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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
142746 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Disable widgets in Rails Plugins appropriately during reloading 2011-01-28
114873 ruby Code issues RESO FIXE "Go to Type" could have options main project / current group / All projects 2008-02-13
128341 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Run action on JavaScript files does nothing 2011-01-28
108819 ruby Navigati issues NEW --- Feature request: cycle through view/test/action 2011-01-28
100452 ruby Code Com issues NEW --- CC in def context 2011-01-28
135198 ruby Rails issues NEW --- ruby on rails sample bug 2011-01-28
112056 ruby Project mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Cannot run other that Rakefile.rb 2007-09-04
139827 ruby Debugger mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Debugger GUI controls in inconsistent state if debugger fails to start 2008-07-16
158893 ruby Editing issues NEW --- Mark Occurrences at function definition 2011-01-28
191431 ruby Code issues NEW --- Incorrect highlighting of math operations 2011-01-28
166522 ruby Code emononen RESO DUPL Git Support to Netbeans 6.5 and up 2009-06-08
152077 ruby Testing issues NEW --- RSpec Test Useability Issues 2011-01-28
109944 ruby Project mkrauskopf RESO WONT create new project - "Looks like a Rails directory" 2008-08-19
101388 ruby Code tor RESO WONT Unable to choose path for Ruby binary using Browse on MAC 2007-07-17
118654 ruby Editing issues NEW --- off-by-one error on number of characters highlighted for alias 2011-01-28
97839 ruby Code Com emononen RESO WONT Constants needs to be explicitly adorned with :: to get CC working propertly 2009-12-21
143154 ruby Platform mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Ruby shell cannot be invoked from the main menu 2008-08-13
108708 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE Poor failure mode when you run from the zip file 2007-12-12
100124 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE Script without extensions are not recognized in the OutputWindow 2007-09-03
150221 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Deprecation warnings when compiling ruby.railsproject 2011-01-28
120870 ruby Platform mkrauskopf RESO INVA Errors in console when starting project with mongrel 2007-11-01
117001 ruby Rails tor RESO DUPL Reuse tabs in Output panel. 2007-11-15
173590 ruby Rails emononen RESO WONT A11Y issues in Migrate to version 0 dialog 2011-01-25
140198 ruby Gems issues NEW --- [65cat] Ruby Gem form search bar should have clear option 2011-01-28
101178 ruby Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE [DEBUGGER] Breakpoints persistence problem 2007-07-03
25 bugs found.
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