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  • Product: serverplugins

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
86240 serverpl Identity petertliu CLOS FIXE Memory leak in am deploy 2006-10-18
124583 serverpl JBoss phejl VERI FIXE Provide support for JBoss5 beta3 2008-02-17
56298 serverpl Sun Apps ludo CLOS FIXE New beans not created in sun-ejb-jar.xml 2006-03-24
203816 serverpl Infrastr phejl VERI FIXE Automatically registered GlassFish server not visible in IDE until Servers node expanded 2011-10-21
94954 serverpl Identity issues VERI FIXE UserNameToken: secured WS can be accessed without valid username/password 2007-02-19
64816 serverpl Sun Apps ludo VERI FIXE Can't start domain that uses different master password than "changeit" 2005-11-03
170848 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO FIXE register a restlib when a domain is registered 2009-09-25
216504 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO DUPL NoClassDefFoundError: org/openide/util/NetworkSettings 2012-08-10
87037 serverpl Identity petertliu CLOS FIXE Debug messages should be removed. 2006-10-20
51462 serverpl Tomcat phejl RESO FIXE Solve port conflict for bundled tomcat 2007-09-18
99844 serverpl Infrastr phejl NEW --- Need to increase the major version of the j2eeserver module 2007-12-11
176005 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer RESO DUPL Can't select bundled Gf v3 in project 2009-11-04
97614 serverpl Identity petertliu VERI FIXE Unable to enable WS security for J2EE 5 Web Application 2007-04-10
118884 serverpl Sun Apps pcw RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.sun.ddloaders.multiview.webservice.WebServiceMetadataReader.filterInvalidServices 2007-10-17
91348 serverpl JBoss lkotouc VERI FIXE JBoss 4.0.5 can't be added 2007-04-25
220314 serverpl GlassFis TomasKraus RESO DUPL ClassNotFoundException: org.openide.util.Enumerations$RNulls 2012-10-24
166642 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer NEW --- user settable deployment timeout 2012-11-26
98416 serverpl Sun Apps nityad VERI FIXE stopserv doesn't stop GFv2 in recent builds 2007-04-10
66407 serverpl Infrastr phejl RESO FIXE Server must know the package of the JSP Servlet 2011-03-22
216542 serverpl GlassFis TomasKraus RESO DUPL Glassfish causes ClassNotFoundExceptions 2012-08-30
227350 serverpl GlassFis TomasKraus VERI FIXE Warn user that GlassFish 4 does not run with JDK6 2013-05-09
87047 serverpl Identity vidhya RESO INVA executing calendar sample with liberty SAML token failed 2006-10-16
92909 serverpl OC4J mmocnak VERI FIXE Support for remote server 2007-03-15
63735 serverpl Code ludo VERI FIXE Remove META-INF/MANIFEST.MF from serverplugins/external/ 2005-12-12
176007 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer VERI FIXE Can't Run Enterprise Application 2009-12-11
25 bugs found.
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