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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
82943 uml General issues RESO FIXE ui performance on Mac OS X system is very slow when jdk 1.6 is used to start ide 2008-05-31
133972 uml Design C issues VERI FIXE design center ported to NB visual library 2008-07-23
78767 uml Synchron krichard VERI FIXE All parameter/attribute types replaced with int after promote design pattern 2006-10-16
91395 uml General jyothivasa VERI FIXE Sometimes diagrams are marked as dirty just after opening 2007-05-25
138060 uml Reverse issues RESO DUPL No class diagram with reverse engineering 2008-06-24
135240 uml General jyothivasa VERI FIXE color is missing from all elements on all diagram types 2008-05-28
171788 uml General javydreamercsw RESO DUPL Model elements are not shown in a model tree 2013-10-05
95188 uml Diagram lvv VERI FIXE Composite State's selected column/row can not be renamed with keyboard 2007-02-13
140788 uml Reverse issues VERI DUPL Model and Diagrams nodes are empty on ide startup 2008-08-04
87289 uml Code Gen conover VERI WORK Source code is not generated for attributes 2007-10-19
78425 uml Reverse sherylsu VERI FIXE Source File Artifact is not created correctly for java project with existing ant script 2006-10-17
87423 uml Code Gen conover VERI FIXE code generation doesn't update transformed element type in src 2006-10-19
80604 uml General tspiva VERI FIXE a11y: It's impossible to make selection or deselect nodes in filter dialog with space 2006-11-17
126959 uml Diagram tspiva VERI FIXE NullPointerException creating a 2nd lifeline 2008-02-08
98317 uml Code Gen lvv VERI FIXE Code generation does not work 2007-04-16
86379 uml Project issues NEW --- It's good to have diff and possibility to solve conflicts between java and uml projects 2008-04-25
102545 uml General issues NEW --- UML support for Mac 2007-07-31
100264 uml General issues VERI FIXE saving diagram pops up NPE so diagram cannot be saved 2007-04-10
133973 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE activity diagram ported to NB visual library. 2008-06-04
104761 uml General issues RESO DUPL add bankapp sample project 2007-05-25
135098 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE Issue in adding template parameters to the class element 2008-05-31
83633 uml General thuydn VERI FIXE a11y: impossible to create diagram elements/links using keyboard without mouse 2006-11-20
113670 uml General thuydn VERI FIXE duplicate getter/setter displayed for attribute on diagram 2007-08-27
80965 uml Reverse tspiva VERI FIXE Arguments and return type are shown with package name on the messages 2006-08-31
99124 uml Diagram thuydn VERI FIXE Assembled/realized interfaces are removed after component removal 2007-05-25
25 bugs found.
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