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  • Product: uml

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
49560 uml General issues RESO INVA request -visual class editor" 2008-10-30
64045 uml General issues VERI FIXE UML plugin for netbeans 2007-06-08
72910 uml General lvv VERI FIXE I18N - UML non-Latin1 characters 2007-02-15
73200 uml Code Gen tspiva VERI WONT Commenting a method in a UML class diagram destroys the return line in the Java code 2007-06-19
73314 uml General tspiva RESO WORK java.lang.NullPointerException 2007-01-27
73416 uml General tspiva RESO WORK NullPointerException when starting NB5.5 2006-07-21
73547 uml General issues VERI FIXE Dependency controls on UML objects 2008-08-06
73624 uml Reverse krichard VERI FIXE MAC: pseudo hang with UML 2007-02-06
73790 uml General tspiva VERI INVA JavaHintsProvider NullPointer Exception 2006-11-14
73791 uml Diagram tspiva RESO WORK JavaHintsProvider NullPointerException/RuntimeException 2007-01-26
73840 uml Reverse issues RESO WORK UML Project Link Breaks with Mevenide 2008-09-19
74262 uml General tspiva RESO WORK UMLChildren.recalculateChildren() results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 2007-01-27
74631 uml Diagram jyothivasa RESO WORK Stack Overflow 2007-01-27
74641 uml General issues STAR --- Enhanced Element Documentation 2011-11-24
74666 uml General tspiva CLOS FIXE NullPointerException on Preview Install 2006-10-19
74751 uml General issues RESO WORK incorrect node pop-up menu after creating UML diagram 2008-09-19
74960 uml General issues RESO WONT Allow requirement source to be removed or updated 2008-06-12
74963 uml General issues RESO WONT Add '.etreq' file type to XML objects 2011-11-24
74985 uml Diagram tspiva VERI WORK NPE while moving class in package on class diagram 2007-02-19
75200 uml Reverse tspiva VERI WORK Concurrent Modification Exception 2007-02-12
75532 uml Diagram tspiva RESO WORK NullPointerExceptions issued after resizing a class element in the UML editor 2007-01-26
75643 uml Code Gen krichard RESO WORK UML adds invalid imports to Java source files. 2007-05-23
75790 uml Code Gen tspiva VERI INVA Unable to disable Code Generation 2006-10-20
75806 uml Diagram issues RESO DUPL I got stack overflow from doing sequence diagrams. 2006-06-26
75886 uml Diagram issues VERI FIXE The IDE does not convert Sequence diagrams. 2007-06-06
25 bugs found.
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