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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
96742 soa Composit issues RESO FIXE Compapp sample projects can not be built from command line. 2007-12-07
122791 soa BPEL Deb yaroslavskiy RESO FIXE Top component title badly formatted if there is not enough space 2009-03-06
81898 soa JBI Mana issues RESO DUPL BPEL Debugger should be defaulted to be enabled. 2007-02-23
84257 soa BPEL jkopsa NEW --- in if/else construct, else branch is not completely intuitive 2006-09-21
159832 soa Schedule sunsoabi_edwong RESO FIXE Superfluous tool tip shows up for Error display area when empty 2009-03-06
97416 soa BPEL Pro yaroslavskiy CLOS WORK Bpel project name requires more than one character at creation. 2008-04-11
147980 soa JMS BC sujitbiswas RESO FIXE [gfesb-a11y] jmsbc - operation - Properties 2009-11-12
86383 soa -- Other jkopsa RESO INVA IZ testing task 2007-12-07
81509 soa BPEL alexeyyarmolenko VERI FIXE Missing tooltip on For Each in palette 2006-10-03
79244 soa BPEL anjeleevich CLOS FIXE "Hello" appears in default empty activity of .bpel process 2006-07-25
144906 soa BPEL Pro yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE referenced resources not opening with double-click 2008-11-25
83548 soa BPEL Map sunsoabi_edwong VERI WORK error messages not displayed well for wait expression builder 2006-09-21
91238 soa Composit rcruz NEW --- Exception in NetBeans output when using JavaEE project inside Composite App 2007-10-26
148657 soa JMS BC sujitbiswas NEW --- WSDL editor -JMS BC for Inbound request reposne configuration shows up as request for response consumer config 2009-11-12
78083 soa BPEL issues VERI INVA NB 5.5 BPEL Editor presently does not support the BPEL 2.0 virtual assign constructs 2006-08-31
106615 soa -- Other vchellasamy NEW --- No icon for sample schemas - Purchase Order Schema, Loan Application Schema 2007-06-14
85502 soa BPEL Val yaroslavskiy RESO WORK WSDL Validation not in synch with Bpel project build 2007-11-23
85634 soa BPEL anjeleevich VERI FIXE Inconsistent usage of "Add" word in action labels 2006-10-03
132106 soa Composit jqian VERI FIXE Usability: Connection properties dialog should use the same name 2008-11-26
97330 soa IEP edit blu CLOS FIXE Null Pointer error when opening and closing the partion key property on a Partioned Operator 2007-05-18
125896 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Prompt for test case creation if Test target selected but no test case is defined 2008-01-24
104494 soa Composit gmpatil CLOS FIXE ClassNotFoundException building JEE SE projects from command line 2009-04-16
144663 soa XSLT lativ CLOS FIXE TransformMap context menu wrong if Imports menu viewed first 2009-10-23
86799 soa BPEL Deb ksorokin VERI FIXE Confusing behaivor when current PI resumes and there are other suspended PIs 2008-11-25
162743 soa Binding vchellasamy NEW --- DB binding wizard step description should be modified 2009-04-15
25 bugs found.
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