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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
180013 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan STAR --- remote gdb hangs at startup & "unrecognized line:" messages. 2010-06-10
181142 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb hangs if some watch is added 2010-06-10
132491 third-pa DBX-Gui issues RESO INVA dbx modules are wanted to be installed 2009-10-05
108506 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- SwingX plugin fires Null pointer Exception 2008-01-15
92220 third-pa nb4openv mgarrison RESO WORK While starting the IDE IOExcertion occurs 2007-01-12
225673 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- GWT help button not working 2013-02-03
181147 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO FIXE gdb is not taken from ToolsCollection 2010-09-01
178982 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- win: debug fails on windows (info proc) 2014-04-14
176611 third-pa DBX-Gui chihinko RESO FIXE gdb startup file doesn't set dirty 2010-06-09
181152 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb: Arguments are not shown in Variables view as array 2010-06-10
163140 third-pa -- Other issues RESO WONT iReport 3.5.0 - Font Doubt 2011-09-19
181308 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- Check file context menu consistency with java 2014-04-14
258248 third-pa -- Other jtulach NEW --- Alternative backend for source parsing 2016-05-09
181163 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb: Memory view does not work 2010-06-10
186621 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO FIXE AssertionError at 2010-08-16
172504 third-pa DBX-Gui common_debugger RESO WORK dbx: Step into on toolbar is enabled when executon is not stopped 2010-06-11
73067 third-pa -- Other jchalupa RESO WONT DLL conflict causes NetBeans to quit suddenly 2006-10-27
37988 third-pa -- Other issues RESO INVA PMDException: Error while parsing test 2003-12-10
181144 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb: Variable object not found debugger error 2010-06-10
181192 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb: debug session does not finish after pressing Finish button 2010-06-10
181830 third-pa DBX-Gui gorrus RESO FIXE UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't load library on windows and mac 2012-05-12
174790 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan STAR --- Emit all logging through one place 2010-06-10
181149 third-pa DBX-Gui ivan NEW --- gdb: Disassembly does not show sources 2010-06-10
171449 third-pa DBX-Gui vv159170 REOP --- DBX makes IO from restored() 2010-06-10
250058 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- Dark Look and Feel themes (and possibly other Dynamic Look and Feel Themes) overruled in Editor window 2015-01-27
25 bugs found.
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