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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
179269 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO FIXE "(dbx only)" markers on dbx bpts is probably premature 2010-06-10
181100 third-pa DBX-Gui thp VERI FIXE "Advanced" node in project properties should be removed 2010-06-10
179467 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan RESO FIXE "Bad directory" error on start remote debugging 2010-02-03
218817 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- "Expand template" action runs in endless loop 2012-09-24
224148 third-pa -- Other issues RESO FIXE "Forked Java VM exited abnormally. Please note the time in the report does not reflect the time until the VM exit." failure when running JUnit test within a NB-RCP module with JRebel enabled 2013-06-28
180880 third-pa DBX-Gui chihinko RESO FIXE "Move Into Group" action should be hidden in context menu of bpt view 2010-02-17
178463 third-pa -- Other issues RESO DUPL "Software as a Service" module can't be disabled 2010-05-26
177220 third-pa DBX-Gui thp RESO INVA 'Build Project', 'Clean and Build Project' and 'Compile File' menu items are missed in Run main menu 2009-12-21
177232 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan RESO DUPL 'Debugging' section in project properties 2010-06-09
177233 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO FIXE 'Enter' causes LF in New Watches 2010-06-09
179030 third-pa DBX-Gui vv159170 RESO FIXE 'Using Gdb Debugger' in 'Attach' window 2010-01-23
244022 third-pa -- Other vralfy NEW --- 125s in de.foopara.phpcsmd.generics.GenericAnnotationBuilder.annotateLine 2015-01-23
188104 third-pa -- Other issues RESO WONT 21s in jindent.plugin.netbeans.FormatterUtil.getInstance() 2011-11-23
220471 third-pa -- Other marsaultj RESO DUPL 22s - org.netbeans.shortcuts.Installer$ActionInstaller.handleFileType() 100.0 22 125 ms (100%) 21 808 ms 1 2012-11-06
186718 third-pa -- Other issues RESO WONT 27s in PropertySheet and JasperReports 2012-04-16
193620 third-pa -- Other issues RESO WONT 30s in org.netbeans.modules.pathtools.CommandLauncher.launch() 2012-05-13
197421 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- 34s - com.itac.mks.action.CheckOutAction.actionPerformed() 2011-04-05
207055 third-pa -- Other issues RESO FIXE 4s at xwork.sp.JavaSourceHyperlinkProvider.isHyperlinkPoint 2013-05-27
219784 third-pa -- Other marsaultj NEW --- 5628 ms in org.netbeans.shortcuts.Installer$ActionInstaller.handleFileType() 2013-01-13
181055 third-pa sqe tool sreimers NEW --- 6s in org.nbheaven.sqe.tools.findbugs.codedefects.core.ui.result.BugTree$1.run() 2012-11-21
187184 third-pa -- Other issues RESO WONT 72s in org.apache.commons.vfs.provider.AbstractFileObject.getContent() via hadoop 2013-09-29
99620 third-pa -- Other jtulach CLOS WONT A java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception has occurred 2007-04-10
250188 third-pa -- Other ent38 RESO WONT AbstractMethodError: org.openide.filesystems.FileSystem.getActions()[Lorg/openide/util/actions/SystemAction; 2015-03-22
134637 third-pa DBX-Gui thp VERI FIXE add dbxtool as friend of CND 2009-10-05
188177 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO DUPL add drag and drop functionality to create watch node in watch/variable view 2010-06-30
25 bugs found.
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