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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
116173 usersgui Mobility psunb VERI FIXE IDE Help - page Java ME Templates 2007-11-23
7651 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Bugs in Setting a Breakpoint on a Line 2003-07-01
100410 usersgui UML issues RESO INVA typos in UML tutorials 2009-11-13
7978 usersgui Code issues CLOS WONT Customize bean action dialog hasn't help 2003-07-01
8429 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Confusing section Modifying Code Generation for a Container 2003-07-01
10270 usersgui Java psuchomel CLOS WORK Errors in n-line documentation for Javadoc generation. 2003-10-29
73130 usersgui API Supp geertjan RESO WONT Explain what for is Provided Tokens 2008-03-18
12432 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE C/C++ terminology used in the documentation. 2003-07-01
60748 usersgui Code geertjan RESO FIXE online_help issues on 4.1 release 2005-10-19
24237 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Wrong description of "Importing a Project" page 2003-07-01
158472 usersgui UML issues RESO WONT error in UML tutorial (fe.html) 2010-02-17
14103 usersgui Code pkeegan VERI FIXE Wrong mapping of Help for "Keyboard Shortcuts..." panel. 2002-01-22
26307 usersgui Editor issues VERI FIXE Some shortcuts are not supported 2007-11-05
4420 usersgui Code pknakal CLOS FIXE when searching for XML in User`s Guide, the link Opening ... does not work 2002-07-19
5833 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE ICE Browser (the RIGHT pane window of JavaHelp) doesn`t cooperate well with JavaContentWindow (the LEFT pane window with a tree). 2005-03-09
132569 usersgui UML issues RESO WONT out-of-date screenshot on sequence diagram tutorial 2010-02-17
7600 usersgui Java issues CLOS FIXE Teplate creating documentation doesn't exist 2003-07-01
116753 usersgui Code issues RESO DUPL Non-cross-platform keyboard shortcuts in tutorial 2010-02-17
19099 usersgui XML johnjullion CLOS FIXE Missing SAX Wizard Help 2003-07-02
7684 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Wrong link: Packages Pane in the Object Browser 2003-07-01
101692 usersgui UML issues RESO FIXE kb/55/uml-use-case.html refers non-existing image file 2008-11-20
19985 usersgui XML johnjullion CLOS FIXE xml/catalog docs need to be more explicit re. what kinds of catalogs are supported 2003-07-02
8291 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE Write context-sensitive help for core ide components 2003-11-06
119196 usersgui Java non_migrated_user RESO INVA java.lang.NullPointerException when creating javadoc 2007-10-17
21287 usersgui XML johnjullion CLOS FIXE "Prefer Public" checkbox not obvious or documented 2003-07-02
25 bugs found.
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