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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
147982 soa JMS BC sujitbiswas RESO DUPL [gfesb-a11y] jmsbc - bindingproperties wizard 2009-11-12
165557 soa IEP edit gbadescu NEW --- Typo in TupleSerialCorrelation Property Editor error message 2009-05-20
143548 soa XSLT lativ CLOS FIXE "We" should not be used in wizard dialogs 2009-10-16
86389 soa Composit vchellasamy VERI FIXE can not deploy soa sample to remote host 2007-04-13
111731 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE [a11y] Missing mnemonic Tools > Palette > BPEL Activities 2007-09-04
144908 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- documentation portion of properties pane not showing useful info 2008-08-23
105658 soa JBI Mana jqian RESO FIXE Service engine installer holds reference to old version of installation jar 2007-06-04
78100 soa BPEL Deb ksorokin VERI WONT Only one editor window is allowed for BPEL variables in debugger 2008-02-14
78122 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy CLOS WONT there is no GUI option available to edit the wsdl namespace 2009-04-07
147677 soa Binding jun_yang RESO FIXE No coments for the parameter "use" in the properties window. 2008-10-24
125196 soa BPEL Deb ksorokin VERI FIXE Disable Toggle breakpoint for Mapper and Logging view 2008-02-11
149690 soa IEP edit gbadescu NEW --- Using HttpDefaultPort in the IEP generated WSDL 2008-10-09
93824 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- "Count Completed Branches Only" check box is not available for editing 2011-11-30
119543 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy RESO FIXE tool tip of event handlers onevent 2007-10-22
147972 soa JMS BC sujitbiswas RESO FIXE [gfesb-a11y] jmsbc - addressproperties wizard 2009-11-12
100358 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- Exception when create a new BPEL process 2007-04-09
142333 soa IEP edit pvarghese VERI FIXE AutoLayout operator positions are not saved with iep process 2008-09-16
108306 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE Line feeds are ignored in search results description 2008-10-05
84726 soa BPEL Deb alexeyyarmolenko VERI FIXE Breakpoint on IF activity is shifted from process line 2006-09-18
155549 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- Use same word about "RPC Literal" 2008-12-16
85066 soa BPEL anjeleevich CLOS INVA A11Y - no mnemonics for View->Editor->[Source|Design] 2007-09-03
145343 soa XSLT yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE Transformation File New->Other showing two SOA categories 2008-11-25
109565 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- ForEach property 'completion condition' should be renamed to 'branches' 2007-12-07
124600 soa Composit vchellasamy RESO FIXE FAST: Cannot drag and drop EJB modules into comp app 2008-02-13
78075 soa BPEL mikk VERI FIXE MultipleLines Showing up on design canvas when only one or two actual links exist 2006-08-31
25 bugs found.
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