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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
118213 qa Code ehucka CLOS WONT The sign "minus" prevents XTest-property from passing into "build-qa-functional.xml" 2011-02-17
76377 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE Parse build numbers by http 2011-02-17
55459 qa Code issues CLOS INVA Test 5 2005-02-24
241904 qa Test Spe issues RESO FIXE Debugger step into does not behave according to test case 2015-08-28
89865 qa Jellytoo issues VERI FIXE Misprint in the javadoc for RefreshAction 2008-02-11
56182 qa Code issues CLOS INVA Testing issue ... 2005-03-10
25319 qa Code issues CLOS FIXE new JComboBoxOperator(contOper, null, 0) doesn't find empty combo box 2011-02-17
28172 qa Code juhrik VERI FIXE Big font in graphs title 2004-08-13
187062 qa Tests issues CLOS WONT Acceptance testing - added issue from 6-1-512435 2011-06-10
21771 qa Code issues CLOS FIXE JInternalFrame.makeComponentVisible() doesn't work 2011-02-17
76085 qa Code ehucka CLOS WONT Configure new testruns by test types 2011-02-17
55672 qa Code issues CLOS INVA Test 4, please ignore. 2005-03-01
31194 qa Tests issues CLOS FIXE Double checked locking does not work in Java 2011-06-10
79116 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE wrong error message after wrong java_home detected in install-server.bat 2011-02-17
246084 qa Test Spe vriha RESO FIXE Install js-test-driver 2014-08-12
95309 qa Code ehucka CLOS WONT Add tray icon for running test4u 2011-02-17
240312 qa Synergy vriha VERI FIXE [80cat] Add feature to allow users to filter a given test run by tribe or by user 2014-02-12
55472 qa Code jglick CLOS INVA testing issue, please ignore 2005-02-24
59384 qa Code issues CLOS WONT make MouseRobotDriver trail the cursor 2011-02-17
94359 qa Tests mmirilovic CLOS WONT UPdate documentation link to live wiki 2009-12-03
254729 qa Test Spe issues NEW --- Image representing the expected result should be updated 2015-08-25
240252 qa Synergy vriha RESO FIXE Synergy profile page may show affected test case 2014-01-10
103575 qa Code pzajac RESO INVA Just only test 2007-05-22
246086 qa Test Spe vriha RESO FIXE Stop JS Test Driver 2014-08-12
26037 qa Jellytoo issues RESO INVA Sometimes NewWizardOperator.create method does not select right template 2002-08-07
25 bugs found.
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