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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
108708 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE Poor failure mode when you run from the zip file 2007-12-12
100124 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE Script without extensions are not recognized in the OutputWindow 2007-09-03
150221 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Deprecation warnings when compiling ruby.railsproject 2011-01-28
120870 ruby Platform mkrauskopf RESO INVA Errors in console when starting project with mongrel 2007-11-01
117001 ruby Rails tor RESO DUPL Reuse tabs in Output panel. 2007-11-15
173590 ruby Rails emononen RESO WONT A11Y issues in Migrate to version 0 dialog 2011-01-25
140198 ruby Gems issues NEW --- [65cat] Ruby Gem form search bar should have clear option 2011-01-28
101178 ruby Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE [DEBUGGER] Breakpoints persistence problem 2007-07-03
118321 ruby Project mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Test templates wizards should offer by default "Test Files" in Location 2007-10-13
106162 ruby Editing issues NEW --- I18N - syntax error tooltip/msgs not from bundle file 2011-01-28
110287 ruby Gems emononen RESO WONT Uninstall more gems in batch mode 2009-12-21
143154 ruby Platform mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Ruby shell cannot be invoked from the main menu 2008-08-13
148519 ruby Debugger issues NEW --- when ending debug session 2011-01-28
99703 ruby Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Show warning when the fast debugger is chosen but wrong rdebug-ide path is given 2007-07-03
95127 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE Better fieldname on scaffold generator 2007-07-03
135293 ruby Project mkrauskopf VERI INVA No opened file after adding Ruby Aplication with existing sources 2008-05-19
95883 ruby Code tor RESO DUPL CTRL-Shift-F does not properly reformat Ruby code 2007-07-03
109400 ruby Project mkrauskopf RESO WONT application vs project in new project window 2008-03-26
121594 ruby Debugger mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Setting of classic ruby debugger (for ruby) is not persistent 2008-02-28
140717 ruby Editing issues NEW --- expanding each_pair returns messup code 2011-01-28
118446 ruby Testing emononen RESO WONT AutoTest with RSpec fails to function with HTML output 2009-12-21
109993 ruby Debugger mkrauskopf VERI FIXE [A11Y] RubyDebuggerPanel issues 2007-10-05
98719 ruby Code tor VERI FIXE progress bar not showing real progess 2007-07-03
132973 ruby Rake issues NEW --- Find better way to refresh target then in ProjectOpenedHook 2011-01-28
171601 ruby Gems issues NEW --- Incorrect gem tool registred with platform 2011-01-28
25 bugs found.
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