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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
111849 uml Reportin conover VERI FIXE model report generation caused FileNotFoundException and no report is generated 2007-08-07
136393 uml General tspiva VERI FIXE trunk build issues 2008-08-07
87411 uml Synchron conover VERI FIXE live roundtrip is enabled after inserting initialized attribute into element 2006-10-19
80800 uml General thuydn VERI FIXE Unable to select/deselect check boxes on compartment|customize dialog 2006-08-31
146611 uml Project issues VERI DUPL NB 6.1 diagrams open with different exceptions 2008-09-10
85412 uml Project tspiva VERI FIXE uml project data is lost including all diagrams are empty after closing and re-opening uml project 2006-09-29
133974 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE class diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-06-04
105060 uml General krichard NEW --- Graph Library Issues 2008-04-25
123909 uml General thuydn VERI DUPL "" is not a valid diagram name 2008-02-22
145346 uml General tspiva VERI FIXE NPE on moving container widget 2008-08-29
83651 uml General lvv VERI FIXE a11y: impossible to associate requirements to modeling elements using keyboard 2006-11-28
105804 uml Project krichard VERI FIXE all uml projects are created as platform-independent model project 2007-06-08
113896 uml Reportin conover VERI FIXE Generate Model Report throws NPE on Generalization to null element 2007-08-28
132354 uml General krichard VERI FIXE no contextual menu when right click on diagram node w/o first selecting the node 2008-06-04
87285 uml General issues VERI FIXE Right-click on diagram throws ClassCastException 2007-10-19
80571 uml Design C thuydn VERI FIXE a11y: switching to design center with main menu or shortcut do not move focus to dc window 2006-10-05
89181 uml Code Gen conover VERI FIXE I18N - won't generate code if certain key value is localized 2006-11-29
122546 uml General jyothivasa VERI FIXE Excessively long file paths in CVS 2008-01-08
81666 uml Output thuydn VERI FIXE a11y: Print Preview->Print Setup dialog has some a11y issues 2006-10-13
101695 uml Diagram sherylsu RESO WORK Sequence diagram is erased when opened after a restart of netbeans 2007-06-18
86851 uml General issues VERI INVA Overview/navigator show content of previous diagram after diagram switching 2006-10-12
84999 uml Project issues VERI FIXE element removing from Imported Elements removes it from diagram in original project and other IE 2006-09-18
78766 uml Design C conover VERI FIXE Source code is not updated after applying design pattern to class 2006-10-18
85457 uml General sherylsu VERI FIXE can't install uml module from nbms 2006-09-28
130157 uml Code Gen issues VERI DUPL Code Gen is blowing away code... 2008-03-26
25 bugs found.
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