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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
147895 usersgui Code geertjan RESO WONT No help for Tools | Options | Editor | Hints 2009-10-08
7507 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Getting Started>ColorSwitch>Debug>Breakpoint=invalid 2003-07-01
69701 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE Unmapped help IDs 2009-10-06
116355 usersgui Code geertjan RESO FIXE I18N - rename toc file of apisupport-project 2007-11-02
174838 usersgui Java issues CLOS FIXE NetBeans refactoring web pages outdated 2011-11-04
21278 usersgui API Supp jglick RESO WONT Modules Tutorial opening doc't is very unclear 2005-09-07
9194 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE Error in documentation about Tutorial ColorSwitch 2003-07-01
12396 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE New Breakpoint is Add Breakpoint by now. 2003-07-01
59453 usersgui Code issues VERI FIXE Title tag does not match topic title 2007-03-03
123682 usersgui CND ar34406 VERI FIXE missing ";" in " " characters 2008-03-24
14139 usersgui Code gchappell CLOS FIXE Inconsistent hyperlink under Debugging Programs node in FFJ-Help 2001-11-05
14663 usersgui Code johnjullion CLOS FIXE Bad help mapping for Install New JavaBean | Select JavaBean 2003-07-01
4359 usersgui Code rszarowski CLOS FIXE A missing character in the "tips of the day". 2003-07-02
130553 usersgui Form issues VERI INVA Sample form seems not to work 2008-04-14
5776 usersgui Code issues CLOS FIXE The tutorial doesn`t mach the reality: =============================== 2005-03-09
173300 usersgui Editor geertjan CLOS FIXE Help System: Error in IDE help system for "Java Editor Shortcuts". 2011-11-04
7652 usersgui Code pkeegan CLOS FIXE Wrong link: Setting a Breakpoint on an Exception 2003-07-01
117440 usersgui Code ifilippova RESO FIXE Project properties help does not mention Include&Exclude and Encoding 2009-11-08
85342 usersgui Code issues RESO FIXE update info about compatibility of vcs modules 2007-11-01
119869 usersgui Code johnjullion RESO FIXE Incorrect information in README.html 2007-10-24
22052 usersgui Code pkeegan RESO FIXE filesystem Capabilities description needs improving 2003-02-20
73177 usersgui API Supp jglick RESO DUPL Feed reader is not working well as NetBeans plug-in 2007-11-03
136771 usersgui CND ar34406 RESO FIXE I18N - unnecessary "." (period) character 2009-10-20
55709 usersgui Code geertjan RESO FIXE better way to express the Alt-U, S type shortcuts in shortcuts.pdf 2005-04-08
88758 usersgui Code kganfield RESO FIXE UsingNetBeans5.0.pdf file contains small misprint 2007-03-13
25 bugs found.
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