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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
82383 uml Code Gen issues VERI WORK Modify redefined operations dialog after generalize 2006-11-07
83726 uml General issues RESO WONT DOOR Projects dialog title missing 'S' 2008-06-12
123201 uml Diagram issues RESO DUPL miss layout context menu for Activity diagram 2007-12-03
86688 uml Diagram issues RESO WONT There is no shortcut in tooltip for sequence diagram layout button 2008-05-20
85897 uml Design C issues NEW --- Design Patterns : Decorator : interface has wrong atribute 2009-05-25
86016 uml Design C issues NEW --- participant table header has incorrect height 2009-05-25
146856 uml Diagram issues RESO WONT converted NB 6.1 sequence diagram lost bend points on comment links 2009-01-14
78624 uml Properti issues RESO FIXE Property editor remains properties for deleted class. 2008-11-05
83918 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Can't enter representing classifier with edit control if aliasing is on 2009-05-25
114300 uml General issues RESO WORK Install failure of UML module 2007-08-31
154614 uml General issues NEW --- void node created after moving class to another project 2009-05-25
119150 uml Code Gen issues NEW --- body missing when reset native property 2009-05-25
78660 uml General sj-nb VERI FIXE Strange 'derived name' in tooltip for attribute in platform independent project 2009-02-19
84285 uml Design C issues NEW --- Apply Pattern wizard allows to set the same class/interface name for many EJB/pattern roles 2009-05-25
90327 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE a11y: Shift-Left/RightArrow does not change navigation direction on the 1st time in state transition event compartments 2009-01-23
81414 uml Reportin issues RESO DUPL Out of Memory Exception in Reporting 2006-08-31
87190 uml General issues RESO WONT hide/show parent should not hide/show linked comment symbols 2009-01-23
148814 uml Diagram sj-nb RESO FIXE Labels|This End Names should be Labels|This End Name for associations 2009-02-19
90772 uml General issues RESO WONT Can't place already selected element after zoom with pressed wheel 2009-01-23
127244 uml General issues NEW --- Trim leading/trailing blanks when user enters element name 2008-02-12
120604 uml Reportin issues RESO WONT NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.uml.reporting.ReportTask.createFileForElement 2008-11-18
86394 uml General issues RESO FIXE Link Discovery Tool changes link type for Nested Links 2008-10-31
91078 uml Diagram sherylsu CLOS FIXE Dark blue background isn't removed from column names until deselection of partition 2013-06-27
78505 uml General issues NEW --- REMOTE_X: Bad perfomance with OverView Window on remote desktop 2009-05-25
83640 uml General issues VERI FIXE A11Y:TextArea does not have LABEL_FOR in Documention window 2006-11-21
25 bugs found.
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