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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
83270 uml Design C issues RESO WONT Design Pattern Apply Wizard.Welcome screen - default button has mnemonic 2008-11-19
89052 uml General issues RESO WONT A11Y: new elements are added to invisible part of diagram 2016-06-17
78276 uml Design C issues RESO INVA Role role works the same way as Class Role 2011-11-24
79830 uml General issues RESO WONT All diagrams layouts properties contain sequence layout 2008-11-06
139515 uml Design C issues NEW --- created class diagram from GoF->Behavioral::Chain Of Responsibility Design Pattern has a link name Unnamed 2009-05-25
78490 uml Project issues NEW --- I18N - certain Bundle files have no localizable - remove from l10n.list or change name of file 2009-05-25
103985 uml Design C issues NEW --- Applying pattern to existent participant do not overwrite methods 2009-05-25
78295 uml General issues RESO WONT Only operations are removed if operations and attributea are selected at the same time 2009-01-14
115923 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Unable to drag sequence diagram to class element 2009-05-25
86446 uml Diagram issues RESO WORK UCD - realization link name editable, yet with visual artifact left after that 2009-01-23
78509 uml Project issues CLOS INVA F8 doesn't dismiss overview window if overview window in focus 2006-10-06
91327 uml Diagram sherylsu VERI FIXE Entry Point State icon differs from placed element 2008-07-29
140662 uml Diagram issues RESO WONT stereotype is displayed on association class link after adding stereotype(s) 2008-11-20
78840 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE uncleaned diagram after operation is removed. 2008-11-06
118896 uml General issues NEW --- [60cat][uml] Import of standard Java classes into Java Platform Model 2007-10-26
98365 uml General issues RESO FIXE Black diagram background behind scoped cdfs dialog 2008-11-19
110339 uml General issues NEW --- Cancel button in Move Invoked Operation dialog should be removed 2009-05-25
78648 uml General issues RESO FIXE text field remained in desktop after ide is minimized 2008-11-06
79664 uml Code Gen issues RESO WONT Class to Enumeration transformation misses operations and attributes 2009-01-15
86140 uml Diagram issues REOP --- It is possible to make two operations with the same name 2009-05-25
88958 uml Design C issues NEW --- position of context menu received with shift-f10 is wrong 2009-05-25
119703 uml Design C issues CLOS INVA Minimize design center: window's height is not reduced 2007-10-30
77793 uml Reverse sunflower CLOS INVA Bugbridge Testing. Please Ignore. 2006-08-31
99132 uml General issues NEW --- Can't enter several stereotypes for attributes/operation 2009-05-25
144291 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Possibility of setting compartment options for many classes at once 2008-08-18
25 bugs found.
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