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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
125063 ruby Code Com issues NEW --- Auto completion should have filter by type 2011-01-28
114343 ruby Code mkrauskopf VERI FIXE NPE in 2007-09-11
154419 ruby Code issues RESO DUPL Ruby tests failing in the trunk build on deadlock 2009-02-19
145548 ruby Debugger mkrauskopf RESO FIXE JRuby debugger does not work with JRuby 1.1.4 2008-09-10
186086 ruby Editing emononen RESO FIXE StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 0 2010-05-19
136527 ruby Rake emononen RESO FIXE Rake Runner should allow passing parameters to tasks 2008-10-21
133994 ruby Platform issues NEW --- Terminal Emulator for Ruby 2011-01-28
141637 ruby Project issues NEW --- First class support for gems + base libraries in Ruby/Rails projects. 2011-01-28
119974 ruby Rails tor RESO WORK Generate Rails Project error when creating new Ruby on Rails project from Beta 2 zip 2007-10-25
128575 ruby Gems issues NEW --- 'sudo' (and/or similar tools) integration 2011-01-28
93287 ruby Code issues VERI FIXE Opening particular files make IDE unsable 2007-08-13
166146 ruby Debugger pcw VERI FIXE ruby debugging fails on V3 prelude B28D 2009-06-15
96096 ruby Code tor VERI FIXE Ruby doesn't work with spaces in path name 2009-05-18
112534 ruby Debugger issues NEW --- Ability to modify source code while debugging 2011-01-28
156628 ruby Editing emononen RESO FIXE GSF -> CSL migration 2009-06-22
122088 ruby Project mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Possibility to select interpreter per project 2007-12-16
122708 ruby Editing tor RESO DUPL java.lang.NullPointerException, editor behaved strangely 2007-12-07
101359 ruby Code tor VERI DUPL StackOverflowError when trying to open database.yml file 2007-07-03
125067 ruby Rails emononen RESO DUPL Generate should also have a destroy option 2008-04-09
129934 ruby Editing emononen RESO FIXE Support for Ruby 1.9 constructs 2009-06-09
162970 ruby Rails emononen VERI FIXE Rails projects do not deploy to v3 Prelude 2009-04-23
99292 ruby Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Rails Project debugging support 2007-07-03
113172 ruby Code tor RESO FIXE AIOOBE in LanguageOperation.embeddingPresence 2007-08-21
157597 ruby Code emononen VERI FIXE C/V test failed. testFolderOrdering 2009-02-19
99573 ruby Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE Fast Ruby Debugger does not work 2007-07-03
25 bugs found.
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