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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
131425 qa a11y juhrik RESO WONT A11Y checker reports errors for components that are not visible to the user 2011-02-16
21852 qa Jellytoo issues CLOS FIXE Add new jelly components for Property Editor Customizers 2002-07-19
87188 qa Code issues RESO FIXE M4 stoppers umbrella 2007-02-22
97922 qa Code ehucka CLOS WONT T4U doesn't recognized last NB Dev build (200703141900) - so no tests were started yet 2011-02-17
89637 qa Code issues RESO FIXE NB 6.0 M5 stoppers umbrella 2007-02-22
83181 qa Tests pjiricka CLOS FIXE some web, xml and j2ee tests are uncompilable 2011-06-10
154418 qa Jellytoo issues RESO WORK Commit validation tests are failing in the trunk build on deadlock 2009-04-10
83812 qa Code ehucka CLOS WONT limit time of running of one test run 2011-02-17
139700 qa Code musilt2 RESO FIXE Move xtest module into misc repository 2009-07-08
130396 qa Code jsedek CLOS FIXE Change in test at top of quiz page. 2011-02-17
85902 qa Tests mmocnak CLOS WONT Migrate results to xtest format 2011-06-10
123321 qa Code jvagner CLOS FIXE Test4U doesn't offer latest trunk builds 2011-02-17
82392 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE URL of test sources has wrong format 2011-02-17
75137 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE Started tests don't start on Win if there is already running another test run 2011-02-17
21853 qa Jellytoo issues CLOS FIXE Add new jelly component for Bean Customizer 2002-07-19
113603 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE Impossible to save data changed in "Result attributes" section 2011-02-17
89679 qa Jellytoo issues VERI FIXE Compilation errors in jellytools 2006-11-24
126449 qa Tests rroska CLOS FIXE Some actions are not covered by testing 2011-06-10
30479 qa Jellytoo issues VERI FIXE Loading of user's customized timeouts does not work 2003-07-08
115546 qa Code ehucka CLOS FIXE XTest not updated 2011-02-17
100816 qa Code issues CLOS DUPL NB 6.0 M10 stoppers umbrella 2007-06-14
142772 qa Hudson4Q hudson4qe VERI FIXE Screenshot is not part of results 2008-12-11
21654 qa Code issues RESO WONT NB 3.4 Milestone 3 test cycle 2005-12-01
126114 qa Code pchytil RESO WONT Permanent UI tests for New File Wizard 2009-07-07
36661 qa Code issues CLOS INVA java.lang.Error: Cannot call invokeAndWait from the event dispatcher thread 2011-02-17
25 bugs found.
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