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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
123687 usersgui CND ar34406 VERI FIXE double "<" char in "<<li>" tag 2008-03-31
14093 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Bad help page from AutoUpdate 2003-07-01
140414 usersgui Installe issues RESO DUPL [65cat] Licence agreement still refers version 6.1 2008-07-17
61861 usersgui Code kganfield RESO FIXE Title Mismatch : in org-netbeans-modules-j2eeserver.jar online help docs 2008-03-10
4656 usersgui Code pslegr CLOS INVA Wrong Help window content according to the dialog name. 2003-07-01
6394 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS INVA Abbreviations changes are not in User`s guide 2002-07-19
148128 usersgui Code jeff_rubinoff RESO FIXE Axis2 documentation 2008-09-24
7647 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Wrong link: Examining threads 2003-07-01
117014 usersgui Profiler kganfield VERI FIXE [docs] Only integer values alloved for Stack Frames 2007-10-04
71648 usersgui API Supp jglick VERI FIXE Broken link in release/README 2006-01-23
20028 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Non-static initializer in doc has wrong icon 2003-07-01
8370 usersgui Code issues CLOS DUPL Contents Help when searched thrown ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 2003-07-01
21445 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE better What's new document 2003-07-01
10052 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE error in help files "Deleting a File in a Project" 2003-07-01
22834 usersgui Code gchappell RESO WONT doc elimination of GUI Editing and Debugging workspaces 2002-06-17
11614 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE package name: tutorial vs tutorials 2003-07-01
12427 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Wrong description of Stack Depth property 2003-07-01
206250 usersgui Web Serv jeff_rubinoff RESO FIXE typo s/xs:hexBianry/xs:hexBinary/ 2011-12-13
12884 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE examples.colorpicker.ColorPicker has bad indentation 2003-07-01
39943 usersgui Code issues VERI WORK Help button in properties dialog is enabled unlike help action in embedded property sheet 2004-08-17
14114 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Incorrect link names in 'Setting Properties Files' part od documentation 2003-07-01
43021 usersgui Code johnjullion RESO FIXE process_descriptor.html is not used 2004-08-13
25066 usersgui Code johnjullion CLOS FIXE ide-toc.xml does not have JavaHelp topic ID internation.autoinsert 2003-07-01
14659 usersgui Code bbowden CLOS FIXE Bad help mapping for [Property Editor:Search Path (String[])] 2003-07-01
4262 usersgui Code pkuzel CLOS FIXE Setting of ICE Browser UI for JavaHelp windows is not 100% reliable. 2003-07-02
25 bugs found.
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