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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
133921 uml Diagram issues NEW --- package tab have different size when empty and with text 2009-05-25
90735 uml Design C issues NEW --- Rename item is disabled but edition is possible with F2 for precreated projects 2009-05-25
79858 uml General issues RESO WONT Realize link can't be redirected from Interface to Node 2009-01-15
136117 uml General issues NEW --- text gets clipped at certain smaller zoom level 2009-05-25
82274 uml General issues RESO FIXE horizontal scroll doesn't work with mouse horizontal scroll(wheel or ball) ability 2008-10-31
139938 uml Diagram issues NEW --- [65cat] Name layout in Use Case ellipse 2009-05-25
78812 uml Design C issues RESO WONT invocation of apply design pattern on class should lead to selection the class as participant 2009-01-14
86628 uml General sherylsu VERI INVA disabling or uninstalling uml module still leaves behind diagram view in navigator window 2007-04-12
91408 uml Reportin issues RESO INVA Edit lock icon is shown in report 2008-10-31
78550 uml General sj-nb VERI FIXE ???Delete File when Deleting Artifacts??? preference do not work 2009-02-19
146559 uml General issues VERI INVA a11y: Shift+Up/Down Arrows to traverse through element compartment takes 2 strokes to wrap 2008-09-09
86014 uml Design C issues RESO WONT Namespace is not set automatically when applying design pattern to a tree node 2009-01-14
92126 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Alias isn't shown for lifeline name 2009-05-25
82974 uml Diagram issues RESO INVA tag value like {=,=,=} is displayed in the class element 2008-05-14
154687 uml General issues NEW --- Selection changes during diagram conversion. 2009-05-25
110826 uml Code Gen issues NEW --- spaces between method name and parentheses 2009-05-25
90672 uml General issues VERI WORK No value displayed in zoom combobox after 'zoom to fit' was selected twice 2008-06-23
107247 uml General issues RESO WONT automatically create clasifiers doesn't work for collaboration diagram. 2009-01-23
120121 uml General issues RESO WONT Alignment of nodes not in same parent container should be prevented 2009-01-26
78299 uml Diagram issues RESO WONT Label for iconic interface is missed after diagram reopen 2008-09-25
87513 uml General issues RESO FIXE opening of Element navigation window for element associated with diagram, shows warning: should return false asynchronous method 2008-11-19
99710 uml Project issues NEW --- user loses typed diagram name after message about incorrect symbols 2009-05-25
136206 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Select in Model for use case extension point does nothing 2009-05-25
78559 uml General issues RESO WONT EJB2.0:BeanManaged and ContainerManaged - There is no private field to store EntityContext 2009-01-15
100835 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE Keyboard action not fully supported by Track Bar 2008-11-19
25 bugs found.
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