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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
79392 soa JBI Mana jqian RESO FIXE JBI Manager fails to "uninstall" - needs better error message 2006-08-07
131213 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- Can't remove 'name' attribute from BPEL elements 2011-11-30
124709 soa -- Other issues NEW --- FAST: Cannot change the package name used by an OTD library 2008-01-20
85394 soa Composit issues RESO DUPL New action for compapp project 2007-07-25
163331 soa BPEL lativ VERI FIXE AssertionError while adding a new Assign JavaScript activity to process 2009-04-30
99692 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- IllegalStateException while browsing 2009-10-26
17615 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy RESO FIXE No search available in node mode of xml 2008-04-02
100597 soa Binding jfu RESO WONT Inconsistency in the default value of messageRepository element of ftp:message 2007-04-12
79155 soa BPEL Pro sreenigv VERI DUPL default source package shows a folder with no name 2006-10-02
166323 soa BPEL Pro slunegov NEW --- Wrong action naming: "Check compatibility..." 2011-11-30
85051 soa Composit tfast REOP --- compapp project source folder is called "process Files" ??? 2006-10-03
112083 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE [a11y] Missing mnemonic Window > Other > BPEL Mapper 2007-09-14
81897 soa JBI Mana issues RESO DUPL BPEL Engine component should be named better 2007-02-27
88197 soa -- Other issues CLOS WORK Glassfish Fails to Start after Installation 2007-09-03
107249 soa BPEL yaroslavskiy RESO FIXE Remove from Search menu item needs additional info 2008-04-10
93844 soa IEP edit pvarghese VERI FIXE change name in property editor, does not reflect on property pane title 2008-09-09
175456 soa HL7 BC vchellasamy CLOS DUPL Product name need to be changed in inbound and outbound wizard. 2009-10-26
87592 soa Composit jqian VERI FIXE Delete compapp project does not remove all files 2007-04-13
80788 soa JBI Test jqian REOP --- If you name a file input.xml, it does not appear in testcase folder 2007-09-18
88624 soa BPEL Deb yaroslavskiy VERI FIXE Breakpoints are not persisted if close IDE quickly after toggle breakpoint 2009-04-23
113532 soa XSLT slunegov RESO INCO Support for xsl:template in the XSLT editor 2011-09-19
160140 soa Schedule sunsoabi_edwong RESO FIXE Hint text in Add New Cron Trigger panel not greyed out 2009-03-11
147995 soa File BC jalmero RESO WONT [gfesb-a11y]FileBC - Wizard for message part properties is not 508 comliant. 2016-06-17
92746 soa BPEL issues CLOS DUPL One-way invoke generates unnecessary warning about NOT needing "outputVariable" attribute. 2007-09-03
80216 soa BPEL Map lativ VERI FIXE It should be possible to open mapper for an assignment from diagram 2006-09-14
25 bugs found.
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