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  • Product: uml

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
89293 uml General issues RESO WONT "component" icon exists in config but absent in files 2008-10-31
89394 uml General issues RESO WONT Unable to add elements to any diagram 2009-01-23
112507 uml General issues RESO WONT transform an element does not preserve the customized settings 2008-10-31
91345 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Extension Points property doesn't show points list 2009-05-25
85866 uml Design C issues RESO WONT Don't show empty popup menu for noneditable participants 2008-11-19
78354 uml General issues RESO WONT it's allowed to drag-n-drop on diagram element that is not supported by this diagarm 2009-01-15
101366 uml Diagram issues NEW --- use case element values should be centered vertically 2009-05-25
78618 uml Project issues NEW --- Incorrect behavior of Attributes group in class node. 2006-08-31
83904 uml Project issues RESO WONT Aliasing: it is not easy to know is aliasing enabled or disabled 2009-01-14
106046 uml General issues RESO WONT apply design pattern available in menu for drawing area but not for diagram node 2008-11-19
124765 uml Design C issues RESO FIXE Resizing problem when out of bounds 2009-01-26
84011 uml Synchron issues RESO INVA Source for inner class generated in two ways depens on nested class creation way 2008-11-19
88809 uml General conover VERI FIXE shortcut allows to resize unresizable elements 2008-09-10
137239 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE Adding a standard <<manifest>> dependency 2009-07-30
86153 uml General issues RESO DUPL Opened diagram aren't centered 2007-03-27
84508 uml Project issues NEW --- Generate Dependency Diagram from Relationships should not be allowed 2009-05-25
103487 uml Design C issues RESO INVA Concurrent Modification Exception after pattern applying 2008-11-19
78839 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE Sometimes NoSuchMethodException on "Find Element in Project Tree" 2008-10-31
151519 uml Diagram issues NEW --- UML State/Activity Automatic Layout Tools prefer lower right 2009-05-25
78573 uml General issues VERI INVA UML|Presentation|Documentation Font description says about Anvanced documentation which is absent 2007-07-25
86019 uml Design C issues NEW --- Excess methods generated for StatefulSessionBeans 2009-05-25
162811 uml Diagram issues NEW --- can not design uml graphical 2009-04-16
83894 uml General issues RESO INVA context menu for multiple selected elemnts need improovemnt 2008-11-19
88550 uml Project issues NEW --- Associated diagrams and elements are missing in diagram's property window 2009-05-25
80894 uml Project issues RESO DUPL Cannot Modify Interface in UML Diagram 2006-07-22
25 bugs found.
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