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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
150166 serverpl Infrastr issues NEW --- [65cat] Wrong admin user name or password when refreshing Glassfish 2008-11-18
41614 serverpl Infrastr pbuzek RESO FIXE Users should be always allowed to close Deployment Progress Monitor by a Close button. 2006-07-24
151533 serverpl Sun Apps nityad NEW --- jvm options editor uses awt thread to talk to server 2010-04-28
27139 serverpl Tomcat mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Branding: web.xml, server.xml contain ffj/netbeans texts 2006-06-05
130893 serverpl Tomcat phejl RESO DUPL Tomcat is not allowing me to run my JSP Pages. 2008-04-18
152205 serverpl WebSpher phejl NEW --- [WSphere] When I change auth. type in ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmi, fold for Binding Development Information will close 2010-08-10
19661 serverpl Infrastr issues RESO FIXE Set default WebServer dialog UI 2002-02-06
39727 serverpl Infrastr issues RESO INCO Server node should be badged to show if HTTP Monitor is enabled 2011-09-19
53448 serverpl Sun Apps ludo RESO INVA Mismatch of steps names in add server instance wizard 2006-06-04
71115 serverpl Sun Apps nityad STAR --- FindBugs tool issues in source code 2009-05-25
84933 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer RESO DUPL non default port for Remote Domain must use toggle switches 2009-04-22
98070 serverpl WebLogic lkotouc VERI FIXE Message exceeds the bounds of dialog 2008-12-24
123383 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer RESO WONT Installed Glassfish domain is not used 2009-11-02
183859 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO FIXE Username/password requester for password-protected domains doesn't allow enough vertical height for its input characters 2011-03-24
155154 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer NEW --- Extend v2 plugin to support installing v2 2010-02-10
115216 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer NEW --- Failed to deploy two applications to stopped server 2009-02-20
75280 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer NEW --- [headless] Browser not opened because deploy.ant.client.url not set 2009-05-25
148773 serverpl GlassFis TomasKraus STAR --- Deploy failure if ejbs in web app and v3 doesn't have ejb container installed. 2013-07-24
134914 serverpl Sun Apps nityad NEW --- java.lang.NumberFormatException: null 2010-04-28
163357 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer NEW --- adding a server does not honor port change 2010-02-02
57133 serverpl Infrastr sherold RESO FIXE Standard icon for Start/Stop Server, Deployment dialog 2006-07-24
47317 serverpl Infrastr sherold RESO FIXE context.xml editor catches F6 2005-09-18
237453 serverpl TomEE issues RESO FIXE Apache TomEE / OpenEJB Detection 2014-07-18
188256 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO FIXE subnodes have different icons after Java EE is activated 2013-07-24
188589 serverpl Code issues NEW --- newly created server only shows up in the server listbox in project properties after IDE restart 2010-07-16
25 bugs found.
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