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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
128376 uml General tspiva RESO FIXE request APIs for test automation 2008-06-25
85692 uml General jyothivasa VERI INVA Edit control for class name of Unnamed class is located in wrong place 2006-10-12
147167 uml General issues RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.uml.drawingarea.actions.SceneAcceptAction.<init> 2009-11-09
133980 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE state diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-06-04
82473 uml Synchron krichard VERI INVA Changing interface operation return type removes operation body from child 2006-10-16
76346 uml General jyothivasa VERI FIXE user request a global preference to hide/show class/interface attribute/operation compartments 2008-07-23
94924 uml Diagram sherylsu VERI FIXE IDE hovers at 100% when an Activity Group element is created inside the Partition element 2007-02-09
101235 uml Code Gen lvv VERI FIXE Able to generate Java Intefaces using templates 2007-09-12
83745 uml Output issues CLOS DUPL a11y: Print Setup dialog is missing a11y items 2006-09-27
130725 uml Diagram issues VERI DUPL re-opened sequence diagram is not useable 2008-03-25
105996 uml Code Gen conover VERI FIXE Code is not generated with default configuration 2007-06-13
88397 uml Project conover VERI FIXE Finish button will not enable properly for UML project wizard 2006-11-02
86315 uml Code Gen issues NEW --- UML should indicate that model element or source code was changed 2007-10-19
148670 uml Diagram sj-nb VERI FIXE Associations reversed when shown on multiple diagrams 2008-10-07
108119 uml General sherylsu VERI FIXE project changes are lost during plugin deactivating or uninstalling 2007-09-06
129867 uml Reverse issues VERI FIXE diagram model empty 2008-08-05
108704 uml Code Gen conover VERI FIXE ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on code generation action 2007-07-10
86570 uml General krichard VERI FIXE Stack overflow with open navigator after addition of use-case role 2006-10-13
142163 uml Diagram issues STAR --- NB6.5 cannot open deployment diagrams created with 6.0/6.1 2009-02-03
147173 uml Code Gen issues RESO DUPL Association Class is not generated 2008-09-15
133983 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE use case diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-06-04
86651 uml General sherylsu VERI WORK not all uml jars are removed after uml module deinstall 2006-10-10
101239 uml Code Gen lvv VERI FIXE Able to generate Java Enumerations using templates 2007-09-12
99404 uml Code Gen lvv VERI FIXE Code generation needs to use the NetBeans template mechanism to generate code 2007-04-27
82831 uml Diagram issues RESO FIXE creating class diagram from selected elements returns StackOverflowError exception 2008-05-31
25 bugs found.
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