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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
198299 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO INCO NB 7.0 adds underscore to web app context root 2012-11-27
19544 serverpl Tomcat mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Double-clicking on the Tomcat 4 node should just expand tree, not open properties sheet 2003-04-03
166924 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO DUPL [67cat] Exception activating "Java Web and EE" feature 2009-12-07
70501 serverpl Sun Apps raccah RESO WONT User can't map relationship field for 1:M, M:N 2007-12-10
131718 serverpl Tomcat phejl RESO INVA Disable cookies in internal tomcat 2008-04-01
152831 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO WONT Switching the deployment location for Rails applications does not behave as expected 2012-11-27
28385 serverpl Tomcat mkuchtiak RESO FIXE Name of log file has "..txt" extension 2003-02-04
49490 serverpl Infrastr pbuzek NEW --- improve validation in the deploy process 2009-02-13
198670 serverpl Tomcat phejl NEW --- Feature to clean Tomcat work/temp/log directories 2011-05-17
40099 serverpl Tomcat pbuzek VERI FIXE Deleting WEB-INF from a module converts it to regular directory but does not undeploy it 2004-09-20
153691 serverpl GlassFis pcw RESO WONT V3:Authentication Required dialog unexpectedly appears 2013-05-24
139379 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer REOP --- Run properties of a webservices sample application shows server as GlassFish V2,even after choosing target server as Sailfin V1 2009-05-25
53997 serverpl Sun Apps nityad RESO FIXE Use database / Create CMP does not register jdbc driver on server 2007-12-08
114825 serverpl Sun Apps nityad NEW --- editor hints for invalid sun-cmp-mappings.xml 2009-12-10
155772 serverpl Tomcat thuydn NEW --- unable to log into Tomcat Manager - bad id/pw 2009-02-19
77945 serverpl Identity vidhya RESO FIXE IDM panel takes a long time to come up initially 2006-08-31
90737 serverpl Identity petertliu VERI FIXE Error message should contain some separators 2007-03-12
23567 serverpl Tomcat mkuchtiak RESO WONT should be unique help ID for Tomcat Help action 2002-06-27
106056 serverpl Sun Apps nityad RESO INVA Project Properties > Run > Server shows only Sun Appserver 2008-04-26
149313 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO DUPL V3:HTTP Monitor:ClassNotFoundException occurs in server.log when deploy a Web Module 2009-10-22
91214 serverpl Sun Apps nityad VERI DUPL Remote Glassfish always displayed as in debug mode 2007-01-04
171530 serverpl Code issues RESO DUPL cannot use addservers plugin 2009-09-07
127335 serverpl Tomcat thuydn VERI WONT Tomcat output is not always shown 2009-11-02
101563 serverpl Identity petertliu RESO FIXE Align location of Browse button on the edit security profile dialog 2007-07-05
150481 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer RESO WONT Able to deploy a web application with ZERO deployment time out 2009-11-02
25 bugs found.
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