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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
150853 python Code ardavis26 CLOS INVA "abstract" class and MismatchTokenException 2017-06-22
149123 python Projects mr_lou_d RESO FIXE "Back" button doesn't work in New Python Project wizard 2015-06-17
257389 python Editor Jenselme NEW --- "Background scanning of projects..." neverending cycling with Python 3.x project 2017-06-22
189759 python Code mr_lou_d CLOS WORK "Browse Main Modules" window has to be closed twice 2017-06-23
150601 python Code mr_lou_d CLOS WONT "Debug <filename>" is missing from source file context menu 2017-06-23
150600 python Code mr_lou_d RESO FIXE "Run File" is misisng from source file context menu 2015-06-17
169829 python Editor tor CLOS INVA "Start New Line" KB item does not respect indent level 2017-06-23
177374 python -- Other ardavis26 RESO DUPL #TODO not filled in 'tasks' 2010-07-02
155586 python Editor tor VERI FIXE 'del' keyword should count as a usage 2009-02-19
151543 python -- Other mr_lou_d CLOS INVA *.pkc files were not cleaned up by build script 2017-06-23
160238 python Code ardavis26 CLOS INCO .pyc files marked as shareable 2017-06-23
153684 python Projects ardavis26 RESO DUPL .pyc files should not show in the Project view 2009-01-15
160324 python Editor mr_lou_d RESO FIXE 10 minute hang up 2015-05-18
169385 python Code mr_lou_d CLOS WORK 3116 ms - python platforms -> "auto detect" 2017-06-23
213242 python Platform mr_lou_d RESO DUPL 7.2 only works once after Python installed 2015-01-02
156316 python Projects ardavis26 RESO INVA <Top Level> package is created between Sources and python source file 2015-09-06
162423 python Code ardavis26 CLOS INVA @rw_property is not ok 2017-06-23
153134 python Editor tor CLOS WONT A clarification of the type of a name that is imported 2017-06-23
149391 python Projects ardavis26 VERI FIXE Ability to add files other than python files/packages to python project 2009-01-15
154975 python Platform mr_lou_d NEW --- Add 'Platform Problem' warning badge and correct messages 2015-05-24
169159 python Code ardavis26 CLOS WONT Add a GUI designer for pyGTK or wxPython 2017-06-23
171847 python Console ardavis26 NEW --- Add IPython console support 2017-06-22
154154 python -- Other mr_lou_d VERI FIXE Add Python Samples to the project wizard 2015-10-26
180365 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Add separate syntax coloring option for self parameter 2017-06-23
154156 python Editor tor RESO FIXE Add XML file support for nbPython 2009-02-19
25 bugs found.
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