VERI FIXE missing ";" in " " characters 2008-03-24
14139 usersgui Code gchappell CLOS FIXE Inconsistent hyperlink under Debugging Programs node in FFJ-Help 2001-11-05
14663 usersgui Code johnjullion CLOS FIXE Bad help mapping for Install New JavaBean | Select JavaBean 2003-07-01
4359 usersgui Code rszarowski CLOS FIXE A missing character in the "tips of the day". 2003-07-02
130553 usersgui Form issues VERI INVA Sample form seems not to work 2008-04-14
5776 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE The tutorial doesn`t mach the reality: =============================== 2005-03-09
147895 usersgui Code geertjan RESO WONT No help for Tools | Options | Editor | Hints 2009-10-08
7507 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Getting Started>ColorSwitch>Debug>Breakpoint=invalid 2003-07-01
25 bugs found.
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