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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
153681 python Editor tor NEW --- Source Tasks 2009-01-15
173258 python Debugger mr_lou_d NEW --- Python debugger can't cope with user exceptions 2015-05-02
181102 python Options vincentvdl NEW --- Encoding exception in 2015-05-27
170595 python Code mr_lou_d NEW --- Debug doesn't stop correctly 2015-05-18
157157 python Projects ardavis26 NEW --- New python file option should include pyw (tkinter) option 2015-05-19
188373 python Testing tor NEW --- Provide an ability to run custom test set 2010-07-05
155601 python Projects mr_lou_d NEW --- array store exception if spaces in path to Python platform 2015-08-18
157168 python Platform mr_lou_d STAR --- Detect Platform resets manually set path 2015-04-08
192575 python Editor tor NEW --- line wrapping doesn't work 2010-11-29
156644 python Testing tor NEW --- code coverage should not include non-executable lines in line counts 2009-01-15
156316 python Projects ardavis26 NEW --- <Top Level> package is created between Sources and python source file 2009-01-15
180228 python Debugger jymen NEW --- Exception KeyError not caught but propagted instead 2010-04-21
188797 python Editor tor NEW --- syntax errors 2010-07-20
157395 python Editor tor NEW --- No CC for superclasses' methods/fields 2015-05-19
186132 python Debugger mr_lou_d NEW --- Python Debugger ignores "Do not Break on First line" setting 2015-01-23
169757 python Debugger jymen NEW --- Python debugger does not honour break points in multiple files 2011-03-03
155405 python Projects ardavis26 NEW --- python module added from python project node goes to top-level project directory 2009-01-15
150090 python Platform mr_lou_d STAR --- [65cat] java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Cannot run program ""C:\Program Files\NetBeans Dev 200810100201\nbpython\jython-2.5\jython.jar"" (in directory "C:\Program Files\NetBeans 2015-08-18
151932 python Editor tor NEW --- function code folding moves next function header to the folding line 2015-01-04
162008 python Platform mr_lou_d STAR --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.python.platform.panels.PythonPlatformPanel.loadPlatform 2015-05-18
158708 python Editor tor NEW --- Jython and Java SE Project Integration 2015-05-19
151308 python Projects ardavis26 STAR --- Cannot run main project. 2009-02-19
156970 python Platform juniel_katarn STAR --- Unable to set python command for mac for tkinter Mon 20:11
155869 python Editor tor NEW --- using class code template throws IllegalStateException 2009-01-15
155489 python Projects mr_lou_d NEW --- Must change platform selection first before change in Project Properties 2015-05-18
25 bugs found.
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